Wild Is She

Author: Wilder Poetry
Publisher: Too Big World
ISBN: 0692974733
Release Date: 2017-11-28
Genre: Art

wild is she is a poetic collection of imagery and words joined together to tell a story of beauty and diversity, discovering the wild and unknown. in celebration of the imperfect, charming & peculiar, wilder explores the art of adventure and leaves it to be found in the palms of your hands. _______________ wild is she was created with beautiful intention, filled with over 200 pages of full colour imagery resting between a large hardcover exterior design - meant to be held and loved over and over again.

Religiosity Cosmology and Folklore

Author: Therese E. Higgins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317794189
Release Date: 2014-05-22
Genre: Literary Criticism

First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Wild Is the Hawk s Dream

Author: Ruth Wildes Schuler
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469152578
Release Date: 2012-02
Genre: Fiction

Wild Is The Hawk s Dream is a novella about a group of Moslem Arabs in an American University in the 1950s and the effect that an American girl has on their lives. It is a clash of culture that foreshadows the coming world events in the Middle East today. Also included in this book is a collection of short stories previously printed around the world that deal with prejudice, hate, injustice and war, and the courage that the protagonists deal with the difficulties they encounter in their lives.

Wild Is My Love

Author: Janelle Taylor
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 9781420127690
Release Date: 1994-01-01
Genre: Fiction

Rescued from her father's beleaguered kingdom by a mysterious stranger, the bewitchingly lovely Princess Alysa joins that stranger in a fiery, forbidden passion.

My Wonderful Book of Poetry Vol Iv

Author: Craig Schaber
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781477123485
Release Date: 2012-06-11
Genre: Poetry

Selected random poems and poems with loving care. So in this book are loving thoughts expressed in many different ways. These poems unveil the secret of making everyday a very beautiful day. And then as a reminder that each and every day is a day to glorify the Lord and to follow in his way and if Ive helped in any way to inspire you cheer you or if these little lines of mine in any way endear you or draw you closer to GOD or one another or helped you recognize the fact that every mans a brother then Ill be very grateful that GOD looked down on me and helped me write this little book and to sign it LOVINGLY CRAIG SCHABER

Wild Horses

Author: B.J. Daniels
Publisher: HQN Books
ISBN: 9781460380420
Release Date: 2015-03-01
Genre: Fiction

It took only one impusive moment on an empty two-lane highway to cost her everything. A man's responsible for his own prosperity—especially if he's Cooper Barnett, the most determined cowboy in the West. No one knows what he sacrificed to claim a piece of Beartooth, Montana, for himself and his beautiful fiancée, Livie. No one knows what he's willing to do for love…until a stranger's twisted vendetta threatens the happy ending they should've had long ago. One fateful mistake isn't the only secret Livie Hamilton is keeping from her fiancé. Victimized during a treacherous blizzard by a man she thought she could trust, she's pregnant…but unsure who the father is. With an unknown blackmailer threatening to expose her, she must confess to Cooper and trust he'll still protect her. But when the truth falls into place, she may lose the only man she's ever loved—or worse.

Fish Farming For Dummies

Author: Pyrtle Elementary Writers' Circle
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469727660
Release Date: 2005-06-29
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Runaway horses, fish farming for dummies, friends, pets, family, and poetry are some great stories written after school! Pyrtle's Writers' Circle, grades one through five, will love reading Fishing For Dummies and Other Not So Fishy Tales, seeing all the great ideas. Maybe some of us will grow up to be published writers some day!

Wild Magic

Author: Tamora Pierce
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439115176
Release Date: 2009-12-08
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Discover a land of enchantment, legend, and adventure in this first book of the Immortals series, featuring an updated cover for longtime fans and fresh converts alike, and including an all-new afterword from Tamora Pierce. Thirteen-year-old Daine has always had a special connection with animals, but only when she’s forced to leave home does she realize it’s more than a knack—it’s magic. With this wild magic, not only can Daine speak to animals, but she can also make them obey her. Daine takes a job handling horses for the Queen’s Riders, where she meets the master mage Numair and becomes his student. Under Numair’s guidance, Daine explores the scope of her magic. But she encounters other beings, too, who are not so gentle. These terrifying creatures, called Immortals, have been imprisoned in the Divine Realms for the past four hundred years—but now someone has broken the barrier. And it’s up to Daine and her friends to defend their world from an Immortal attack.

If He s Wild

Author: Hannah Howell
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 9781420119138
Release Date: 2010-06-01
Genre: Fiction

An enchanting new novel from New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell that will make you believe in the power of destiny--and desire--all over again. . . She Sees His Face Everywhere. . . Lady Alethea Vaughn Channing is haunted by a vision of a man in danger--the same man who she has seen in dreams time and time again. She doesn't even know his name, and yet she feels the connection between them, knows she is the only one standing between him and disaster. . . .Yet They Have Never Met But rakish Lord Hartley Greville is capable of protecting himself, as he has proven more than once in his perilous work as a spy for the crown. If he's to carry out his duty, he'll need to put aside the achingly beautiful woman with the strange gift. And yet, when Alethea's visions reveal a plot that could endanger children, Hartley will not be able to ignore the destiny that binds them together--or resist the passion burning between them. . . Praise for Hannah Howell and If He's Wicked "Fans will gladly follow Howell from the Scottish Highlands to London for her new trilogy." --Publishers Weekly "The superbly talented Howell never disappoints." --Romantic Times