What You Don t Know about Turning 60

Author: P D Witte
ISBN: 088166510X
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Aging

This is a quiz-format humour book to ease the pain of turning 60 and provide entertainment for any 60th birthday party. It covers six different categories: romance and sex, health and medicine, ageing, fashion, recreation and work.

What You Don t Know about Retirement

Author: Bill Dodds
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781451619232
Release Date: 2010-10-05
Genre: Humor

What You Don’t Know about Retirement… is an outrageous quiz that helps celebrate the joy of retirement and provides entertainment for any retirement party. This book is sure to be a hit among retirees! What You Don’t Know about Retirement… will have any retiree celebrating this milestone with lots of laughs. This entertaining quiz pokes fun at growing older while celebrating the joy of retirement. What You Don’t Know about Retirement… will provide endless entertainment for any retirement party and is sure to be a HIT! Q: Why do new retirees suddenly look ten years younger? A: They suddenly feel ten years younger. Q: What's the best way for a retiree to make sure his memoirs are read? A: Include lots of clues about hidden money.

Supercharged Retirement Ditch the Rocking Chair Trash the Remote and Do What You Love

Author: Mary Lloyd
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
ISBN: 9781608320424
Release Date: 2011-10-01
Genre: Self-Help

Life after retirement can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but only for those who plan for more than financial security. Supercharged Retirement is a valuable wake-up call for readers who have focused exclusively on the monetary aspects of their post-working years. Readers will discover how they can conquer the emotional and personal challenges presented by stepping out of the workforce. Mary Lloyd presents a new retirement paradigm, one that encourages individuals to utilize their skills and experience to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual demands of the retirement years. Supercharged Retirement challenges readers to change their assumptions about the essence of retirement, refocus their energies, rekindle their passions, and reawaken their drive to grow and learn. A funny, informed, and passionate guide for making retirement sparkle, Supercharged Retirement challenges conventional wisdom and skillfully blends anecdotes, practical advice, and exercises as it launches readers into a retirement adventure that will more than surpass their dreams.

How To Survive Your 40Th Birthday

Author: Bill Dodds
Publisher: Meadowbrook
ISBN: 0671725610
Release Date: 1990-10-15
Genre: Humor

Here's a great gag gift for anyone turning 40! How To Survive Your 40th Birthday is a perfect gift for thirty-nine-year-olds dreading the Big Four 40. It provides reassurance that there's more to life after forty: old age and death. And it's chock fun of off-the-wall advice that can come in very handy when you turn forty, including: How to act surprised at your surprise 40th birthday party How to tell the difference between a mid-life crisis and a hangover How to raise a family without raising your blood pressure How to find your lost youth without hurting yourself How to get through your high-school reunion without lying about your job

Word of Mouth Democracy for the 99

Author: Anonymous
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781483509662
Release Date: 2013-09-04
Genre: Political Science

I am retired as an environmental health and public health professional. I am now writing books about the Spiritual Awakening techniques and organizational methods created by Bill Wilson the founder of Alcoholic Anonymous. I refer to his entire life work project as a Corporate Spiritual Democracy (or some combination of those three words) which has been successfully implemented as 12 Step programs in our country and around the world for over seventy five years. Not only did Bill Wilson create a simple method for one to become Spiritually Awakened, but he created an organizational system of respect for your fellow man, common sense and dignity, and service to others that provides a democratic spirit of equality for its members. It is one of the most pure forms of moral and unprejudiced democracy to be found on the face of this earth Rather than deciding to keep these brilliant ideas in obscurity, I believe in accordance with Bill Wilson that " many people, nonalcoholics, report that as a result of the practice of AA's 12 Steps, they have been able to meet other difficulties of life. They think that the 12 Steps can mean more than sobriety for problem drinkers. They see in them a way to happy and effective living, alcoholic or not" (Foreword to Bill Wilson's, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions). In Bill's book, AA Comes Of Age, many of the AA nonalcoholic founders of AA, such as Bernard Smith, Attorney; Dr. Harry Tiebot, M.D. and Rev. Samuel Schoemaker PhD. agree. However in order to respect the 12 Traditions of AA, I must remain anonymous at all levels of press, radio and film. Therefore I request that all those who read my profile, respect my anonymity as well. I am not trying to make money from these books (in fact I have spent quite a deal), but I believe that my writing will do more with helping others that many other techniques I use.

