The Swiss Army Knife Book

Author: Felix Immler
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 0711238898
Release Date: 2017-03-02
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Woodsman Felix Immler reveals how we can build a comfortable camp in the wilderness using nothing more than a pocket knife. Simple natural materials are used for making a waterproof roof, a chair, a bed, a table, a fridge, and an oven, as well as for carving spoons, knifes, and bowls. You can even grill a chicken on a self-made, water-driven skewer. The book is full of ideas for exciting and thrilling activities, suitable for families and teens as well as adult explorers.

The Little Book of Whittling

Author: Chris Lubkemann
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 1565232747
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

The Little Book of Whittling is ideal for beginners looking for an easy way to get started in the most basic form of woodcarving, or an advanced carver looking for a relaxing way to spend their time. With easy to follow how-to instructions that will help woodcrafters become accomplished in this art. It will teach you how to create fun and useful objects with nothing more than a pocket knife and a twig.

20 Minute Whittling Projects

Author: Tom Hindes
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 9781607654261
Release Date: 2016-04-05
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Learn the fast and simple way to whittle in this fun introduction to woodcarving. Discover how to whittle in less time while you have more fun! One of the joys of whittling with a pocket knife is that you can do it just about anywhere. You don’t need any fancy equipment... and you don’t even need much spare time. Author Tom Hindes demonstrates his easy-to-learn, quick-cut method for whittling expressive little figures from wood in just 20 minutes or less. With his friendly instructions and step-by-step photos, you’ll learn to carve an endless array of charming wizards, gnomes, gargoyles, ornaments, dogs, leprechauns, and more. These super-short projects are perfect for learning basic caricature carving skills. They also make wonderful little gifts for random acts of kindness. Leave one along with your tip at the local restaurant, or give one to your favorite cashier. Children especially enjoy receiving them as souvenirs.

Complete Starter Guide to Whittling

Author: Fox Chapel Publishing
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 1565238427
Release Date: 2014-05-01
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Start whittling today with this complete starter guide. 12 leading woodcarvers present 24 easy whittling projects that you can make in just a weekend, complete with step-by-step instructions, how-to photographs, ready-to-carve patterns, and helpful tips.

Victorinox Official Swiss Army Knife Survival Guide

Author: Bryan Lynch
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 1565239954
Release Date: 2019-05-14

Sharpen your survival skills with the Victorinox Official Swiss Army(R) Knife Survival Guide. This handy reference shows how to use the iconic red multi-tool to handle 101 different emergency situations. From starting a fire and making a shelter to catching a fish, building a stove, or applying a splint, discover why the SAK is a must-have for everyday carry.

Learn to Burn

Author: Simon Easton
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 9781607651321
Release Date: 2013-03-01
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

This easy-to-learn introduction to the art of pyrography offers fourteen step-by-step projects for making decorative gifts--from coasters and picture frames to bangles, decorative plates, and door hangers--illustrated with clear how-to photographs. Each pyro project can be completed using ready-made materials that are easy to find at your local craft store. Fifty bonus patterns will allow you to unleash your creativity on hundreds of additional woodburning projects.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Book of Whittling

Author: Chris Lubkemann
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 156523877X
Release Date: 2015-07-01
Genre: Pocketknives

An expert craftsman reveals his award-winning whittling secrets. Published in collaboration with Victorinox(r) AG, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife.

Tiny Whittling

Author: Steve Tomashek
ISBN: 1782403787
Release Date: 2016-05-05

Whittling is the cheapest and easiest hobby you can imagine: with just a sharp knife, a little practice and the tiniest block of wood, you can make a characterful carving in less than an hour. It's relaxing, too, and the charming and quirky results offer a cute payoff in return for a very slight investment of either time or money. A warning, though: this simple hobby can prove addictive. Tiny Whittling is a modern guide to this very ancient craft. Steve Tomashek, whose masterly little figures have won a slew of awards in the US, guides the reader through the basics, showing you the first simple cuts (on root vegetables, to minimize the danger of accidents) to create first a turnip bear, then a carrot mouse. Confidence built, you can graduate to wood, and work through photographic steps, practising each technique with specific projects, and enjoying the increasingly polished results. You'll learn how to sand, paint and decorate your carvings and the final chapters teach you how to make jointed figures and how to undertake minute groups, from a Noah's Ark to a forest scene.

50 Things to Do with a Penknife

Author: Matt Collins
Publisher: Pavilion
ISBN: 1911216864
Release Date: 2017-08-03
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

A beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling. There are 50 projects featured in the book, ranging from quick makes to more elaborate projects, and even a chapter on creating things from cork. The 8 main themes are: Quick Things – including a doorstop, a bookmark and a gift-box book; Into The Woods – including a willow whistle, walking stick, fish hook and slingshot; Around The House – including chopsticks, coat and crochet hooks; Cork Creations – including a succulent pot, stamp, and earphones spool; Ornamental Carving – including a boat, a deer and a spinning top; Kitchen Carving – including a carrot flute, apple candle and onion flower; The Natural World – including a bird feeder and instructions to prepare a fish for cooking, a graft an apple tree. The projects cater for a range of skill levels and the instructions are complemented by smart step-by-step illustrations, which highlight the tactile quality of the material in hand. The book also includes an introduction with advice on selecting a penknife, maintaining your blade, choosing your caving material, and carving techniques. Featuring the ultimate crossover of cool craftsmanship and savvy survival-skill projects, this book is the perfect gift for creative adventurers.

The Art of Whittling

Author: Niklas Karlsson
Publisher: Carlton Books
ISBN: 1787390039
Release Date: 2019-03-05
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Whittling is more than just a way of busying idle hands - it is a pastime for those who love the texture of wood and a way of life for those who feel a special connection between man and trees. This beautiful and practical guide to the art of whittling offers the perfect antitode to the stresses of modern life and a means of getting back to basics and creating unique items from scratch. Inside you will learn about the ancient art of whittling as one of the earliest forms of artistic expression; the different types of wood to use in your work; the simple tools you need to get started; and the various cutting techniques. More than just a manual, The Art of Whittling offers a contemplative take on a skill that is more popular than ever.

Whittling Handbook

Author: Peter Benson
ISBN: 9781784942618
Release Date: 2016-10-10
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

This handbook is the perfect introduction to the simple, yet immensely pleasurable, craft of creating attractive objects with nothing more than a knife and a piece of timber.

Easy Wood Carving for Children

Author: Frank Egholm
ISBN: 1782505156
Release Date: 2018-08-16

The Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book, specially designed for children.

1001 Designs for Whittling and Woodcarving

Author: Elmer John Tangerman
Publisher: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486283623
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Over 1,000 design ideas for carving Christmas tree ornaments, cookie molds, toys, weathervanes, cigar-store Indians, sundials, caricatures, and many other projects. 1,821 illustrations.

Whittling Pencils

Author: Randy True
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 156523751X
Release Date: 2012-11-01
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Create your own elongated art that will intrigue everyone who sees it! This introduction to the slender craft of pencil carving shows how to make ordinary pencils come to life. Learn to whittle fascinating Santa pencils, Wood Spirits, Leprechauns and even an iconic Uncle Sam. Each complete project includes detailed instructions for whittling your skinny subjects, accompanied by dozens of step-by-step illustrations.