War and Revolution in Russia 1914 22

Author: Christopher Read
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 9781137295682
Release Date: 2012-12-07
Genre: History

The First World War unleashed a powerful, transforming, destructive storm across the European continent. Its consequences were felt as harshly in Russia as anywhere else in the world. A spiral of chaos and violence erupted, continuing to reign throughout years of revolution and civil war. Leading expert Christopher Read presents a cutting-edge, highly readable introduction to Russia's crisis years. Read synthesises a wealth of newly available material and treats the period 1914-22 as a whole in order to contextualise and better understand the events of 1917 and their impact. As he examines the multiple revolutions, Read asks how and why the Bolsheviks were able to survive the storm, eventually taking over the world's largest country.

A AS Level History for AQA Tsarist and Communist Russia 1855 1964 Student Book

Author: Robert Francis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107531154
Release Date: 2015-09-30
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

A new series of bespoke, full-coverage resources developed for the AQA 2015 A/AS Level History. Written for the AQA A/AS Level History specifications for first teaching from 2015, this print Student Book covers the Tsarist and Communist Russia, 1855-1964 Breadth component. Completely matched to the new AQA specification, this full-colour Student Book provides valuable background information to contextualise the period of study. Supporting students in developing their critical thinking, research and written communication skills, it also encourages them to make links between different time periods, topics and historical themes.

Late Imperial Russia

Author: Robert B. McKean
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 0719067871
Release Date: 2005-09-03
Genre: History

This volume offers a detailed examination of the stability of the late imperial regime in Russia. Students and scholars will appreciate the lively summaries of the latest scholarship in political, economic, social, cultural, and international history. Accessible yet insightful, contributions cover the historiography of complex topics such as peasants, workers, revolutionaries, foreign relations, and Nicholas II. In addition, there are original studies of some of the leading intellectuals of the time. The late imperial economy is examined through the writings of Tugan-Baranovsky. There is an account of M. N. Pokrovskii's radical interpretation of late imperial Russia's historical path of development. The state of the Russian theatre is studied through the lives of theatrical impresarios. Each chapter also highlights a unique interpretation, suggesting new lines of inquiry and research. This book will be compulsory reading for students of Russian and European history of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries seeking to better understand why Tsarism collapsed in 1917.

Twilight of the Titans

Author: Paul K. MacDonald
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9781501717109
Release Date: 2018-04-15
Genre: Political Science

In this bold new perspective on the United States–China power transition, Paul K. MacDonald and Joseph M. Parent examine all great power transitions since 1870. They find that declining and rising powers have strong incentives to moderate their behavior at moments when the hierarchy of great powers is shifting. How do great powers respond to decline? they ask. What options do great powers have to slow or reverse their descent? In Twilight of the Titans, MacDonald and Parent challenge claims that policymakers for great powers, unwilling to manage decline through moderation, will be pushed to extreme measures. Tough talk, intimidation, provocation, and preventive war, they write, are not the only alternatives to defeat. Surprisingly, retrenchment tends not to make declining states tempting prey for other states nor does it promote domestic dysfunction. What retrenchment does encourage is resurrection. Only states that retrench have recovered their former position. MacDonald and Parent show how declining states tend to behave, what policy options they have to choose from, how rising states respond to decline, and what conditions reward which strategies. Using case studies that include Great Britain in 1872 and 1908, Russia in 1888 and 1903, and France in 1893 and 1924, Twilight of the Titans offers clear evidence that declining powers have a wide array of options at their disposal and offers guidance on how to use the right tools at the right time. The result is a comprehensive rethinking of power transition and hegemonic war theories and a different approach to the policy problems that declining states face. What matters most, the authors write, is the strategic choices made by the great powers.

The Failure to Prevent World War I

Author: Hall Gardner
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781472430588
Release Date: 2015-02-28
Genre: Political Science

World War I represents one of the most studied, yet least understood, systemic conflicts in modern history. At the time, it was a major power war that was largely unexpected. This book refines and expands points made in the author’s earlier work on the failure to prevent World War I. It provides an alternative viewpoint to the thesis of Christopher Clark, Fritz Fischer, Paul Kennedy, among others, as to the war's long-term origins. By starting its analysis with the causes and consequences of the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War and the German annexation of Alsace-Lorraine, the study systematically explores the key geostrategic, political-economic and socio-cultural-ideological disputes between France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Russia, Japan, the United States and Great Britain, the nature of their foreign policy goals, alliance formations, arms rivalries, as well as the dynamics of the diplomatic process, so as to better explain the deeper roots of the 'Great War'. The book concludes with a discussion of the war's relevance and the diplomatic failure to forge a possible Anglo-German-French alliance, while pointing out how it took a second world war to realize Victor Hugo’s nineteenth-century vision of a United States of Europe-a vision now being challenged by financial crisis and Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Osmanismus Nationalismus und der Kaukasus

Author: Fikret Adanır
Publisher: Reichert Verlag
ISBN: STANFORD:36105122423499
Release Date: 2005
Genre: History

Die Beitrage dieses Bandes behandeln unterschiedliche Probleme und Aspekte der Geschichte des "Krisenherd Kaukasus." Das Spektrum der Themen reicht vom Gebrauch der Geschichte zur Legitimation politischer Anspruche uber die Quellengrundlage derartiger historisch begrundeter Anspruche, die Erscheinungsformen von Nationsbildung und nationalem Bewusstsein, die Ethnisierung des Sozialen bzw. die Politisierung des Ethnischen bis hin zu der Frage der Zukunftsfahigkeit multinationaler Staatskonzepte wie des Osmanismus im Zeitalter des Nationalismus. Zusammengehalten werden sie durch die Geschichte des turkisch-armenischen Verhaltnisses, das seine Schatten auf alle behandelten Fragen wirft. Die Beitrage erfassen die aktuelle Forschungsdiskussion und regen zu weiterfuhrenden komparatistischen Fragen an.

Comparative Perspectives on Imperialism and Empire in Late Imperial Russia

Author: Moritz Deutschmann
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783640797714
Release Date: 2011-01

Essay from the year 2009 in the subject History Europe - Other Countries - Modern Times, Absolutism, Industrialization, grade: -, European University Institute (Department of History, Florenz), language: English, abstract: There are few topics that have been as present in post-Soviet histories as empire and its aftermath. Tales of century-long Russia oppression have become core elements of many historical narratives in the former Soviet republics. In Western European scholarship concepts from imperial history and post-colonial studies have had a big influence on the historiography of Russia and the Soviet Union. However, these are recent phenomena: in most histories of Russia, written in Russia or the Soviet Union itself as well as in the West before 1991, empire has been left out to an astonishing degree. Only for the Soviet Union the so-called "nationality question" was a larger topic, appearing in Soviet praise for the "friendship of the peoples" or condemnation of "anti-Soviet nationalism" and "Great-Russian chauvinism." This essay picks up on some of these issues and looks at how various scholars interested in the imperial aspects of Russian history have put them into a comparative perspective. Although the number of works is still limited, especially compared to the huge number of studies on different Western European empires, it is possible to draw some general conclusions. This will also be helpful in considering to what extent Russian experiences could reflect back on more general theories of empire or post-colonial studies.

Books in Print

ISBN: STANFORD:36105210120312
Release Date: 1982
Genre: American literature