Write It In Arabic

Author: Naglaa Ghali
Publisher: [Oakville, Ont.] : Fun with Arabic
ISBN: 0973051213
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This book offers a hands-on approach to learning how to read and write the Arabic alphabet. It teaches how to join letters to form words and also introduces learners to new vocabulary and guides them through pronunciation.

Write It in Arabic Second Edition

Author: Naglaa Ghali
Publisher: Fun with Arabic
ISBN: 097305123X
Release Date: 2009-03
Genre: Foreign Language Study

The Arabic script should no longer look like scribbles. With no lengthy introductions or linguistic complication, this book is a hands-on guide to learning how to read and write in Arabic. The book illustrates how to write the basic shapes of the letter and how to join letters to form words. It offers plenty of exercises and examples, and introduces readers to commonly used Arabic words and how to pronounce them.

Read and Write Arabic Script Learn Arabic with Teach Yourse

Author: Mourad Diouri
Publisher: Teach Yourself
ISBN: 1473600545
Release Date: 2016-02-25
Genre: Arabic language

This book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to reading and writing Arabic script. The new edition of this guide has been fully revised and is packed with learning features to give you all the skills and practice you need. -New large format - also allows you to practise writing the script in the book -20 units - for extensive learning and practice -Outcomes-based learning - focus your studies with clear aims -Examples from real-life texts - see the script in context -Images of authentic Arabic used throughout - see Arabic script as used on signs, menus etc. -Learn to learn - tips and skills on how to be a better language learner -Test yourself - see and track your own progress Also available: Get Started in Beginner's Arabic (ISBN 9781444174960) and Complete Arabic (ISBN 9781444125672). Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by language learners for over 75 years.

A Guide to Writing Arabic

Author: Sara Hoffmeier
Publisher: Pendragon Ed Publishers
ISBN: 9781909385009
Release Date: 2012

One of the myths surrounding Arabic is that the script is impossible to learn. This is not true. Writing Arabic is much easier than you would imagine. Arabic uses an alphabet, not hieroglyphs or pictograms. And there are far fewer shapes to master in Arabic than in the European languages. In Arabic there is really only one basic shape for each of the 28 letters of the alphabet. There are no capital letters and there is no real distinction between print and handwriting. Furthermore, writing from right to left is not as difficult as many people would imagine. In many ways it is a more natural movement to be pushing the pen rather than pulling it, certainly for someone who is right handed. This guide will take you through the Arabic alphabet, letter by letter, explain how to write each letter, how to combine the letters, and it will provide plenty of opportunities for practise. This guide is also a great first introduction to the Arabic language.

Intermediate Arabic Workbook

Author: John Mace
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781811775
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Having consolidated the essential elements of the Arabic language, this book progresses to the next stage. Readers of the first book in this series will be well prepared for the material and exercises provided at this intermediate level. It explores word and sentence structure with the emphasis on practical language usage in a working environment. The vocabulary has been expanded to 2100 words in a variety of domains ranging from community to computing. Exercises in form filling, interpreting charts and writing letters are provided. A variety of real forms and articles are given to enhance the student's language experience.

Arabic Grammar

Author: G. M. Wickens
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521293014
Release Date: 1980-04-24
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This textbook is designed to guide the first-year student through the difficult early stages of learning Arabic.

Issues in Multi literacy

Author: Antoinette Camilleri
Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9287150923
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Step by Step Arabic Writing Workbooks Level 4 Long Vowel Sukuun Shadda and Tanween

Author: N. Elkhadragy
Publisher: Step by Step
ISBN: 1793000409
Release Date: 2019
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This book is designed to gradually help a new learner who wants to learn writing Arabic. Many educators struggle in teaching their students how to write clearly and legibly. Using this practice workbook, the learner has the opportunity to practice each word several times to enhance their confidence. This level 4 workbook introduces the long vowel, Sukuun, Shadda, and Tanween. The learner can start by tracing dark font words; then trace lighter colored words to enhance independent writing. Finally, the learner will be ready to write the words on their own. After learning several words, the teacher can use the spelling test page to evaluate their learning progressFeatures of this workbook:1.Learner practices tracing and writing more than 100 words as examples for long vowel, Sukuun, Shadda, and Tanween2.Letters to be traced get fader in color to enhance independent writing 3.Grid lines are used to guide writing legibly 4.English words and pictures are provided to help remember the words5.Spelling test pages are provided to evaluate learning progress بعد الإنتهاء من المستوى الرابع سيكون الطالب قد تعلم أكثر من مئة كلمة كأمثلة للمد والشدة والسكون والتنوين

Books in Print

ISBN: UOM:39015062097749
Release Date: 2005
Genre: American literature

Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

Read and Write Persian Language in 7 Days

Author: Reza Nazari
Publisher: Learn Persian Online www.learnpersianonline.com
ISBN: 9781537387949
Release Date: 2016-09-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

The Only Book to Master Persian Reading and Writing!This book helps you learn how to write and read in Persian Language in a fast and fun way. You can quickly begin to read, pronounce and write in Persian. The book proceeds step-by-step through all the letters of the Persian alphabet, displaying the sounds they stand for and how they are written in words. In addition to the alphabet, you’ll learn basic grammar, sentence structures, and pronunciation. Beyond grammar and alphabet lessons, you will also find comprehensive listings of most common Persian words as well as useful tables that you can use as quick references to speed up your mastery of the language. This book aims to provide a solid foundation on learning the Persian language by providing simple grammar rules while enriching vocabulary and comprehension with useful and practical phrases. It is designed to address the needs of Persian students, travelers, and self-learners who need to have a working knowledge of Persian in a few days’ time. The book “Read and Write Persian Language in 7 Days” is incredibly useful for those who want to learn Persian language quickly and efficiently. You’ll be surprised how fast you master the first steps in learning this beautiful language! Ideal for self-study as well as for classroom usage. Learn Persian Quickly and Effectively! What Are You Waiting For? Get this book now and start learning Persian today!Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button. Not sure yet?Watch FREE YouTube vidoes reviewing this book by the author: https://youtu.be/-Hbgh2CONfs Published By: www.LearnPersianOnline.com

Arabic Calligraphy

Author: Mustafa Ja'far
ISBN: 0714114995
Release Date: 2002-01
Genre: Arabic language

The first stroke-by-stroke guide ever produced for learning to write Naskh, one of the six major cursive Arabic scripts. Its origins can be traced back to the late eighth century AD and it is still in use today, over 1300 years later. The Ottoman Turks considered Naskh the script most suited for copying the Qur'an and today more Qur'ans are copied in Naskh throughout the Islamic world than in all other Arabic scripts combined. This introductory workbook makes it possible for everyone to learn and enjoy the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. Based on his experience of running workshops and demonstrations at The British Museum and other cultural institutions around the UK, Mustafa Ja'far has created an easy-to-follow, teach-yourself guide.