What W H Auden Can Do for You

Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400847976
Release Date: 2013-09-22
Genre: Literary Criticism

When facing a moral dilemma, Isabel Dalhousie--Edinburgh philosopher, amateur detective, and title character of a series of novels by best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith--often refers to the great twentieth-century poet W. H. Auden. This is no accident: McCall Smith has long been fascinated by Auden. Indeed, the novelist, best known for his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, calls the poet not only the greatest literary discovery of his life but also the best of guides on how to live. In this book, McCall Smith has written a charming personal account about what Auden has done for him--and what he just might do for you. Part self-portrait, part literary appreciation, the book tells how McCall Smith first came across the poet's work in the 1970s, while teaching law in Belfast, a violently divided city where Auden's "September 1, 1939," a poem about the outbreak of World War II, strongly resonated. McCall Smith goes on to reveal how his life has related to and been inspired by other Auden poems ever since. For example, he describes how he has found an invaluable reflection on life's transience in "As I Walked Out One Evening," while "The More Loving One" has provided an instructive meditation on unrequited love. McCall Smith shows how Auden can speak to us throughout life, suggesting how, despite difficulties and change, we can celebrate understanding, acceptance, and love for others. An enchanting story about how art can help us live, this book will appeal to McCall Smith's fans and anyone curious about Auden.

Writers and Their Mothers

Author: Dale Salwak
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319683485
Release Date: 2018-02-15
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Ian McEwan, Margaret Drabble, Martin Amis, Rita Dove, Andrew Motion and Anthony Thwaite are among the twenty-two distinguished contributors of original essays to this landmark volume on the profound and frequently perplexing bond between writer and mother. In compelling detail they bring to life the thoughts, work, loves, friendships, passions and, above all, the influence of mothers upon their literary offspring from Shakespeare to the present. Many of the contributors evoke the ideal with fond and loving memories: understanding, selfless, spiritual, tender, protective, reassuring and self-assured mothers who created environments favorable to the development of their children’s gifts. At the opposite end of the parenting spectrum, however, we also see tortured mothers who ignored, interfered with, smothered or abandoned their children. Their early years were times of traumatic loss, unhappily dominated by death and human frailty. Elegantly assembled and presented, riters and Their Mothers will appeal to everyone interested in biography, literature, and creativity in general.

The Best Spiritual Writing 2011

Author: Philip Zaleski
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101478127
Release Date: 2010-11-30
Genre: Religion

"A trove of well-wrought, luminous, soul-bracing gifts." -Thomas Lynch (on the 2010 edition) With selection chosen from a vast range of journals and magazines, The Best Spiritual Writing 2011 gathers the finest pieces of spiritual writing to appear in American publications during the past year. The collection offers an opportunity to read intimate and thought-provoking work, ranging from poetry to short fiction to memoir to essay, by some of the nation's most esteemed writers, including Rick Bass, Philip Yancey, Terry Teachout, Robert D. Kaplan, and many others. As Phyllis Tickle said of last year's edition, "there is enough here to feed the hungry heart for years to come."

Poetry for historians

Author: Carolyn Steedman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9781526125224
Release Date: 2018-06-01
Genre: History

This is a book about the conflict between history and poetry and historians and poets - in Atlantic World society from the end of the seventeenth-century to the present day. Blending historiography and theory, it proceeds by asking: what is the point of poetry as far as historians are concerned? The focus is on W. H. Auden's Cold War-era history poems, but the book also looks at other poets from the seventeenth century onwards, providing original accounts of their poetic and historical educations. An important resource for those teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in historiography and history and theory, Poetry for historians will also be of relevance to courses on literature in society and the history of education. General readers will relate it to Steedman's Landscape for a Good Woman (1987) and Dust (2001), on account of its biographical and autobiographical insights into the way history operates in modern society.

