When Tides Turn Waves of Freedom Book 3

Author: Sarah Sundin
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9781441246127
Release Date: 2017-03-14
Genre: Fiction

When fun-loving glamour girl Quintessa Beaumont learns the Navy has established the WAVES program for women, she enlists, determined to throw off her frivolous ways and contribute to the war effort. No-nonsense and hoping to make admiral, Lt. Dan Avery has been using his skills to fight German U-boats. The last thing he wants to see on his radar is a girl like Tess. For her part, Tess works hard to prove her worth in the Anti-Submarine Warfare Unit in Boston--both to her commanding officers and to the man with whom she is smitten. When Dan is assigned to a new escort carrier at the peak of the Battle of the Atlantic, he's torn between his lifelong career goals and his desire to help Tess root out a possible spy on shore. The Germans put up quite a fight, but he wages a deeper battle within his heart. Could Tess be the one for him? With precision and pizazz, fan favorite Sarah Sundin carries readers through the rough waters of love in a time when every action might have unforeseen world-changing consequences.

The Sea Before Us Sunrise at Normandy Book 1

Author: Sarah Sundin
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781493412587
Release Date: 2018-02-06
Genre: Fiction

In 1944, American naval officer Lt. Wyatt Paxton arrives in London to prepare for the Allied invasion of France. He works closely with Dorothy Fairfax, a "Wren" in the Women's Royal Naval Service. Dorothy pieces together reconnaissance photographs with thousands of holiday snapshots of France--including those of her own family's summer home--in order to create accurate maps of Normandy. Maps that Wyatt will turn into naval bombardment plans. As the two spend concentrated time together in the pressure cooker of war, their deepening friendship threatens to turn to love. Dorothy must resist its pull. Her bereaved father depends on her, and her heart already belongs to another man. Wyatt too has much to lose. The closer he gets to Dorothy, the more he fears his efforts to win the war will destroy everything she has ever loved. The tense days leading up to the monumental D-Day landing blaze to life under Sarah Sundin's practiced pen with this powerful new series.

International Politics and National Political Regimes

Author: Peter Burnell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317978114
Release Date: 2014-06-11
Genre: Political Science

There is much speculation about whether democracy is still advancing around the world and the influence that leading authoritarian or semi-authoritarian regimes such as Russia are starting to have on the trends. This collection assesses global trends in democratisation, reviews the condition of international democracy promotion and enquires into whether serious competition in the form of autocracy promotion is now a major possibility. The influence of international politics on national political regimes is explored in more detail for Russia’s resistance to democracy promotion and Russian influence on regimes in Central Asia in particular, along with an Indian perspective on India’s reluctance to push for democracy abroad and concerns that democracy promotion itself should be considered more critically if it undermines democratisation in foreign aid-dependent states. The book concludes by briefly addressing the potential significance of the 2011 ‘Arab spring’ for these themes. This book was published as a special issue of Contemporary Politics.

Regression of Democracy

Author: Gero Erdmann
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783531933023
Release Date: 2013-06-21
Genre: Political Science

Democratization since the implosion of the communist bloc displays a mixed balance. While the neo-democracies in Central Eastern European Countries can be seen as largely consolidated, many other processes of democratization in other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia and Latin America got stuck as unconsolidated or became defective democracies, some ‘regressed’ into hybrid regimes or were even turned into autocracies. While transitology dealt with the transition from authoritarian rule, the reverse process, the transition from democratic rule, remained almost completely outside the scholarly attention. This special issue will address the problems of the regression of democracy and aims at closing the gap between research on democracy and democratization on one side and the emergence of authoritarian regimes on the other. The contributions of this volume analyse the different phenomena in which decline of democracy fans out: the loss of quality, which means a silent regression; the backslide into hybrid regimes (hybridization); and the breakdown of democracy.