Die Run Walk Run Methode

Author: Jeff Galloway
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag
ISBN: 9783898999397
Release Date: 2016-04-04
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Jeff Galloway ist Autor des meistverkauften Laufbuchs in den USA. Über eine Million Läufer und Walker trainieren nach Galloways Trainingsmethoden. Das Trainingsprogramm RUN WALK RUN® wurde von Jeff Galloway 1978 entwickelt, damit Menschen, egal welchen Alters oder welchen Trainingsstands, verletzungsfrei laufen können. Die Grundlage seiner Philosophie ist, dass der Mensch zum Laufen und Gehen geboren wurde. Gehpausen während des Laufens sind also nicht zu belächeln und können jedem Läufer helfen, seine gesetzten Ziele zu erreichen. Mit diesem Buch kann jeder sein individuelles Training zusammenstellen, sodass auch ein Marathonfinishing kein Problem mehr ist.

Are You Over the Hill

Author: Bill Dodds
Publisher: Meadowbrook
ISBN: 067188445X
Release Date: 1994-04-01
Genre: Humor

A collection of humorous observations about the effects of middle age on the body, travel, the family, sex, work, entertainment, and other elements of daily life

Chet Strength Beyond Our Own

Author: Larry Murray
Publisher: Sandy Cedars Publishing
Release Date: 2014-09-20
Genre: Fiction

At fourteen, David Saunders’ father walks out of his life, leaving him to look after his mother and younger sister. Still reeling from his father’s betrayal, a devastating accident snatches away David’s mentor and the guidance he needs to grow into manhood. With nothing but Chet, an old ’64 Chevy pickup that he doesn’t even know how to drive, David and his family must hold things together in the face of the most brutal Idaho winter to come along in the last hundred years. With everything stacked against them, does Chet possess enough magic to bring about one more miracle? Publisher's note: Strength Beyond Our Own is the second in the Chet series of inspirational fiction books. This heart warming story shares Christian values in a coming of age setting that is suitable for adult and young adult readers alike. Larry Murray is a successful author who prides himself on writing values based novels that timelessly connect with people across generations. The Chet series is published by Sandy Cedars Publishing and is available as eBook and print editions.

3 Hundred 60 Degrees

Author: Jamelle Fisher
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781463424961
Release Date: 2012-03-14
Genre: Fiction

Donettello-'The Don' of the city just returning from a seven year prison bid. He has a dream of being a legitamit business man and leaving the streetlife alone. Angel-Donettello's woman who has a secret of her own. Bryanna-Angel's best friend who wants to be with 'The Don' Brian- Donettello's little brother, is inlove with Bryanna Andre'-Donettello's best friend. he as been running the city for the seven years that Donettello has been away. The story of one crew's dealings with money, power, and each other


Author: Imre Somogyi
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
ISBN: 1616405813
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

Every parent wonders, while looking down at their newborn child, what kind of person he or she will grow up to be. This book can help parents answer that question without waiting a dozen years or more for the child to grow up. Imre & Margriet Somogyi's research as led them to believe that parents can learn to read their baby's toes for clues to their personality and behavior. "We came to realize that the toes symbolize the many facts of our personalities. Not only is their shape important, butso are their various features and positions." By learning how to read baby toes, not only will parents be able satisfy their curiosity about their newborn, but this knowledge will provide parents with a tool that will allow them to better understand their child's earliest stages of life and development and help them optimize their child's full potential, allowing him or her to develop into a healthy and well-balanced individual.

Sixty Things to Do When You Turn Sixty

Author: Ronnie Sellers
Publisher: Sellers Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1569069670
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Self-Help

A humorous and thoughtful collection of short essays, musings and reflections written by experts& celebrities from all walks of life on the subject of turning 60.

