When The Grid Goes Down

Author: Tony Nester
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781624888472
Release Date: 2012-12-30
Genre: House & Home

Disasters come and go each year. It is through developing a self-reliant mindset, having essential survival gear and a handful of critical skills, that you and your family will be able to prevail in an urban crisis. Jammed with field-tested information from real-world applications, survival instructor Tony Nester covers how to prepare for both short-term survival ranging from 24-72 hours as well as long-term situations resulting from a grid-down emergency or pandemic. When the Grid Goes Down will show you how to make your home and lifestyle more self-sufficient and the critical gear needed along the way. Topics include: The 6 Key Areas for Creating a Self-Reliant Home, Water Storage and Purification Methods, Alternative Water Sources At Home, Creating a Water Map for Your Region, The 3 Essential Food Types to Stock Up On, Designing an Off-Grid Medical Kit, Home Security and Personal Defense Measures, Safeguarding the Exterior and Interior of Your Home, Heating, Cooling and Lighting When the Power Goes Out, and Alternative Sanitation and Hygiene Methods.

Preparing for Off Grid Survival

Author: Nicholas Hyde
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1477692207
Release Date: 2012-06-21
Genre: House & Home

Buying an inexpensive piece of land and building a comfortable, sustainable off-grid home is becoming a popular new way to pursue the American dream. This is a project that can be tailored to every budget, and can incorporate as many (or as few) of the conveniences of modern technology as one desires. The security of knowing you have a fully provisioned, eco-friendly retreat powered by renewable energy sources will help you sleep better after watching the 11:00 news. Let Nicholas Hyde arm you with the knowledge necessary to complete this exciting task. From land, housing, and power to self-supplied water, food, and the education of your children, he covers it all in detail. A considerable number of additional resources are listed as well. You will come away from this text knowing exactly what you need to do, and have the motivation to do it.

When Technology Fails

Author: Matthew Stein
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603580953
Release Date: 2008-08-18
Genre: House & Home

There’s never been a better time to “be prepared.” Matthew Stein’s comprehensive primer on sustainable living skills—from food and water to shelter and energy to first-aid and crisis-management skills—prepares you to embark on the path toward sustainability. But unlike any other book, Stein not only shows you how to live “green” in seemingly stable times, but to live in the face of potential disasters, lasting days or years, coming in the form of social upheaval, economic meltdown, or environmental catastrophe. When Technology Fails covers the gamut. You’ll learn how to start a fire and keep warm if you’ve been left temporarily homeless, as well as the basics of installing a renewable energy system for your home or business. You’ll learn how to find and sterilize water in the face of utility failure, as well as practical information for dealing with water-quality issues even when the public tap water is still flowing. You’ll learn alternative techniques for healing equally suited to an era of profit-driven malpractice as to situations of social calamity. Each chapter (a survey of the risks to the status quo; supplies and preparation for short- and long-term emergencies; emergency measures for survival; water; food; shelter; clothing; first aid, low-tech medicine, and healing; energy, heat, and power; metalworking; utensils and storage; low-tech chemistry; and engineering, machines, and materials) offers the same approach, describing skills for self-reliance in good times and bad. Fully revised and expanded—the first edition was written pre-9/11 and pre-Katrina, when few Americans took the risk of social disruption seriously—When Technology Fails ends on a positive, proactive note with a new chapter on "Making the Shift to Sustainability," which offers practical suggestions for changing our world on personal, community and global levels.

Prepper s Total Grid Failure Handbook

Author: Alan Fiebig
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 9781612436593
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Genre: Reference

The ultimate guide to creating, storing and utilizing lifesaving power in the most critical circumstances Batteries don’t last forever. To successfully survive a long-term disaster, you’ll need self-reliant, renewable electricity. This book teaches you how to: CREATE YOUR OWN POWER • Choose cost-efficient solar panels • Incorporate a micro-hydro system • Harness the wind with turbines MANAGE ENERGY STORAGE • Select durable battery banks • Rewire for energy efficiency • Control energy consumption LIVE COMFORTABLY ON LESS • Install a high-efficiency refrigerator and LEDs • Use a human-powered washing machine • Charge laptops and cell phones Written in an approachable, easy-to-understand style, Prepper’s Total Grid Failure Handbook provides everything you need to survive long-term without grid power.