Freedom of Information

Author: Mr Michael Hunt
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781409499732
Release Date: 2013-03-28
Genre: Political Science

Since the UK's Freedom of Information Act of 2005, which allows public right of access to information held by public authorities, considerable evidence has accumulated about the ways in which the Act has been applied in the interests of democracy and accountability. Until now, there has been little research into these findings at the local level of government. In this detailed review, leading experts in the field consider best practice regarding the operation of the Act, and examine how the Act has enabled the public to contribute to local decision making and debate local issues. The work of the Campaign to Protect Rural England is used as a case study to demonstrate how the work of interest groups may be affected. This timely work addresses the challenges of democracy and efficiency facing local services, and considers how the accountability of local authorities can best be ensured.


Author: Wolfgang Merkel
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531145592
Release Date: 2009-10-27
Genre: Political Science

Das Buch ist die erste systematische Einführung in die politikwissenschaftliche Transformationsforschung und bietet zweitens umfassende empirische Analysen der Demokratisierung nach 1945 und der Systemwechsel in Südeuropa, Lateinamerika, Ostasien und Osteuropa. Es werden in einem ersten theoretischen Teil Kriterien entwickelt, die eine klare begriffliche Fassung und Abgrenzung von politischen Herrschaftssystemen erlauben. Sie gelten gleichermaßen für Demokratie und Autokratie ebenso wie für Regierung, Regime, Staat und System. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Ordnungsbegriffe werden die großen Phasen der Transformation von autokratischen zu demokratischen politischen Systemen konzipiert und in der Dynamik ihrer Strukturen und Akteure theoretisch-systematisch aufeinander bezogen. Die theoretischen Konzepte werden im zweiten Teil, der empirischen Analyse von vier großen regionalen Transformationswellen, auf die Demokratisierung Deutschlands, Italiens und Japans nach 1945, die Rechtsdiktaturen Südeuropas (Portugal, Griechenland, Spanien) nach 1974, die kapitalistischen Autokratien Ostasiens (Philippinen, Taiwan, Südkorea, Thailand) Mitte der Achtzigerjahre sowie die kommunistischen Systeme Osteuropas nach 1989 angewendet.


Author: William Finnegan
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 9783518757413
Release Date: 2018-05-07
Genre: Fiction

Vor fünfzig Jahren verfällt William Finnegan dem Surfen. Damals verschafft es ihm Respekt, dann jagt es ihn raus in die Welt – Samoa, Indonesien, Australien, Südafrika –, als Familienvater mit Job beim New Yorker dient es der Flucht vor dem Alltag ... Barbarentage erzählt die Geschichte dieser lebenslangen Leidenschaft, sie handelt vom Fernweh, von wahren Abenteuern und den Versuchen, trotz allem ein Träumer zu bleiben. Ein Buch wie das Meer, atemberaubend schön. »Wie Into the Wild erzählt dieses Buch auf mitfühlende, kluge Weise, was passiert, wenn Ideen von Freiheit einen jungen Menschen erfassen und in die entlegensten Winkel der Welt hinausschleudern.« The New York Times Magazine »Fesselnde Abenteuergeschichte, intellektuelle Autobiografie, rastlose Meditation über Liebe, Freundschaft und Familie ... Barbarentage ist ein Buch von ergreifender Schönheit und wird Surfer und Nichtsurfer gleichermaßen begeistern.« Washington Post »Das zu lesen, was dieser Kerl über Wellen und Wasser schreibt, ist wie Hemingway über Stierkämpfe zu lesen, William Burroughs über Drogen und Updike über Ehebruch.« Sports Illustrated

Jammu and Kashmir The Tide Turns

Author: Col Jaibans Singh
Publisher: Lancer Publishers LLC
ISBN: 9781940988016
Release Date:

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has gone through some testing times. When terrorism was at its peak, it was confronted with a strong will and iron resolve by the people of the state who refused to get cowed down. In their endeavour to challenge the forces of evil, people found vigorous support from fellow citizens of the Indian Union and the security forces. An unfortunate facet was the politics of opportunism played out by some elements, who continue to remain out of sync with the actual aspirations of the people. This book revisits some of the main events of this millennium that have been instrumental in charting a new course for this trouble torn region. It speaks of the spirit of the people, who defied all odds for their right to live a life of freedom and dignity as an integral part of a vibrant democracy. As the book goes through various events, it provides invaluable inputs for energetic debate on the future course of action.

