When Pigs Fly

Author: Jane Killion
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
ISBN: 9781929242443
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Pets

Do you have an impossible dog? Does your dog come when called, heel properly when you go for a walk, and sit quietly when you ask him to? If your answer is a resounding No! then you may think you have an impossible dog, a Pigs Fly dog, one you may think can never be trained. The key to training success with these dogs is to figure out what they find rewarding and then use those rewards to get the behavior you want. Youll be amazed at what your bad dog will do when you know how he thinks and what turns him on!

When Pigs Fly

Author: June Rae Wood
Publisher: Turtleback
ISBN: 0613017692
Release Date: 1997-08-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

After struggling with the bills, her parents sell the family home and, much to Buddy's dismay, move to an old farmhouse, but the farmhouse seems to hold some special charms, and Buddy soon realizes it was the right move after all.

When Pigs Fly

Author: Stephan Pastis
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9780740797378
Release Date: 2010-09-07
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

A latest collection of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine features the hilarious, edgy exploits of such beloved characters as Rat, Pig, Zebra, Guard Duck, the Crocs, Goat and more. By the National Cartoonists Society Best Comic Strip of the Year-winning author of 50,000,000 Pearls Fans Can't Be Wrong. Original.

When Pigs Fly

Author: Valerie Coulman
Publisher: Lobster Press
ISBN: 1894222792
Release Date: 2003-04-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

(ages 4 - 6) Ralph's father is certain that cows cannot ride bicycles, and tells Ralph him he can have a new bike "when pigs fly." Instead of giving up, Ralph cheerfully tries to get his curly-tailed pals airborne! This colorfully illustrated tale of positive thinking was named one of the Top 50 Canadian Children's Picture Books (2000-2003) by IBBY; was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award for Illustration (2002); and won the Ontario Library Association Blue Spruce Award (2002).

When Pigs Fly

Author: Lisa Wheeler
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780689849565
Release Date: 2005-05-17
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Fitch and Chip learn that you do not have to wear a cape to be a hero.

When Pigs Fly

Author: James Burks
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 9781368020947
Release Date: 2018-02-27
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Henry is ready to do what no pig has done before. "But pigs can't fly," says his sister, Henrietta. Nothing will stop Henry from trying, until it looks as though gravity might finally get the better of him. Fortunately, Henrietta has an idea that gives both of them a lift. Henry's determination and Henrietta's imagination combine to make a positive sibling story about creative play and teamwork.

Pigs Might Fly

Author: Nick Abadzis
Publisher: First Second
ISBN: 9781250176929
Release Date: 2017-07-11
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

All the sensible hogfolk in Pigdom Plains know that if pigs were meant to fly, they’d have been born with wings—but there’s no convincing Lily Leanchops. The daughter of renowned inventor Hercules Fatchops, Lily has watched her father’s flying machines fail time and time again. Working in secret, Lily is trying to build what her father couldn’t: an aircraft that actually works. And of course, she’s following his example and employing scientific principals alone—not magic. (Well, a protection spell or two doesn’t count, right?) Lily’s secret project takes on a new sense of urgency when a mysterious enemy emerges from beyond the mountains. The Warthogs are coming, and they’re piloting flying machines powered by dangerous magic spells. To save Pigdom Plains, Lily must take to the skies in her own experimental aircraft—and there’s no time for a test run.

I ll Cook when Pigs Fly

Author: Junior League of Cincinnati
Publisher: Wimmer Book Dist
ISBN: 0960707824
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Cooking

See how pigs really do fly in Cincinnati, then check out these unique recipes--truly a new twist on some old favorites. Lots of fun trivia, facts and quotes about Cincinnati. Awesome photography by award-winning Cincinnati photographers. The cover is by Pulitzer Prize Winner Jim Borgman. Benefits various community projects.

