Women s Health

Author: Ellis Quinn Youngkin
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0132576732
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Health & Fitness

Fully updated to reflect the latest standards of care, this handbook brings together complete information on women's healthcare and health promotion. Using a systematic, problem-solving format, this book thoroughly addresses key issues in all areas of primary care for women, including reproductive and gynecologic content as well as selected common medical, psychosocial, developmental, and political problems, issues, and needs. Every chapter has been updated, and this edition, includes an entirely new chapter on the assessment of older women's health. A separate chapter is now provided on Epidemiology and Diagnostic Methods and Procedures for Women's Health, and coverage of Complementary Therapies has been significantly expanded.

A Primary Care Clinical Guide for Women s Health

Author: Robert Rhodes
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1722142162
Release Date: 2018-05-16

A Primary Care Clinical Guide for Women's Health thoroughly details key problems in all areas of primary take proper females, including reproduction and gynecologic content as well as selected common medical, psychosocial, developing, and governmental problems, problems, and needs. Every section has been modified, and this fourth version includes an entirely new section on the evaluation of older women's health. A separate section is now provided on Epidemiology and Analytic Methods and Procedures for Women's Wellness, and coverage of Supporting Treatments has been significantly extended. Useful reference appendices cover subjects which range from payments and programming to relevant lab test principles.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery Women s Health

Author: Tharpe
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 9781284070217
Release Date: 2016-05-20
Genre: Medical

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery & Women's Health, Fifth Edition is an accessible and easy-to-use quick reference guide for midwives and women’s healthcare providers. Completely updated and revised to reflect the changing clinical environment, it offers current evidence-based practice, updated approaches, and opportunities for midwifery leadership in every practice setting. Also included are integrative, alternative, and complementary therapies. The Fifth Edition examines the transition to the use of ICD-10 codes, women’s health policy and advocacy, risk assessment and decision-making in practice, and inspiring trust in midwifery care. New clinical practice guidelines include health promotion and primary care practice, such as promoting restorative sleep, optimizing oral health, promoting a healthy weight, and caring for the woman with a substance abuse disorder.

Women s Mental Health

Author: Carla Groh
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0781768284
Release Date: 2008-10-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Written for advanced practice registered nurses, certified nurse midwives, physician assistants, and other primary care providers, this book is the first comprehensive reference on women's mental health in primary care settings. The book provides all the information needed on psychosocial assessment, evaluation of mental health, and treatment of mental health problems. Coverage includes assessment and screening tools, comparison tables of psychotropic drugs, resource materials for professionals and patients, and listings of relevant Websites for practitioners and patients.

Primary Care of Women A Guide for Midwives and Women s Health Providers

Author: Barbara K. Hackley
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 9781449666156
Release Date: 2008-07-02
Genre: Medical

This text presents primary care information for the nurse-midwifery scope of practice, including management of primary care problems in essentially healthy women, and the management/coordination of primary care for pregnant women with significant, established medical conditions. The text covers prevention, including lifestyle changes and immunizations; screening; management of common health problems appropriate to nurse-midwifery practice; and the presentation and management of common health problems in pregnancy.

A Guide to Women s Health

Author: Tolu Oyelowo
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9781284079616
Release Date: 2017-04-20
Genre: Health & Fitness

A Guide to Women’s Health, Second Edition is a practical and multidisciplinary text that enables students and clinicians to identify and treat conditions quickly and effectively. A concise and easy-to-use quick reference, it offers evidence-based information on conventional, complementary, and alternative care choices for a wide-range of conditions affecting women. Topics include epidemiology, etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnostic and management considerations, self-care, and wellness. Completely updated and revised to reflect current research findings and diagnostic approaches, the Second Edition explores the impact of culture, spirituality, and intimate partner violence on women’s health. Also included is a chapter on vulnerable populations, such as recent immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, older adults, individuals with disabilities and mental illness, and non-English speakers.

Women s Health in Primary Care

Author: Anne Connolly
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316509920
Release Date: 2017-04-06
Genre: Medical

Most women initially discuss health-related matters with a medical practitioner in a primary care setting, whether they have specific concerns or are seeking advice and guidance. This practical and comprehensive guide will help primary care practitioners to deliver holistic women's health care to patients throughout different life stages. Contraceptive choices, infertility, pregnancy, and menopause are covered, along with specific diseases such as ovarian cysts, breast conditions, and ovarian cancer. All of the authors are GPs, consultants and nurses with experience of the requirements for healthcare delivery in the primary care setting. Each chapter is written in a practical style, including a list of key points and using cases to illustrate the application of the content. This will be invaluable reading for GPs, doctors in training roles, and nurses with an interest in women's health. It will be particularly useful for candidates preparing for the DRCOG or MRCGP examinations.

Mosby s Guide to Women s Health

Author: Tolu Oyelowo
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780323046015
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Health & Fitness

This essential clinical companion provides quick access to a wealth of information on effectively managing common womens health issues. It offers just the right level of coverage for health professionals, with concise, user-friendly protocols for diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions. This book also explores alternative natural treatment options such as physical therapy, nutrition, herbs, chiropractic, and naturopathic therapies.

