Women Against the Vote

Author: Julia Bush
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199248773
Release Date: 2007-10-04
Genre: History

British women who resisted their own enfranchisement were ridiculed by the suffragists and have since been neglected by historians. Yet these women claimed to form a majority of the female public on the eve of the First World War. Julia Bush rediscovers the history of female anti-suffragism in Britain.

Women Against the Vote

Author: Julia Bush
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: UVA:X030276058
Release Date: 2007-10-04
Genre: History

British women who resisted their own enfranchisement were ridiculed by the suffragists and have since been neglected by historians. Yet these women, together with the millions whose indifference reinforced the opposition case, claimed to form a majority of the female public on the eve of the First World War. Julia Bush rediscovers the history of female anti-suffragism in Britain, providing new perspectives on the campaigns both for and against the vote.

Women Against the Vote

Author: Julia Bush
ISBN: 0191714682
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Women

British women who resisted their own enfranchisement were ridiculed by the suffragists and have since been neglected by historians. Yet these women claimed to form a majority of the female public on the eve of the First World War. Julia Bush rediscovers the history of female anti-suffragism in Britain.

The Militant Suffrage Movement

Author: Laura E. Nym Mayhall
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780190289485
Release Date: 2003-11-06
Genre: History

The image of middle-class women chaining themselves to the rails of 10 Downing Street, smashing windows of public buildings, and going on hunger strikes in the cause of "votes for women" have become visually synonymous with the British suffragette movement over the past century. Their story has become a defining moment in feminist history, in effect separating women's fight for voting rights from contemporary issues in British political history and disconnecting their militancy from other forms of political activism in Britain in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Drawing upon private papers, pamphlets, newspapers, and the records of a range of suffrage and political organizations, Laura E. Nym Mayhall examines militancy as both a political idea and a set of practices that suffragettes employed to challenge their exclusion from the political nation. She traces the development of the suffragettes' concept of resistance from its origins within radical liberal discourse in the 1860s, to its emergence as political practice during Britain's involvement in the South African War, its reliance on dramatic spectacle by suffragette organizations, and its memorialization following enfranchisement. She reads closely the language and tactics militants used, analyzing their challenges in the courtroom, on the street, and through legislation as reasoned actions of female citizens. The differences in strategy among militants are highlighted, not just in the use of violence, but also in their acceptance and rejection of the authority of the law and their definitions of the ideal relationship between individuals and the state. Variations in the nature of protest continued even during World War I, when most suffragettes suspended their activities to serve the nation's war effort, while others joined peace movements, opposed the state's reduction of civil liberties in wartime, and continued the struggle for suffrage. Mayhall's revealing account of the militant suffrage movement sheds new light upon the social history of gender but, more importantly, it connects this movement to the political and intellectual history of Britain. Not only did militancy play an essential role in the achievement of women's political rights but it also contributed to the practice of engaged citizenship and the growth of liberal democracy.

Suffrage Discourse in Britain During the First World War

Author: Angela K. Smith
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 0754639517
Release Date: 2005
Genre: History

In the first in-depth study of the relationship between the suffrage campaign in Britain and World War I, Angela K. Smith explores the links between these two defining moments of the early twentieth century. Did the opportunities afforded by the war enable women finally and irrefutably to demonstrate their right to full citizenship? Or did World War I actually postpone women's enfranchisement? Although the Suffrage Movement was divided by the outbreak of war, many women continued to campaign for the vote, producing a wide variety of fictional and nonfictional 'suffrage texts'. Whether the writing of these women demonstrated their patriotism, pacifism, or ambivalence, it formed an integral part of their political responses to the war. Through textual/literary analysis, Smith explores these responses within historical, social, and cultural contexts to understand the impact of the war on the success of the campaign in 1918 and the consequences for the years that followed.

Working class Culture Women and Britain 1914 1921

Author: Claire A. Culleton
ISBN: 033391290X
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Working class women

A history from below, this book is a study of the cultural and social consequences of British working class women's practical engagement in the First World War. It aims to transform our understanding of the nature and scope of war as a cultural and social category, one that constructs myths of class and gender solidarity, while manipulating class loyalties, and fueling class distinctions and divisions. Because cultural identity is always mediated by class and by material conditions, an examination of the lives, oral narratives, factory newspapers and other writings of working class women proves that during and after the First World War these women were transforming Britain's cultural politics.