Tales of a Sixth Grade Muppet When Pigs Fly

Author: Kirk Scroggs
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316183164
Release Date: 2013-05-14
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Danvers Blickensderfer has started class at Sam Eagle's academy, and as it turns out, it's pretty much just like any other school. Danvers is already prepping for a quiz, memorizing lines for the school play, and, of course, training for space travel. That's right, Dr. Honeydew and his colleague Dr. Julius Strangepork believe that the famous WormHole-N1 could be the cause of Danvers' Muppetmorphosis, so they launch an expedition to uncover the truth. But how do you get a Muppet kid to the far side of the galaxy? Will Danvers and his crew find the secret of his Muppetmorphosis at the edge of the universe? How did twenty-two stowaways get on board the SS Swinetrek? And how will Sam Eagle explain to all those parents why their kids are light years away from Earth when they should be in choir practice? Find out the answer to these questions and more in the next installment of Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet! © Disney

When Pigs Fly

Author: B.M. Bull
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456716433
Release Date: 2011-01-24
Genre: Fiction

When Pigs Fly is a book that intertwines a romantic killing spree with the release of oppression and tyranny on a stage that wraps around the world. This book depicts a super power that deceives and manipulates as they struggle to grasp power borrowed from very wealthy groups aiming to ruin the exceptional ism of America and all but stop the voting process. the characters are rich with personality and personal conflict and the story line is crisp and will make you laugh if you are not already crying.

When Pigs Fly

Author: Howard Crabtree
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corp
ISBN: UOM:39015048372414
Release Date: 1998-10-01
Genre: Music

This hit Off-Broadway revue takes a hilarious look at gay life in the 1990s. The matching folio features songs by Mark Waldrop and Dick Gallagher: Annie 3 * Bigger Is Better * Hawaiian Wedding Song * Laughing Matters * Light in the Loafers * Over the Top * Quasimodo * Sam and Me * Torch Song #1 (Newt) * When Pigs Fly * You Can't Take the Color out of Colorado * You've Got to Stay in the Game. Includes full-color photos from the production, and biographies of Waldrop and Gallagher.

When Pigs Could Fly and Bears Could Dance

Author: Miriam Neirick
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres
ISBN: 9780299287634
Release Date: 2012-09-21
Genre: Performing Arts

For more than seven decades the circuses enjoyed tremendous popularity in the Soviet Union. How did the circus—an institution that dethroned figures of authority and refused any orderly narrative structure—become such a cultural mainstay in a state known for blunt and didactic messages? Miriam Neirick argues that the variety, flexibility, and indeterminacy of the modern circus accounted for its appeal not only to diverse viewers but also to the Soviet state. In a society where government-legitimating myths underwent periodic revision, the circus proved a supple medium of communication. Between 1919 and 1991, it variously displayed the triumph of the Bolshevik revolution, the beauty of the new Soviet man and woman, the vulnerability of the enemy during World War II, the prosperity of the postwar Soviet household, and the Soviet mission of international peace—all while entertaining the public with the acrobats, elephants, and clowns. With its unique ability to meet and reconcile the demands of both state and society, the Soviet circus became the unlikely darling of Soviet culture and an entertainment whose usefulness and popularity stemmed from its ambiguity.


Author: Duana Juneau
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457550636
Release Date: 2016-09-15

June and Jules: When Pigs Fly It's easy to remember meeting your best friend when that friend is a pig with wings. June, a hopeful young girl, and Jules, a little pink pig with tiny wings on his back, get along right from the start because each has a dream. June wants nothing more than to sing, and Jules wants to put his wings to use and y. They also share the habit of picking up pennies for good luck. The two unlikely friends can be seen all over town, with June singing as much as she can and Jules trying--and failing--to y, leaving pig-shape mud imprints wherever he goes. Although most grownups around town are less than encouraging to the pair, they have a few allies who urge them to believe in themselves. When their deteriorating downtown begins to come back to life, June tries her hardest song and Jules tries his hardest to y one more time. Their results are nothing less than amazing, showing that determination, a little faith--and two lucky pennies--make you believe that anything is possible. Freelance writer Duana Juneau is an active member in the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She posts her musings on a blog at Julesthe yingpig.blog.com. Duana and her children live in Louisiana. "

Pigs Might Fly

Author: Dick King-Smith
Publisher: Peter Smith Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 0844671460
Release Date: 2000-01-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Having been coached in swimming by a duck and an otter, a runt piglet with deformed front feet becomes a hero when their farm is flooded.