Stre und Freiheit

Author: Peter Sloterdijk
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 9783518769904
Release Date: 2015-09-06
Genre: Philosophy

Wie sind individuelle Freiheit und Gemeinwohl heute miteinander vereinbar? Um dieses akute und aktuelle Thema zu durchleuchten, skizziert Peter Sloterdijk in seinem Vortrag die Entstehung und Entwicklung von Freiheit und Subjektivität als Reaktionen auf Mechanismen, die sich als Varianten von Streß-Erleben beschreiben lassen. Auf seine bekannt spannende, amüsante und zugleich überraschende Weise spannt der Autor einen Bogen von der römischen Lucretia hin zu Becketts Victor aus »Eleutheria«, und er folgt Rousseau auf den Bieler See, auf dem dieser, im Boot meditierend, nichts »außer sich selbst und die eigene Existenz« genoß. Seitdem ist es eine der Hauptaufgaben der Moderne, einzelne in psychopolitischen Großkörpern zu integrieren – eine real existierende Höchstunwahrscheinlichkeit. Und tatsächlich ist jener Großkörper namens Gesellschaft nichts anderes als eine von Streß-Themen in Schwingung versetzte und gehaltene Sorgengemeinschaft. Peter Sloterdijks Berliner Rede zur Freiheit mündet schließlich in pointierte Neubestimmungen von Zivilisation und Liberalität, mit denen Freiheit im 21. Jahrhundert neu gedacht werden könnte.


Author: Julian Assange
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 9783593399133
Release Date: 2013-03-01
Genre: Political Science

Ein Gespräch über Freiheit und Internet

Dead Reckoning

Author: K. Perkins
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781479155484
Release Date: 2012-08-29
Genre: Fiction

Dead Reckoning is an historical adventure of piracy, love and revenge in the Caribbean in the Seventeenth Century.Leo is born in Spanish Panama in 1659. When he is twelve years old he witnesses the violent rape and murder of his mother by three of the Caribbean's most feared pirates: Tarr, Blake and Hornigold, and swears revenge at all costs.Gabriella is trapped in an abusive marriage to a ruthless Dutch slave trader, who is in business with the same English cut-throats. She risks all to escape with her life.Leo and Gabriella meet aboard one of the most horrific ships in the Caribbean – a slaver – and join forces against their common enemy. They face a number of challenges as they battle not only the risks of a life at sea, including storm, drowning, and being adrift in a crippled ship, but also repeated attacks by Blake and Hornigold.But their biggest threat proves to be each other. Can they reconcile their hearts in time for the fiercest battle in their quest of revenge, and survive the gallows?Dead Reckoning was long-listed in the 2011 Mslexia Novel Competition."Wow, what a fantastic story. It's a swashbuckler with a sweeping narrative, full of sea battles, drama, revenge, and love""Ms. Perkins is a sensational storyteller, knowing how to grab your attention, and hold onto you throughout""This is an epic pirate adventure, that is wrought with romance, anguish, fighting and revenge.I was immediately drawn into the story of both Leo and Gabrielle, and fell in-love with both their horrific stories. Their lives eventually collide together and so begins a romance like no other.""So enraptured with this story and its characters that I be became a little lost within it's pages"."K. A. Perkins takes romance, adventure and historical fractions to create a splendid tale.""Some might say that it's a Bernard Cornwell type tale of adventure on the high seas, but it is much more than that. Rather than painting pirates as the swashbuckling adventurers that some authors do, Perkins portrays them as they truly were - violent, bloodthirsty, predators. That credibility is a large part of Dead Reckonings charm""Dead Reckoning is an excellent read and I look forward to reading the other books in Ms. Perkins' series""Dead Reckoning is not a fast read. It is a deeply involving kind of story. One must give it full attention to get the span of the plot and appreciate the different characters. There are different plot lines that blend into the story, each one driving the story forward toward a satisfying finish.""I have not read the first book in this series but this book was a stand alone adventure which really took my interest. The writing is very stylish and the pace and characterisation are good.It is an exciting historical tale played out in the Caribbean on land and at sea. The story has obviously been researched very well and gives you a feeling of authenticity in the facts and places, the ports and the mixtures of peoples.There are life or death battles and romance throughout the book and you will be laughing and also moved to tears in parts.The two heroes, Leo and Gabriella have overcome very difficult traumatic beginnings which they manage to overcome, and grow in character as the story moves forward."