Splintered Sisterhood

Author: Susan E. Marshall
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 0299154637
Release Date: 1997-07-01
Genre: Social Science

When Tennessee became the thirty-sixth and final state needed to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment in August 1920, giving women the right to vote, one group of women expressed bitter disappointment and vowed to fight against “this feminist disease.” Why this fierce and extended opposition? In Splintered Sisterhood, Susan Marshall argues that the women of the antisuffrage movement mobilized not as threatened homemakers but as influential political strategists. Drawing on surviving records of major antisuffrage organizations, Marshall makes clear that antisuffrage women organized to protect gendered class interests. She shows that many of the most vocal antisuffragists were wealthy, educated women who exercised considerable political influence through their personal ties to men in politics as well as by their own positions as leaders of social service committees. Under the guise of defending an ideal of “true womanhood,” these powerful women sought to keep the vote from lower-class women, fearing it would result in an increase in the “ignorant vote” and in their own displacement from positions of influence. This book reveals the increasingly militant style of antisuffrage protest as the conflict over female voting rights escalated. Splintered Sisterhood adds a missing piece to the history of women’s rights activism in the United States and illuminates current issues of antifeminism.

The Aftermath of Suffrage

Author: J. Gottlieb
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137333001
Release Date: 2013-05-28
Genre: History

This collection explores the aftermath of the Representation of the People Act, which gave some British women the vote. Experts examine the paths taken by both former-suffragists as well as their anti-suffragist adversaries, the practices of suffrage commemoration, and the changing priorities and formations of British feminism in this era.

Women s Suffrage in the British Empire

Author: Ian Christopher Fletcher
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135639990
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: History

This edited collection examines the campaign for women's suffrage from an international perspective. Leading international scholars explore the relationship between suffragism and other areas of social and political struggle, and examine the ideological and cultural implications of gendered constructions of 'race', nation and empire. The book includes comprehensive case-studies of Britain, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Palestine.

Gilded Suffragists

Author: Johanna Neuman
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9781479837069
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

New York City’s elite women who turned a feminist cause into a fashionable revolution In the early twentieth century over two hundred of New York's most glamorous socialites joined the suffrage movement. Their names—Astor, Belmont, Rockefeller, Tiffany, Vanderbilt, Whitney and the like—carried enormous public value. These women were the media darlings of their day because of the extravagance of their costume balls and the opulence of the French couture clothes, and they leveraged their social celebrity for political power, turning women's right to vote into a fashionable cause. Although they were dismissed by critics as bored socialites “trying on suffrage as they might the latest couture designs from Paris,” these gilded suffragists were at the epicenter of the great reforms known collectively as the Progressive Era. From championing education for women, to pursuing careers, and advocating for the end of marriage, these women were engaged with the swirl of change that swept through the streets of New York City. Johanna Neuman restores these women to their rightful place in the story of women’s suffrage. Understanding the need for popular approval for any social change, these socialites used their wealth, power, social connections and style to excite mainstream interest and to diffuse resistance to the cause. In the end, as Neuman says, when change was in the air, these women helped push women’s suffrage over the finish line.

Nice Girls and Rude Girls

Author: Deborah Thom
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1860644775
Release Date: 2000-04-22
Genre: Social Science

Examines the myth and reality of women's Experience of war, showing that before 1914 they were often supporting dependents, had acquired considerable industrial experience, and that women's trade activity was growing.

Feminine Fascism

Author: Julie V. Gottlieb
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1860649181
Release Date: 2003-06-14
Genre: History

Looking at female fascist activism and the influence of feminist ideology on the British Fascist agenda, this text examines the significance of the impact of feminist thought in this area.

The March of the Women

Author: Martin Pugh
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0198207751
Release Date: 2000
Genre: History

This book is the first comprehensive analysis of the campaign for women's suffrage to appear for over thirty years. It challenges the conventional chronology of the subject by arguing that the Victorian suffragists did not undergo a decline during the 1890s but, on the contrary, had effectively won the argument about votes for women by 1900. This view is supported by evidence of the ineffectiveness of Anti-Suffragism, and especially the difficulties it encountered in trying to reconcilefemale Antis, who were often feminists, with male Antis, who opposed all forms of emancipation. The author adds a new dimension to the argument by discussing the beneficial impact on the British campaign of women's enfranchisement in New Zealand in 1893, and in Australia in 1902; and he shows how crucial to the shift towards suffragist support in parliament were Conservative moves in favour of suffragism in the 1890s. The March of the Women also offers a fresh evaluation of the Edwardianmilitant campaign. At grass roots level divisions over tactics mattered less than among the London leadership, and suffragette groups were less rigidly divided. It places the Pankhursts and the WSPU in a fresh light by examining their success in raising funds and in tapping the support of the British Establishment, at the same time attacking it and its values; while at the other end of the spectrum non-militants were making an important contribution to the cause by capitalising on working-class and Labour support for women's suffrage.

The Woman Suffrage Movement in America

Author: Corrine M. McConnaughy
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107013667
Release Date: 2013-10-14
Genre: Political Science

This book tells the story of woman suffrage as one involving the diverse politics of women across the country.