W H Auden Encyclopedia

Author: David Garrett Izzo
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786449132
Release Date: 2004-02-28
Genre: Literary Criticism

W.H. Auden's life and work were perhaps best explained and condensed in the words of Edward Mendelson, Auden's literary executor, when he remarked, "[Auden] grew up in a household in which the scientific inquiries of his father maintained an uneasy truce with the ritualized religion of his mother." Indeed, science and religion were dominant themes in Auden's life and work, which for him were oftentimes one and the same. Auden was hailed as the new T.S. Eliot and as the "coming" man, greatly influencing the future generations of angry young men with his thoughts on science, religion, and the relationship between the two. This book is an exhaustive reference to W.H. Auden. Those new to Auden and his writing will find the work a comprehensive introduction, while Auden scholars will appreciate the quick access it offers to the details of all his poems, plays, libretti, and other pieces of writing. It also includes entries on the people who were closest and most important to Auden, including fellow writers Christopher Isherwood, Stephen Spender, C. Day Lewis, Edward Upward, and T.S. Eliot, as well as significant events in his life, such as his arrival in America, his vision of agape, and his search in science and religion for answers to the deep questions of life and existence.

Writing Alone and with Others

Author: Pat Schneider
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199840243
Release Date: 2003-08-28
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

For more than a quarter of a century, Pat Schneider has helped writers find and liberate their true voices. She has taught all kinds--the award winning, the struggling, and those who have been silenced by poverty and hardship. Her innovative methods have worked in classrooms from elementary to graduate level, in jail cells and public housing projects, in convents and seminaries, in youth at-risk programs, and with groups of the terminally ill. Now, in Writing Alone and with Others, Schneider's acclaimed methods are available in a single, well-organized, and highly readable volume. The first part of the book guides the reader through the perils of the solitary writing life: fear, writer's block, and the bad habits of the internal critic. In the second section, Schneider describes the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, widely used across the U.S. and abroad. Chapters on fiction and poetry address matters of technique and point to further resources, while more than a hundred writing exercises offer specific ways to jumpstart the blocked and stretch the rut-stuck. Schneider's innovative teaching method will refresh the experienced writer and encourage the beginner. Her book is the essential owner's manual for the writer's voice.

Critical Intellectuals on Writing

Author: Gary A. Olson
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791486230
Release Date: 2010-11-15
Genre: Literary Collections

A fascinating look at how some of the world's most eminent scholars conceive of their own relationship with writing and with the work of being a critical intellectual.

Medieval Polities and Modern Mentalities

Author: Timothy Reuter
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139459549
Release Date: 2006-11-02
Genre: History

This is a collection of influential and challenging essays by British medievalist Timothy Reuter, a perceptive and original thinker with extraordinary range who was equally at home in the Anglophone or German scholarly worlds. The 2006 book addresses three interconnected themes in the study of the history of the early and high Middle Ages. Firstly, historiography, the development of the modern study of the medieval past. How do our contemporary and inherited preconceptions and pre-occupations determine our view of history? Secondly, the importance of symbolic action and communication in the politics and polities of the Middle Ages. Finally, the need to avoid anachronism in our consideration of medieval politics. Throwing light both on modern mentalities and on the values and conduct of medieval people themselves, and containing articles, at time of publication, never previously been available in English, this book is essential reading for any serious scholar of medieval Europe.

The Complete Works of W H Auden

Author: Wystan Hugh Auden
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691089353
Release Date: 1996
Genre: American drama

Volume 1. This book contains all the essays and reviews that W.H. Auden wrote during the years when he was living in England, and also includes the full original versions of his two illustrated travel books, Letters from Iceland (written in collaboration with Louis MacNeice) and Journey to a War (written in collaboration with Christopher Isherwood). Auden's early prose ranges from extravagant indiscreet travel diaries through sharply observed critiques of writers from John Skelton to Winston Churchill. It includes studies of communism and Christianity; audaciously wide-ranging essays on literature, psychology, and politics; and writings about gossip, sex, prisons, and schools. Volume 2. W.H. Auden's first ten years in the United States were marked by rapid and extensive change in his life and thought. He became an American citizen, fell in love with Chester Kallman, and began to reflect on American culture and to explore the ideas of Reinhold Niebuhr and other Protestant theologians. This volume contains every piece of prose that Auden wrote during these years, including essays and reviews he published under a pseudonym. Most have never been reprinted in any form since their initial publication in such magazines and newspapers as the Nation, the New Republic, Common Sense, Vogue, and the New York Times.

Lectures on Shakespeare

Author: Wystan Hugh Auden
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691102821
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Literary Criticism

Lecture notes from Alan Ansen, later Auden's secretary and friend, from Auden's course taught during 1946-1947 at the New School for Social Research form the basis for this work on Auden's interpretation of all of the Shakespeare's plays.

