Vogue on Jean Paul Gaultier

Author: Carolyn Asome
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 1849499691
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Genre: Design

Seen as an enfant terrible when he first burst on to the fashion scene, Jean Paul Gaultier retains this 'bad boy' image while garnering respect for his mastery of classical cutting and tailoring techniques. From his first Paris show in 1976, to Madonna's corsets for her Blonde Ambition tour, and dressing celebrities for the red carpet, he has moved seamlessly between mainstream popular culture and launching a successful haute couture label – plus ready-to-wear, perfume, and kidswear. With stunning images from the pages of Vogue by photographers like Mario Testino, his avant-garde creations and cutting-edge designs reveal Gaultier's unerring instinct for how women want to dress.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

Author: Jean-Paul Gaultier
ISBN: 0724103945
Release Date: 2014-10-27
Genre: Fashion

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Catwalk to Australia provides an exclusive look at the uncompromising designer's career to date, with a special focus on Gaultier's unique relationships with his 'Australian muses' - luminaries of the Australian film, television, music and fashion industries. This distinctive, magazine-style publication brings together personal photographs, archival fashion images, and interviews with Australian icons: Kylie Minogue, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Andreja Peji?, Gemma Ward, Catherine McNeil and Alexandra Agoston. A biography of the renowned designer is also included, as well as an essay by NGV curators Paola Di Trocchio and Roger Leong about collecting Gaultier's exquisite work for the NGV.

Vogue on Coco Chanel

Author: Bronwyn Cosgrave
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 1849491119
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Fashion designers

She arrived on the fashion scene when feathers, lace and ostentatious beads were favourites, and proceeded to re-invent couture using new materials, like jersey, for outfits that were suitable for everyday wear yet still elegant. With original illustrations and images from celebrated photographers, such as Cecil Beaton, Bronwyn Cosgrave, this book traces the story of Coco Chanel's iconic designs and glamorous, racy life. In 1921 Coco opened her Chanel boutique in Paris - still a destination store today - and launched her first perfume, Chanel No.5. Perhaps her most important contribution to the fashion world was the simple, much-imitated 'little black dress' which made its debut in 1926. Other landmark creations include the Chanel suit and the quilted handbag. A testament to her lasting influence, these legendary designs remain as popular today as when they first appeared.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Author: Colin McDowell
Publisher: Viking Press
ISBN: 0670894540
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Design

An illustrated biography of the designer who helped Madonna transform from punk to glamour queen retraces two decades of one man's fashion influence on the culture at large.

Vogue on Calvin Klein

Author: Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 1849499705
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Genre: Design

In Vogue on Calvin Klein fashion journalist Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni explores Calvin Klein's creation of one of the greatest fashion brands of today. With his easy and timeless, classic yet sensual designs, Calvin Klein created a fashion brand that made understated, all-American glamour his own – at the same time as building a vast billion-dollar empire that includes everything from underwear to perfume and pillows. His style was so influential that Vogue announced: 'if you were around a hundred years from now and wanted a definite picture of the American look, you'd study Calvin Klein.' His stylish and provocative campaigns, and use of celebrities has changed the face of American advertising.

Vogue on Gianni Versace

Author: Charlotte Sinclair
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 184949553X
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Genre: Design

Gianni Versace created a fashion house that defined late twentieth-century glamour, invented the supermodel, and sanctioned in the public consciousness a supremely self-assured feminine sexuality. His debut line in 1978 was instantly successful; in the Eighties, his extravagant designs and his vision of powerful women defined the era, and culminated in the Nineties with the supermodel phenomenon - his designs worn by those glamazons who featured on every Vogue cover. The book reveals how the more brazen elements of his design - the jewelled embroidery, the bondage straps, the safety-pin gowns - were predicated on supremely skilled tailoring, deft use of materials, and innovative techniques. Alongside are Vogue's eye-witness accounts of the Versace lifestyle - the palazzos and parties, the art, the celebrity friends. Vogue on Gianni Versace is a celebration of a designer and a house that, in only 19 years, came to dominate the catwalk and the red carpet.

Vogue on Yves Saint Laurent

Author: Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 9781613128220
Release Date: 2015-10-06
Genre: Design

Originally born in Algeria, Yves Saint Laurent moved to Paris when he was 18, and only three years later he was handpicked by Christian Dior to take the reins as designer of his fashion house. Over time, Saint Laurent resurrected haute couture from the casual mores that predominated in the 1960s, but also offered chic cachet to ready-to-wear clothing. He was among the earliest of designers to incorporate non-European references into his work, and in 1983 he became the first living designer to be feted with a solo exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Vogue on Yves Saint Laurent is a stellar volume in the series from the editors of British Vogue, featuring 20,000 words of original biography and history and studded with more than 80 images from their unique archive of images taken by leading photographers.

