Character Building Day by Day

Author: Anne D. Mather
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781575428765
Release Date: 2006-03-15
Genre: Education

In elementary schools across the country, teachers are expected to provide at least five minutes of character education each day. This book makes it easy to meet that requirement in a meaningful way. It includes 180 character vignettes—five for each of the 36 weeks in the school year—grouped by trait. Each features kids in real-life situations making decisions that reflect their character. Each is short enough to be read aloud; all can be used as starting points for discussion, to support an existing character education program, or as the basis for an independent program. An excellent tool for the classroom or the character-conscious home.

What Do You Stand For for Kids

Author: Barbara A. Lewis
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781575421742
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Describes positive character traits such as fairness, honesty, and respect and presents ways of developing them through various activities.

20 Teachable Virtues

Author: Barbara C. Unell
Publisher: Perigee
ISBN: 0399519599
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Education

Discusses how parents can make the most of their time together with their children to teach them important lessons of virtue

Building Character with True Stories from Nature

Author: Barbara A. Lewis
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781575426501
Release Date: 2012-08-27
Genre: Education

This flexible resource combines character education with analogies to powerful stories from nature. The heart of each of the book’s 25 lessons is an engaging story, written to kids, describing a particular animal or plant and its distinctive qualities. Busy classroom teachers will like this book’s accessibility and flexibility. Kids can read a story individually or in groups, or follow along as the teacher reads it aloud. Accompanying each story, teachers will find several activities—most of them quick, easy, and requiring few supplies—that further investigate animals or plants and the connections between their qualities and human behaviors. Every lesson examines several main character traits, providing starting points and sample questions for discussing and exploring analogies between events in nature and human acts of character. Features include a chart cross-referencing lessons to specific character traits and a list of further resources. Digital content contains more than 75 reproducible forms, a complete bonus lesson, and a color photograph of each animal and plant.

Character Education Grades K 3

Author: Amanda Hall
Publisher: Carson Dellosa Publishing Company
ISBN: 0887244564
Release Date: 1998-02-01
Genre: Education

This encouraging book covers the character traits of citizenship, compassion, fairness, honesty, integrity, perseverance, responsibility, respect, self-discipline and trustworthiness. It includes curriculum-based activities, art projects, patterns, worksheets, and much more to helps students develop a strong foundation for lifelong character.

Daily Character Education Activities Grades 4 5

Author: Becky Daniel-White
Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Pub Llc
ISBN: 0887242073
Release Date: 2004-01
Genre: Education

Presents activites for fourth and fifth grade students organized by ten character traits including compassion, integrity, respect, and fairness.

First Class Character Education Activities Program

Author: Mike Koehler
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0130425869
Release Date: 2001-08-15
Genre: Education

This resource gives secondary teachers and counselors 95 ready-to-use lessons with reproducible activity sheets to promote healthy character development in students. The lessons are drawn from First-Class, a successful program initiated by students and teachers at Mundelein (IL) High School and can be used as is or adapted to fit the particular needs in any junior or senior high school. Major topics covered include: * the nature of good character * student behavior and the related issues of motivation, communication and family involvement * anger management, stress reduction, dealing with failure and impulse control * social issues such as family roles, violence and the impact of TV * prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and sexual harassment * self-understanding and self-acceptance * caring about the school, using appropriate language, maintaining personal appearance, and volunteering

Building Character

Author: Randy Traeger
Publisher: Deep River Books LLC
ISBN: 1940269326
Release Date: 2014-12-04
Genre: Family & Relationships

What mother doesn't want her son to be respectful? What father doesn't want his daughter to be chaste? While Americans might disagree about a lot of things, it seems we are united by a basic set of socially objective virtues that transcends religious and political differences. We can and should use this common ground to help us reconstruct and solidify our moral foundations. Never before have our young people been fed from such a garbage can of media content: vulgarity, violence, drug and alcohol use, and sexual promiscuity. It's no wonder so many of us are sick. To obtain emotional, social, and spiritual health, we need a model for life that is based on virtue. Building Character One Virtue at a Time contains a treasure trove of inspiring quotes, stories, and essays about 52 unique virtues. Readers will begin to form a more virtuous self image as they identify who they truly are, where they belong, and where they need to go in order to be contributing members of our society and to live fulfilled lives.

Character Education Book of Plays

Author: Judy Truesdell Mecca
Publisher: Incentive Publications
ISBN: 0865304858
Release Date: 2001-05-01
Genre: Education

Includes seven plays, dealing with respect, honesty, responsibility, commitment, love, courage and incorporates acting, music, visual arts, communication skills and fun to help reinvent morals for elementary age children.

Character Building for Families

Author: Lee Ann Rubsam
Publisher: Taylor & Francis US
ISBN: 0974559938
Release Date: 2004-10-01

Topical Bible/character study for the Christian family. Suitable for family devotions, or character/Bible curriculum in the home school setting. Topics include: Stewardship, Teachableness, Mercy, Patience, Desire for Jesus.

Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School

Author: Naomi Drew
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781631981609
Release Date: 2017-10-02
Genre: Education

Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School focuses on positive and pro-social attitudes and behaviors that build a respectful and compassionate school environment, while also addressing the tough issues of prejudice, anger, exclusion, and bullying. Through role-playing, perspective-taking, sharing, writing, discussion, and more, students develop the insights and skills they need to accept differences, resolve conflicts peacefully, stop bullying among peers, and create a community of kindness in their classrooms and school. Based on survey data gathered by the authors from more than 1,000 students, the book’s research-based lessons are easy to implement and developmentally appropriate. Digital content includes student handouts from the book.

Raising Kids with Character That Lasts

Author: John Yates
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 1441214933
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

Strong, firm character does not develop automatically. This book assists families in setting and achieving the goals necessary for developing eight essential character traits: integrity, faith, a teachable spirit, a servant's heart, self-discipline, joy, compassion, and courage. With refreshing honesty, John and Susan Yates share how parents and children can grow together in these qualities.

101 Drama Games and Activities

Author: David Farmer
Publisher: David Farmer
ISBN: 9781847538413
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Education

Gain access to a personal collection of 101 highly effective drama games and activities suitable for children or adults. Sections include improvisation, mime, ice-breakers, group dynamics, rehearsal, story-telling, voice and warm-ups.