You Can t Die

Author: John C. Wolfe
Publisher: Wolfe Books
ISBN: 9781545327708
Release Date: 2017-12-06
Genre: Self-Help

“A DAY OF CLARITY,” by John C. Wolfe, is a detailed account of one man’s attempt to master alcohol. By the time he’s twenty years old, he is convinced that alcohol improves his character and abilities in all facets of life. At first, it’s hard to dispute his thinking. He rises quickly in his career as a writer. As Chief Speechwriter to the Governor of New York, he writes over a thousand speeches while drunk. He drinks in restrooms, courtrooms, even in the delivery room where his son was born. He even manages to sneak drinks into a three-way meeting with the Governor and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. He finds a way to drink in every situation, except once, on September 11, 2001, when he finds himself in withdrawal among the rubble of the World Trade Center. Finally, after ten years, he is coaxed into treatment by family and friends. He emerges from rehab twenty-eight days later. One night in the church of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, while sober but disoriented, he inexplicably swallows a lethal dose of a narcotic medication meant to assist his recovery. His heart stops twice and he is placed on life support. He is thought to be suicidal, banished from the State Capitol and mandated to a psychiatric center for a month of observation. While there, he becomes convinced that the strain of sobriety caused his overdose. He comes to believe that he is suffering from a mental illness that only alcohol can control, and he vows to never stop drinking again. Soon after his release from the psychiatric center, he returns to his daily routine of heavy drinking. There are countless hospital and rehab stays and severe alcohol withdrawals in detox units. His family turns to the last best hope for a recovery at the prestigious Caron Foundation in Pennsylvania. Twenty days into his treatment there, he claims the walls are closing in around him and runs from the facility. That night, he gets drunk in Reading, PA, returns to Caron the next day, then runs back to his lake house in the Adirondacks. Within two weeks, he is physically unable to go fifteen minutes without a drink without suffering dangerous withdrawal symptoms and risking a seizure. He knows he is going to die and accepts it. Opting to spend his final summer at his beloved lake house, he stays inside so no one is able to see his condition. There was little left for his family and friends to do. It was just a matter of what killed him first, alcohol or suicide. Just three months after leaving treatment in Pennsylvania, relatives find him gravely ill on the floor of the lake home and bring him to an emergency room. Doctors weren’t sure if he would live. He is heavily medicated through the withdrawal process, then sent to the detox unit. A month later, he walks out of the hospital completely sober for the first time in twenty-five years. Doctors predicted a long and difficult recovery. They warned that his alcohol abuse had stunted his emotional growth by more than twenty years. They said that all the years of intoxication may have been masking a mental illness. They said he could be agitated, confused and even paranoid for as long as two years. More than anything else, “A Day of Clarity” is the story of a man’s distrust of himself. He uses alcohol as an elixir to control all facets of his life – his mood, his decisions, even his health. He drinks to temper his anger, regulate his physical comfort and stifle what he feared were psychotic impulses. He drinks to prevent another inexplicable near death experience. At the age of forty-seven, he must begin what he believes is an impossible task: Starting all over again, right where he left off 25 years earlier, disavowing everything he believed was true when he first learned it, and relearning it all over again, while anxiously waiting for a day of clarity.

The Funny Thing About Being Sober

Author: John C. Wolfe
Publisher: Wolfe Books
Release Date: 2018-04-05

“The Funny Thing About Being Sober” is the punchline to "You Can't Die: A Day of Clarity." It contrasts, in a humorous, sometimes explicit way, the difference between life now, and life before rehab. Drunk or sober, the author is weird. Those around him are surprised to learn that he's even weirder sober than he was drunk. Soon after leaving rehab, the author learns what he long-suspected -- that, for decades, his alcoholism masked a different illness, one that he would now have to confront in sobriety. He does it mockingly, with an irreverent attitude and a steady stream of pranks, stunts and childish behavior, some of which make the news and go viral on Reddit and Buzzfeed. The author concedes that there was nothing funny about the final, shocking years of his alcoholism. In fact, as time goes by, he is stunned by how much he missed when he was drinking. Even though he got sober in 2013, he is baffled when he learns that many of his favorite 90s musicians died twenty years earlier. The author nearly died from alcoholism. At the time, he knew he was dying and accepted it. Having recovered, he refuses to accept his new diagnosis, opting instead to defeat it his own way. Instead of hiding his peculiarities, he puts them front and center. He is not afraid of stigmas, which makes his stories and observations of life thought-provoking and wildly entertaining.

Kindness Clarity and Insight

Author: His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834828407
Release Date: 2013-01-08
Genre: Religion

This beloved classic brings together in one volume all the major themes of the Dalai Lama’s teachings. Drawn from the lectures he gave during his first three visits to North America, the book covers the core subject matter of Tibetan Buddhism, as presented for the first time to an English-speaking audience. The chapters are arranged developmentally from simple to complex topics, which include the luminous nature of the mind, the four noble truths, karma, the common goals of the world’s religions, meditation, deities, and selflessness. Central to all these teachings is the necessity of compassion—which the Dalai Lama says is "the essence of religion" and "the most precious thing there is."