Author: Michael Signer
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0230618561
Release Date: 2009-02-03
Genre: Political Science

A demagogue is a tyrant who owes his initial rise to the democratic support of the masses. Huey Long, Hugo Chavez, and Moqtada al-Sadr are all clear examples of this dangerous byproduct of democracy. Demagogue takes a long view of the fight to defend democracy from within, from the brutal general Cleon in ancient Athens, the demagogues who plagued the bloody French Revolution, George W. Bush's naïve democratic experiment in Iraq, and beyond. This compelling narrative weaves stories about some of history's most fascinating figures, including Adolf Hitler, Senator Joe McCarthy, and General Douglas Macarthur, and explains how humanity's urge for liberty can give rise to dark forces that threaten that very freedom. To find the solution to democracy's demagogue problem, the book delves into the stories of four great thinkers who all personally struggled with democracy--Plato, Alexis de Tocqueville, Leo Strauss, and Hannah Arendt.


Author: Daniel Suarez
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783644442917
Release Date: 2011-05-02
Genre: Fiction

Die Welt ist nur ein Spiel – das Überleben der Menschheit der Preis. Ein DAEMON hat die digitale Welt erobert, und wer das Internet beherrscht, beherrscht auch den Planeten. Die Menschen, die sich ihm unterordnen, erleben die Realität wie ein Computerspiel und werden mit ungeheuren Kräften ausgestattet. Nach und nach gewinnt der DAEMON immer mehr Macht jenseits der Datenströme. Und staunend erkennt die Menschheit: Vielleicht ist das die Rettung der Zivilisation. Doch diejenigen, die bisher das Sagen hatten, wollen sich nicht kampflos entthronen lassen. So treten die Söldnerarmeen des Global Business an gegen den DAEMON. Und bald herrscht Terror in allen Ländern, brennen Städte und Dörfer, rüsten sich zwei Heere zur letzten Schlacht. «Diese beiden Romane bilden zusammen den Cyberthriller, an dem sich in Zukunft alle anderen messen lassen müssen.» (Publishers Weekly über DAEMON und DARKNET)

The Sky Above Us Sunrise at Normandy Book 2

Author: Sarah Sundin
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9781493416585
Release Date: 2019-02-05
Genre: Fiction

Numbed by grief and harboring shameful secrets, Lt. Adler Paxton ships to England with the US 357th Fighter Group in 1943. Determined to become an ace pilot, Adler battles the German Luftwaffe in treacherous dogfights in the skies over France as the Allies struggle for control of the air before the D-day invasion. Violet Lindstrom wanted to be a missionary, but for now she serves in the American Red Cross, where she arranges entertainment for the men of the 357th in the Aeroclub on base and sets up programs for local children. Drawn to the mysterious Adler, she enlists his help with her work and urges him to reconnect with his family after a long estrangement. Despite himself, Adler finds his defenses crumbling when it comes to Violet. But D-day draws near. And secrets can't stay buried forever. Bestselling author Sarah Sundin returns readers to the shores of Normandy, this time in the air, as the second Paxton brother prepares to face the past--and the most fearsome battle of his life.

Are We Not New Wave

Author: Theo Cateforis
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472034703
Release Date: 2011-06-07
Genre: Music

Presents a critical look at the history and cultural aspects of new wave music.