Women s Health

Author: Janet P. Pregler
Publisher: PMPH-USA
ISBN: 1550091700
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Health & Fitness

A guide to comprehensive women's health care, with a strong emphasis o n preventive care. Providing a framework for approaching women at diff erent stages of their lives including adolescence, menopause, and olde r women. Includes information needed for day-to-day practice on common problems in women's health, both traditional obstetrics and gynecolog y as well as mental health, dermatology, and cardiovascular issues.One of the most comprehensive, practical, yet evidenced-based, academical ly oriented texts.

Women s Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing

Author: Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826103553
Release Date: 2008-06-23
Genre: Medical

Designated a Doody's Core Title! "[A] comprehensive resource oriented to advanced nursing students, but one that also will interest women wishing to learn more about thier health....The volume also covers nutrition, exercise, sexuality, infertility...and other chronic illnesses and disabilities. A wonderful resource. Summing up: Highly recommended." --Choice This book is the ideal tool to help graduate level nursing students expand their understanding of women's health care and wellness issues. For easy reference, Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing is organized into four parts: Women and Their Lives, covering connections between women's lives and their health Frameworks for Practice, addressing health care practice with women Health Promotion, covering ways for women to promote their health and prevent many chronic diseases Threats to Health and Health Problems, addressing problems unique to women, diseases more prevalent in women, and those in which there are different risk factors Key features include: The most recently available data on selected social characteristics of women with a focus on changing population demographics Separate chapters on health issues of adolescent/young adult, midlife, and older women Chapters on preconceptional and prenatal care Chapters covering cardiovascular disease, chronic disease, sexually transmitted infections and other common infections, HIV/AIDS, and women with disabilities Lesbian health care content, which is integrated throughout

Botanical Medicine for Women s Health

Author: Aviva Romm
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780702065132
Release Date: 2017-01-25
Genre: Medical

Use herbal medicines to treat women at any stage of life! Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health, 2nd Edition provides an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to botanical interventions for many different medical conditions. More than 150 natural products are covered, showing their benefits in gynecologic health, fertility and childbearing, and menopausal health. This edition includes new full-color photos of herbal plants along with a discussion of the role of botanicals in healthy aging. Written by Aviva Romm, an experienced herbalist, midwife, and physician, this unique guide is an essential resource for everyday practice of herbal medicine. Winner of the 2010 American Botanical Council's James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award! Current, evidence-based information covers more than 150 botanicals for over 35 different conditions. Case studies provide realistic scenarios and help you apply the content to the real world. Treatment and formula boxes summarize the most important information. Color illustrations and photographs of plants enable you to identify herbs visually as well as by substance make-up. Logical chapter organization begins with the principles of herbal medicine and then covers women’s health conditions organized chronologically by lifecycle, from teen and reproductive years to midlife and mature years. Appendices include practical, at-a-glance information on common botanical names, chemical constituents of medicinal plants, and a summary table of herbs for women's health. NEW! Updates reflect the latest research and the most current information. NEW Full-color design and detailed, professional color photos of plants make this a unique, essential resource. NEW! Coverage of the role of botanicals in healthy aging for women features phytoestrogens, Ayurvedic/Chinese herbs, and discussions of health promotion.

The 5 Minute Consult Clinical Companion to Women s Health

Author: Kelly A. McGarry
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9781451177763
Release Date: 2012-07-16
Genre: Medical

The 5-Minute Consult Clinical Companion to Women's Health, Second Edition is a quick-reference guide to the diagnosis and management of symptoms and disorders that commonly occur in women. Written by primary care physicians and obstetrician-gynecologists, the book covers disorders that are unique to women, occur disproportionately in women, or have a different clinical presentation, course, and/or prognosis in women. The contributors’ present practical, up-to-date, evidence-based information in a format designed for rapid consultation.

Women s Health

Author: Judith A. Lewis
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 0867204850
Release Date: 1996-01-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

This book provides an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to women’s health. Historical, sociocultural, psychological and biophysiological aspects of women’s development are woven together to provide a complete women-centered perspective of health. While several excellent books in print provide information on diagnosis and treatment of women and address women’s growth and development, Lewis and Bernstein strive to fill a void by marrying these perspectives. The book also offers a thorough investigation into the life cycle of women, And The roles of women as individuals and members of their communities and cultures.

Maternity Newborn and Women s Health Nursing

Author: Susan A. Orshan
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0781742544
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Medical

This new book will be a core text for undergraduate Maternity/Newborn courses. It also will work for courses emphasizing Women's Health across the lifespan. Coverage includes core content on preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. In addition, the text focuses on important topics throughout a woman's life: health promotion, nutrition, medical issues, psychosocial issues, sexuality, family, fertility control and issues, menopause, and aging. While other texts touch on the different stages of a woman's lifespan, this book provides more detail and information in areas outside the average maternity text.

Difficult Cases in Primary Care

Author: Samar Razaq
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781785230561
Release Date: 2012-07-13
Genre: Medical

This concise yet comprehensive guide covers important topics concerning women's health. Using clinical scenarios, the reader can observe how conditions often present in the surgery and understand how they can be effectively managed. Each topic is followed by a self-test question to consolidate knowledge and understanding. The section then concludes with a detailed explanation of how the case should be practically managed. This guide is ideal for candidates preparing for the objective structured clinical exams (OSCEs and General Practice trainees preparing for the clinical skills assessment (CSA) as they will find the structure and question format highly beneficial. Each scenario is supplemented with extended matching questions (EMQs), single best answer questions (SBAs) and multiple choice questions (MCQs) which provide a broader overview of related clinical situations - invaluable exam preparation for any candidate.