Die Stunden

Author: Michael Cunningham
Publisher: btb Verlag
ISBN: 9783641146900
Release Date: 2014-04-30
Genre: Fiction

Ein Tag im Leben dreier Frauen: Clarissa Vaughan spaziert an einem strahlenden Junimorgen durch die Straßen von New York. Es ist das pulsierende New York der späten neunziger Jahre. Clarissa will Blumen für eine Party besorgen, die sie an diesem Abend für ihren aidskranken Freund Richard geben will, der soeben einen bedeutenden Literaturpreis erhalten hat. Sie kennen sich seit Jahrzehnten, für kurze Zeit waren sie auch ein Paar. Richard gab ihr den Spitznamen Mrs. Dalloway, weil sie ihn an die Heldin aus Virginia Woolfs gleichnamigen Roman erinnert. Laura Brown ist mit einem Kriegsveteranen verheiratet, der rührend um sie bemüht ist, ihr kleiner Sohn liebt sie abgöttisch, sie ist zum zweitenmal schwanger. Doch das Hausfrauenleben in einem Vorort von Los Angeles erdrückt sie. An einem Tag im Jahr 1949 flieht sie vor den alltäglichen Pflichten, mietet sich ein Zimmer in einem Hotel und liest fasziniert "Mrs. Dalloway". Virginia Woolf ringt im Jahr 1923 um den Anfang ihres neuen Romans, dem sie den Arbeitstitel "The Hours" (Die Stunden) gegeben hat und der einmal "Mrs. Dalloway" heißen wird. Sie hat Kopfschmerzen und hört Stimmen, und sie vermisst die Großstadt, obwohl sie weiß, dass ihr der Rückzug aufs Land nach Richmond gut tut. Fast steigt sie in den Zug nach London, nur fast, denn nun schreibt sie den ersten Satz: "Mrs. Dalloway sagte, sie wolle die Blumen selber kaufen." In seinem überwältigend schönen und bewegenden Roman schildert Michael Cunningham einen Tag im Leben dieser drei Frauen. Von Virginia Woolfs Leben und Werk inspiriert, schafft er eine ganz eigene Welt, die sich um die Möglichkeiten von Freundschaft und Liebe dreht, um das Auffangen von Scheitern und Lebensüberdruss und um eine Gemeinschaft jenseits von Leben und Tod: der Literatur.

The Secret Agent

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101126892
Release Date: 2007-04-03
Genre: Fiction

Inspired by an attempt in 1894 to blow up London’s Greenwich Observatory, The Secret Agent is the unsurpassed original of the long tradition of espionage thrillers that explore the confused motives at the heart of terrorism. Published in 1907, Joseph Conrad’s novel was remarkably prescient, anticipating the political contours of the next century, as well as the classic spy novels of such later writers as Graham Greene and John Le Carré. Conrad’s double agent, Verloc, is a Russian spy tasked with infiltrating an anarchist group in London. His mission to discredit the ineffectual radicals and their cause goes awry, and involves his unsuspecting wife and her vulnerable younger brother in disastrous ways. In its use of powerful psychological insight to intensify narrative suspense, The Secret Agent broke new literary ground. Conrad was the first novelist to discover the strange, in-between territory of the political exile, and his genius was such that we still have no truer map of that region’s moral terrain than his story of a terrorist plot and its tragic consequences for both the guilty and the innocent. Introduction by Paul Theroux From the Hardcover edition.

Boss Ladies Watch Out

Author: Terry Castle
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415938740
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Literary Collections

In the second part of the book, Castle embraces, with gusto, the role of Female Critic herself." "In lively reconsiderations of Sappho, Bronte, Cather, Colette, Gertrude Stein, and many other great women writers - "Boss Ladies" all - Castle pays a moving and civilized tribute to female genius and intellectual daring."--BOOK JACKET.

Modernist Literature

Author: Rachel Potter
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748655298
Release Date: 2012-04-02
Genre: Literary Criticism

Introduces students to a wide range of modernist writers and critical debates in modernism studies

W H Auden

Author: Dr John Haffenden
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134723133
Release Date: 2002-09-11
Genre: Literary Criticism

This set comprises of 40 volumes covering nineteenth and twentieth century European and American authors. These volumes will be available as a complete set, mini boxed sets (by theme) or as individual volumes. This second set compliments the first 68 volume set of Critical Heritage published by Routledge in October 1995.