Turning Confusion into Clarity

Author: Yongey Mingyur
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834829756
Release Date: 2014-07-08
Genre: Religion

By offering detailed instruction and friendly, inspiring advice for those embarking on the Tibetan Buddhist foundation practices, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche provides gentle yet thorough commentary, companionship, and inspiration for committing to the Vajrayana path.

Getting Clarity

Author: Anand Ramachandran
Publisher: Getting Clarity
ISBN: 9780978895808
Release Date: 2006-12

Untamed Highlander

Author: Donna Grant
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781429980388
Release Date: 2011-04-26
Genre: Fiction

Druid-born and magic-blessed, Isla is one of the deadliest she-devils ever to serve the forces of darkness. As an immortal Highland warrior, it's up to Hayden Campbell to destroy her and her kind. But for Hayden, Isla is more than a sworn enemy. She is temptation... Taking Isla captive, Hayden hopes to avenge his kinsmen who died by Druid magic. But when he looks into Isla's eyes, he sees the secrets of her past. When he touches her skin, he feels the passion in her soul. And soon Hayden comes to realize that this beautiful, beguiling woman is not his enemy at all—she is his destiny. And, even as the forces of darkness conspire against them, their love will conquer all... RT Book Reviews says, "Grant's newest Dark Sword tale is outstanding, with its delightful melding of history and the effect of centuries-old Druid magic." In Untamed Highlander, Donna Grant has taken this paranormal historical romance series to a new level.

The Clarity Series Books 1 3

Author: Loretta Lost
Publisher: ThunderWords Press
Release Date:
Genre: Fiction

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Returns to $5.99 soon! A beloved USA Today bestseller containing the first three books in the Clarity series. Her world has always been dark, but he might be able to change everything... Fiercely independent Helen Winters was born completely blind, but she vowed never to let her disability keep her down. She did not expect a violent attack to devastate her life and force her to drop out of college. Disillusioned by the cruelty of people, Helen retreated from society to live by herself as a reclusive writer in the woods--where no one could ever hurt her again. When a brilliant young doctor shows up on her doorstep, promising her that his new research can give her the ability to see for the first time, Helen stubbornly refuses. She has learned not to trust anyone, and to rely only on herself. But Dr. Liam Larson will not take no for an answer. He makes it his personal mission to rescue Helen from her loneliness, and bring joy into her world once more--the joy she has denied herself for so long. When Helen's demons come racing back into her life, threatening to rip her apart and destroy the strength she has carefully rebuilt, Liam is the only one who might be able to save her. Can he reach the broken girl in time, helping her to heal and see the world in a different light? Or will Helen's grief send her spiraling out of control, lost to him forever? Clarity 2: Helen Winters was living a lonely existence when the charming Dr. Liam Larson coaxed her out of solitude with the promise of healing her sightless eyes. She was hopeful at the prospect of gaining vision for the first time and being reunited with her family. She was also growing somewhat fond of the persuasive young doctor. For the first time in years, she was being magnetically drawn to a new friend... Then everything came crashing down. Plunged into a hellish nightmare, Helen is forced to face the same evils she ran away to escape so long ago. She is unprepared to have her hopes crushed and her peace destroyed. She finds herself living in constant terror and drowning in fear--and Liam's voice is the only thing that can keep her afloat. His comforting touch becomes the only light in her pitch-black darkness. Helen has always been a tough girl who relied only on herself. But this time, she can't survive alone. Due to the horrors of her past, Helen has promised herself not to trust anyone. When her life becomes unbearable, how can she trust Liam enough to let him save her? Clarity 3: After many years of darkness, Winter never thought that she'd be happy or safe again. Her whole world changed when she met Liam Larson, a charming young doctor determined to be her knight in shining armor. When a brutal night unleashes vicious reminders of her past, Winter must struggle to hold on to the little bit of happiness she has found. When everything begins to fall apart, Liam's strength and kindness might not be enough to save her. Battling with the betrayal of her family, terrifying nightmares, and frequent reminders of her enemy that make daily life difficult, Winter's first instinct is to run away. She is tired of being the victim and living in a cruel, crowded city where she doesn't feel like she belongs. But Liam promises her that if she only trusts him, he can change everything. And that's exactly what he attempts to do, starting with an operation to heal her eyes, and then her heart...

Live Abundantly

Author: El March
ISBN: 9780557321667
Release Date: 2010-03-05

This incredibly profound, yet simple and highly practical book of Dr. March will have you learn to trust your inner guidance again, putting you on a course for the most uplifting and rewarding life adventures imaginable. Embark on a journey to discover the true 'Spirit of Intention', with the help of this exhilarating book. This book is a rare opportunity to empower yourself to unravel the mystery of why you are manifesting the people and events in your life, and then to change everything for the better. 'God bless you and this book.'- Swami Kriyananda

How I Became a Lyme Mom

Author: Patricia Stuart
Publisher: Patricia Stuart
Release Date: 2013-01-01

"Lyme Disease changed my life and my son's in ways I could never have imagined when I first looked into the big brown eyes of my newborn son. I became a Lyme Mom through the trials of having my child go from a healthy little boy to a very sick child and travelling the long road that finally led to his diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease.""How I Became A Lyme Mom" is an eye-opening and emotional story about a Mother's determination to help her child recover from a serious and misunderstood illness. Through the fight for her child's life, the author learns about courage, strength, and doing what's right no matter what. She also learns a lot about the value of friendship and the power of a Mother's love for her child. There is a small resource section at the end for those who would like to learn a little more about Lyme Disease.