When the Grid Goes Down

Author: M. Usman
Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books
ISBN: 9781311362483
Release Date: 2015-05-09
Genre: Reference

Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 - Introduction 1.1 Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit 1.2 Prepare Your Kit 1.3 Disaster Supplies Kit Basics 1.4 Disaster Supplies Kit Basics Chapter 2 - First aid supply 2.1 Drugs 2.2 Dressings 2.3 Other First Aid Supplies 2.4 Survival Kit for Your Home 2.5 Items for safety and comfort 2.6 Survival Kit for Your Automobile 2.7 Important Documents 2.8 Disaster Tools Chapter 3 - Hygiene 3.1 To Build a Makeshift Toilet Chapter 4 - Food 4.1 Food for survival: Chapter 5 - Water 5.1 Ways to purify water Chapter 6 - Blackouts 6.1 What to do during a blackout 6.2 After the blackout Chapter 7 - Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Preface We will begin this book by providing you with the basics, such as the disaster supply kits. You have to be prepared for everything before any disastrous event takes place, because that is the only key to fighting off any mishaps that may occur. We not only give you the basic instructions, but will also supply you with the most important supply off all, the list of all the relevant objects you need. Now, a lot of these things are generally found in any common household, but we provide you with all other extra things that need to be there as well. We will follow it up with the advice of storing all important documents and what kind of documents are the important ones. Disaster tools are followed by another key section, which is hygiene. When the grid goes down the usual setup of your life alters for a great amount of time, and the mechanisms that we normally rely upon are in disarray. Hence, we give you a list of essentials to make sure that your hygiene remains in good condition, because that will directly impact your health. Furthermore, that will potentially create problems for you in an already tough situation. In this section, we cover the basics all the way to creating a makeshift toilet. The next section brings us to the issue of food. Here we give you all the do’s and don’ts regarding food supplies. We tell you what foods you have to rely upon and those that you should avoid and keep at bay. Water, although more key in importance, comes after food in our book and after explaining its relevance, we will tell you all the different ways in which you can purify unclean sources for use. We follow it up with general advice with what steps to take during and after the blackout and sum it all up in a conclusion for you. Read the book and follow it up with all the advice that we present to you. Remember: the key to prevention from any disaster is preparedness. We have done our part now it’s your turn!

Prepper s Long Term Survival Guide

Author: Jim Cobb
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 9781612433189
Release Date: 2014-02-11
Genre: Reference

A STEP-BY-STEP, DON'T-OVERLOOK-ANYTHING WORKBOOK OF DIY PROJECTS THAT PREPARE HOME AND FAMILY FOR ANY LIFE-THREATENING CATASTROPHE The preparation you make for a hurricane, earthquake or other short-term disaster will not keep you alive in the event of widespread social collapse caused by pandemic, failure of the grid or other long-term crises. Government pamphlets and other prepping books tell you how to hold out through an emergency until services are restored. This book teaches you how to survive when nothing returns to normal for weeks, months or even years, including: •Practical water collection for drinking and hygiene •Storing, growing, hunting and foraging for food •First aid and medical treatments when there’s no doctor •Techniques and tactics for fortifying and defending your home •Community-building strategies for creating a new society

Just in Case

Author: Kathy Harrison
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781603427326
Release Date: 2008-07-23
Genre: House & Home

If disaster strikes and public services are limited, you want to know that your family will be taken care of. Learn how to inventory and rotate your food supply, pack an evacuation kit, maintain communication with loved ones, and much more. You’ll soon gain the ingenuity and resourcefulness to get your family through even the most unfortunate circumstances.

Prepper s Home Defense

Author: Jim Cobb
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 9781612431154
Release Date: 2012
Genre: House & Home

Provides instructions and guidelines for creating security strategies to protect against a potential failure of civilization, and includes tips on perimeter security, house fortifications, firearms and weaponry, and security animals.

The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide

Author: Joseph Alton
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781632202611
Release Date: 2015-08-04
Genre: Health & Fitness

The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide: Emergency Preparedness for any Disaster is the new abridged version of the bestselling book The Survival Medicine Handbook. This unique medical book is meant to enable the average person to handle injuries and illness in situations in which modern medical facilities and professionals aren’t available due to a disaster. This book is written by America’s top medical preparedness experts: Joe Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP. Their mission: to put a medically prepared person in every family for when medical help is not on the way. Using decades of medical experience, they address, in plain language, dozens of medical issues associated with surviving disasters and epidemics. The Altons also discuss the medical supplies needed to become a medical asset to your family and community as well as alternative and natural strategies for when pharmaceuticals aren’t available. Most medical books will send you to the doctor or hospital when an emergency happens. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide assumes what might actually happen—that the average person could be left without medical help in a disaster. With this unique book, you’ll have a head start on keeping your family healthy in times of trouble.