Vogue on Vivienne Westwood

Author: Linda Watson
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 1849493103
Release Date: 2018-09-18
Genre: Design

A provocateur, radical thinker, and instigator of the most important sartorial statements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Vivienne Westwood is a fearless nonconformist with a relentless passion for tradition. From the mini crini, the liberty corset, and the rocking-horse shoe to the stunning, sumptuous wedding dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City and Dita Von Teese's infamous purple wedding dress, Westwood has unleashed her imagination on the world for almost 40 years. Her Pirate and Edwardian looks were worldwide fashion trends, and her revolutionary designs include the co-creation of the punk style, the introduction of street style into high fashion, the reworking of the crinoline, the restyling of Harris tweed, and the reintroduction of platforms and the hourglass figure. She has been described by Anna Wintour as 'an unbelievable influence' and by Alexander McQueen as 'the Coco Chanel of our day'.

Vogue on Manolo Blahnik

Author: Chloe Fox
Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN: 9781787131996
Release Date: 2017-10-05
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Fashion’s leading shoemaker, Manolo Blahnik is one of the handful of designers whose name is synonymous with their product. His success has lasted from setting up as a shoe designer in a Chelsea boutique in the 1970s to the present day, with American Vogue’s Anna Wintour declaring ‘The truth is, I wear no other shoes except his’.

Vogue on Ralph Lauren

Author: Kathleen Baird-Murray
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 9781613127780
Release Date: 2015-02-10
Genre: Design

Ralph Lauren’s designs vividly embody the American Dream, and he has risen to become one of the world’s foremost fashion designers. His genius lies in his innate skill for interpreting key cultural elements of Americana—whether from folk art or the preppy world of Hamptons’ socialites or Navajo motifs—and encapsulating them in appealing garments. Also a natural fit with Hollywood, he has designed costumes for films such as The Great Gatsby (1974) and Annie Hall and created countless looks for stars on the red carpet. From his ubiquitous, equestrian-tagged Polo shirts to his American-country-club take on upper-class Englishness, his skill in making aspiration accessible is second to none. Vogue on Ralph Lauren is a volume from the series created by the editors of British Vogue, featuring 20,000 words of original biography and history and studded with more than 80 images from their unique archive of photos taken by leading photographers including Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, and Mario Testino.

Kylie Fashion

Author: Kylie Minogue
Publisher: Running PressBook Pub
ISBN: 076244911X
Release Date: 2013-05-28
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Showcases of the artist's fashion history with the iconic designers, sharing rare and unseen archival photography, video outtakes, fashion sketches, red carpet shots.

Vogue on Hubert de Givenchy

Author: Drusilla Beyfus
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 9781613128213
Release Date: 2015-10-06
Genre: Design

The fashion aesthetic of handsome, aristocratic Hubert de Givenchy combined the traditions of haute couture--creative, luxurious, and perfectionist--with a modern entrepreneurial sensibility. In a career spanning 40 years, he created the most glamorous of evening dresses, developed the influential "sack" dress, and produced debonair daytime suits that have never gone out of fashion. He also famously defined the sartorial image of Audrey Hepburn--both onscreen and off--designing the little black dress for Breakfast at Tiffany's. Created by the editors of British Vogue, Vogue on Hubert de Givenchy features biography and history studded with more than 80 images from their unique archive of images taken by leading photographers such as Irving Penn, Patrick Demarchelier, and Cecil Beaton.

Vogue on Alexander McQueen

Author: Chloe Fox
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781849492836
Release Date: 2012-09-27
Genre: Design

Alexander McQueen was from the controversy of his early shows to the elegiac perfection of his last British fashion's most significant figure. His stellar career is a story of iconoclasm, ambition and visionary brilliance. Vogue On Alexander McQueen shows how his darkly beautiful designs, immaculate tailoring, slashed material and sculpted outlines realised his ambition: I want to be the purveyor of a certain silhouette or a way of cutting so that, when I'm dead and gone, people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen.

Expedition Fashion from the Extreme

Author: Patricia Mears
ISBN: 0500519978
Release Date: 2017-09-12
Genre: Design

The first major study to explore the relationship between clothing made for survival in the most inhospitable environments on earth and beyond, and the high fashion it has inspired

Comporta Bliss

Author: Carlos Souza
Publisher: Editions Assouline
ISBN: 1614286264
Release Date: 2018-05-14

Sometimes called the Ibiza of Portugal, Comporta, with its relaxed pace and artistic community, is the ideal destination for those looking to wander off course. A favorite of personalities like Christian Louboutin, Jacques Grange, and Anselm Kiefer, the fishing village's swaths of beaches and patchworks of rice paddies are serene backdrops for the striking homes found there: rustic cabanas and thatched-roof huts reflecting the carefree lifestyle that has become Comporta's hallmark. This distinctive setting challenges the minds of architects and designers, yielding unique spaces that delightfully blur the line between interior and exterior. Discover the beauty of simplicity with Comporta Bliss.