Leo Super Horoscopes 2012

Author: Margarete Beim
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101516577
Release Date: 2011-07-05
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In an uncertain world, knowing the future couldn't hurt. Every day, people look to their horoscopes for answers big and small. Super Horoscopes supply the answers they seek, in the most comprehensive day-to-day predictions on the market. With special sections on the history and uses of astrology, these updated books will show readers exactly what the future holds for them. Each sign includes: ? Detailed yearly and daily forecasts ? Rising signs and rising times ? Lucky numbers ? Cusp born and cusp dates ? Signs of the zodiac ? Character analysis ? Love, romance, and marriage compatibility guide ? Moon tables ? Planting and fishing guides ? Influence of the moon and planets ? Famous personalities ? November and December 2011 daily forecasts repeated ? Special overview of 2011 thru 2020

The Leading Mind

Author: S.M. Kore
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781483670867
Release Date: 2013-07-25
Genre: Fiction

The Leading Mind offers the following: - How to transform yourself from where you are currently to where you most desire to be - How to set clearly defined goals that lead you to reaching your full life potential - Practical methods to optimal health, productivity, and well-being - Valuable information, insights, and steps for overcoming your limitations towards a fulfilling lifestyle - Five-plus years of study, research, knowledge, and information gathering for what makes a minority of people thrive in every aspect of their lives while the majority are barely able to become independent in any aspect of theirs

AARP The Water Secret

Author: Howard Murad, M.D.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118243633
Release Date: 2011-12-12
Genre: Health & Fitness

AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. Now you can look and feel ten years younger with the help of this revolutionary guide from one of the world's leading experts on health and skin care. He has been called one of the "Best Forward-Thinking Doctors" (Vogue magazine) and acclaimed as a "Beauty Genius" (Elle magazine). Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD is one today's foremost authorities on health and skincare, and his philosophies have helped men and women around the world look and feel as young and healthy as possible. With The Water Secret, Dr. Murad shares a new, scientifically proven strategy, cultivated over years of practice and treating over 50,000 patients, to help you look and feel better from the inside out. The Water Secret will: Reveal groundbreaking secrets to help you take years off your looks, feel better and healthier Debunk health myths through cutting-edge research and tell the truth about how inflammation, hydration, and other factors really affect your health Explain how damaged cells that leak water can sabotage your looks Introduce an integrated, multidisciplinary "Inclusive Health" approach to help optimize cellular strength Give you a complete 10-step action plan with recipes and meal plans to start you on the path to clear skin, fewer wrinkles, more energy, and better overall health Discover The Water Secret and learn to take control of the process of aging by improving the health of every cell in the body. Begin the program and you will see and feel the difference your healthy new lifestyle will make in as soon as one week!

Brief Reflection of a Man s Soul

Author: Stephen Parker
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781452021669
Release Date: 2010-06-04
Genre: Poetry

The evolution of Stephen Parker is oceanic and although I could take you up and down some of the paths I have chosen in life, I have chosen rather to give you life on a much broader scale. Through my eyes you have seen life from many different views and through it all I left you with room to change for the better. You see, it’s not where we come from that makes us who we are, but where we want to go and how bad we want to get there. I have learned that people will not change their situation until they get tired of it. So, my question for you is “are you tired yet?” The book was therapeutic for me in which I released A Brief Reflection of a Man’s Soul, but for you it could be light in a tunnel you thought you were coming to the end of or you could read and ponder with the idea of being free, but let what you see keep you grounded and never reach for all that you could be. From a high school drop out to a well known author all with the power that lies within my speech. Peace & Blessings be upon thee.


Author: Pamela Miles
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440634604
Release Date: 2008-06-19
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

An illuminating guide to one of the fastest-growing spiritual healing practices in the world and an essential tool for anyone ready to bring healing into his or her life. Perhaps the gentlest healing therapy in the world, Reiki originated in early twentieth-century Japan. In this indispensable guide to Reiki, one of the foremost experts traces the origin and development of the practice, detailing how and why it restores and renews the human body in ways we?ve only begun to understand. A pioneer in bringing Reiki into mainstream medical practice, Miles draws on her unique background to explain how this therapeutic technique, which involves a gentle laying on of the hands, complements conventional medical treatments and can hasten recovery from invasive surgical procedures, as well as ease the symptoms of cancer, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. With compassion, wisdom, and the accumulated experience that comes from nearly twenty years as a Reiki practitioner, Pamela Miles empowers readers by showing how simple it is to take.