Life Under Open Skies

Author: Tony Nester
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781483547459
Release Date: 2014-12-26
Genre: Sports & Recreation

Inspired by over twenty-five years of practicing and teaching bushcraft throughout North America, survival instructor Tony Nester recounts backcountry tales of nomadic adventures using traditional skills that have faded from the modern world. Laced with humor, insight, and nerve-wracking encounters with wildlife, sandstorms, flash floods, brutal cold, and unpredictable clients, Life Under Open Skies reveals a rare look into the often misunderstood world of survival. Chapters include: Bare Bones Survival Guardian Flash Flood! Survival is All in Your Perspective Cold A Five Scorpion Night KUYI The Cave Where Tom Lived Gramps A Tale of Two Countries Nightmare on Elm Creek A Real Man Ground Tales Cowboy Tough Bake, Chill, Repeat Gift of the Deer The Amazing Cowpie Firestarting Technique Three Dog Night When Yucca Was King Al Sieber: Master of Bushcraft The Schism Between Worlds About the Author: Tony Nester is the author of numerous books and DVDs on survival. His school Ancient Pathways is the primary provider of survival training for the Military Special Operations community, and he has served as a consultant for the NTSB, FAA, Travel Channel, NY Times, Backpacker Magazine, and the film Into the Wild. For years he wrote a popular monthly column for Outside Magazine and his freelance writing is frequently featured in numerous print publications. For information, visit apathways.com

Survival Gear

Author: James Crawford
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1492295256
Release Date: 2013-08-31
Genre: Nature

Prepare For The Next Disaster By Making Your Home Self-Sufficient Natural disasters certainly seem to be getting stronger and arriving more frequently. From the tornadoes in the south, hurricanes and flooding in the east to the wild fires in the west it seems every change of season brings on new disaster storms or devastating wild fires. If that isn't bad enough there also are plenty of man-made disasters leaving death and destruction in their wake. We all felt sympathy for the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas and the train derailment and ensuing explosion and fire in the small Canadian town. No one gets a “free pass” from the risk of disaster events. Just because it has not happened in your town or neighborhood does not mean it can't or it won't happen. The good news is that disaster preparedness can help tremendously to minimize the loss and human pain and suffering that is always present with such disasters. There are things you can do to prepare for times when you have to live “off grid” for an extended period of time without the comforts of home that you have so taken for granted. First of all, decide what type of disaster is likely to hit where you live. No matter where you live, one inconvenience that could turn into a disaster if it persists for an extended period of time is if your water supply goes down. Learn how much water to store and have available in an emergency like this. Another seemingly small problem that can turn into a disaster is a power outage in extreme weather. Learn what backup power options you have. One possible backup system would provide power to your home so seamlessly that you would barely even notice an extended power outage that lasts for weeks when your neighbors are stumbling around in the dark in the extreme heat or cold. Lastly, discover what provisions you should have stored in order to make your home self-sufficient during a disaster.

Lights on

Author: Jeffrey R. Yago
ISBN: 1944229604
Release Date: 2016-11-29
Genre: Dwellings

The US electric grid is at greater risk today than ever before. From aging infrastructure, severe weather, and EPA mandated closure of coal-fired power plants to solar storms, digital sabotage, terrorism, and electromagnetic pulse attacks, future outages are almost certain. "Lights On" has the solution. Energy expert Jeffrey Yago lays out the lost history of early residential battery power and delves into just how durable and universal battery-powered devices are. Battery-powered devices can provide lighting, communications, refrigeration, safety, and entertainment when all else fails. Yago covers the multiple ways to keep your batteries recharged and ready to go."

When Disaster Strikes

Author: Matthew Stein
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603583237
Release Date: 2011-11-16
Genre: Reference

Disasters often strike without warning and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Yet armed with the right tools and information, survivors can fend for themselves and get through even the toughest circumstances. Matthew Stein's When Disaster Strikes provides a thorough, practical guide for how to prepare for and react in many of life's most unpredictable scenarios. In this disaster-preparedness manual, he outlines the materials you'll need-from food and water, to shelter and energy, to first-aid and survival skills-to help you safely live through the worst. When Disaster Strikes covers how to find and store food, water, and clothing, as well as the basics of installing back-up power and lights. You'll learn how to gather and sterilize water, build a fire, treat injuries in an emergency, and use alternative medical sources when conventional ones are unavailable. Stein instructs you on the smartest responses to natural disasters-such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods-how to keep warm during winter storms, even how to protect yourself from attack or other dangerous situations. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you can be sure to respond quickly, correctly, and confidently when a crisis threatens.

How to Survive The End Of The World As We Know It

Author: James Wesley, Rawles
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780141049342
Release Date: 2010-01-07
Genre: Sports & Recreation

This is the definitive guide on how to prepare for any crisis, from global financial collapse to a flu pandemic. It would only take one unthinkable event to disrupt our way of life. If there is a terrorist attack, a flu pandemic, or sharp currency devaluation, you may be forced to fend for yourself in ways you've never imagined. Where would you get water? How would you communicate with relatives? What would you use for fuel? Survivalist expert James Wesley, Rawles, editor of SurvivalBlog.com and a former US Army Intelligence officer, shares the essential tools and skills you will need for your family to survive, including how to find and build a retreat, store food, supply power, rear animals, administer medicine, barter, and defend your family. 'Save those wine corks. Burned cork makes quick and cheap face camouflage.' 'Store only foods with minimal spices. When you are surrounded by starving people, just heating up a can of spicy chili con carne could be a death warrant.' 'If you are on a budget, you might get away with a good-quality bolt-action rifle...'