Turning Point

Author: Mary Ann Fields Whitehead
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781503532540
Release Date: 2015-01-27
Genre: Fiction

Kate Mitchum, Leanne LeDeaux, and Kathy Jones—three little girls, growing up in Saint Elizabeth’s Orphanage in New Orleans, Louisiana, were as close as any friends could be. That is, until just before Christmas when they were nine years old. Turning points can come when you least expect them, as Kate Mitchum finds out as a child and later as an adult. She is smart and she is strong and she has the love and support of her friends and family at Saint Elizabeth’s as she faces life’s continuous struggles—bumps in the road, as Sr. Mary Louise, head of the orphanage, calls them. Throughout her senior year of high school, Kate works for Matthew Carlton, the new teacher who sets all the female teachers’ and students’ hearts aflutter, all the while remaining aloof and mysterious. Mr. Carlton takes a liking to Kate and helps her earn a little pocket money by having her do some of his busy work, such as grading papers and running errands. Little does he know that this association with Kate would one day lead him to fall deeply in love with her, but not until he himself proves to be one of those bumps in the road Kate has to face.

60 Postcards

Author: Rachael Chadwick
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781471134319
Release Date: 2015-02-26
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The heartfelt and uplifting story of how a project to scatter 60 Postcards in memory of her mother helped a young girl come to terms with her loss. On 11 February 2012 Rachael Chadwick lost her Mother to cancer, just sixteen days after first being diagnosed, and her world shattered right in front of her. Utterly fed up of the milestones and reminders, in December of that year she decided she would do something different and created a project based around her Mum's approaching 60th Birthday. Desperate to spread the word about the wonderful person she had lost, Rachael had the brainwave of leaving notes around a city in her memory. Deciding she would take it a step further she wondered what would happen if she could ask people to respond to her? Full of hope and energy she hand-wrote sixty postcards, each with her email address at the bottom asking the finder to get in touch. But one question remained, where should she go? Knowing how much she longed to visit Paris, the last gift that Rachael's mum had given her was Eurostar vouchers, and so it seemed fitting that this would be her chosen city. So off she went with a group of friends to celebrate, discover, and to scatter her memories. Filling their time in Paris with sight-seeing, food and drink, laughter, and of course postcards.

Was ich vom Leben gelernt habe

Author: Oprah Winfrey
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783104034805
Release Date: 2015-08-20
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

»Eins weiß ich genau: Ihre Reise beginnt jeden Tag aufs Neue mit der Entscheidung aufzustehen, rauszugehen und das Leben zu genießen.« Die Frage „Was wissen Sie ganz sicher?“ hat die beliebteste Talkmasterin der Welt Oprah Winfrey 14 Jahre lang zu ihrer Kultkolumne „What I Know for Sure“ inspiriert. Daraus ist dieses wundervolle Buch voller Erkenntnisse und Offenbarungen geworden. Oprah schreibt über Freude und Belastbarkeit, Beziehung und Dankbarkeit, Ehrfurcht, Klarheit und Kraft. Die Texte bieten einen ungewöhnlichen und faszinierenden Einblick in die Sichtweise einer der außergewöhnlichsten Frauen der Welt. Aufrichtig, bewegend und humorvoll: Weis- und Wahrheiten, an die die Leser immer wieder zurückdenken werden.

Woman in Cabin 10

Author: Ruth Ware
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783423432702
Release Date: 2017-12-27
Genre: Fiction

Wie kann eine Frau verschwinden, die es nie gegeben hat? Die Journalistin Lo Blacklock nimmt an der Jungfernfahrt eines exklusiven Luxuskreuzfahrtschiffs an der norwegischen Küste teil. Ein wahrgewordener Traum. Doch in der ersten Nacht auf See erwacht sie von einem Geräusch aus der Nachbarkabine. Sie hört, wie etwas ins Wasser geworfen wird. Etwas Schweres, ungefähr von der Größe eines menschlichen Körpers. Und die Reling ist blutverschmiert. Lo alarmiert den Sicherheitsoffizier. Die Nachbarkabine ist leer, ohne das geringste Anzeichen, dass hier jemand wohnte. Keine Kleider, kein Blut, kein Eintrag ins Passagierregister. Die Frau aus Kabine 10, mit der Lo noch am Vortag gesprochen hat, scheint nie existiert zu haben ...