A Brief History of the Amazons

Author: Lyn Webster Wilde
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781472136787
Release Date: 2016-03-10
Genre: History

'Golden-shielded, silver-sworded, man-loving, male-child slaughtering Amazons,' is how the fifth-century Greek historian Hellanicus described the Amazons, and they have fascinated humanity ever since. Did they really exist? For centuries, scholars consigned them to the world of myth, but Lyn Webster Wilde journeyed into the homeland of the Amazons and uncovered astonishing evidence of their historic reality. North of the Black Sea she found archaeological excavations of graves of Iron Age women buried with arrows, swords and armour. In the hidden world of the Hittites, near the Amazons' ancient capital of Thermiscyra in Anatolia, she unearthed traces of powerful priestesses, women-only religious cults, and an armed, bisexual goddess - all possible sources for the ferocious women. Combining scholarly penetration with a sense of adventure, Webster Wilde has produced a coherent and absorbing book that challenges preconceived notions, still disturbingly widespread, of what men and women can do.

The Amazons

Author: Adrienne Mayor
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400865130
Release Date: 2014-09-22
Genre: History

The real history of the Amazons in war and love Amazons—fierce warrior women dwelling on the fringes of the known world—were the mythic archenemies of the ancient Greeks. Heracles and Achilles displayed their valor in duels with Amazon queens, and the Athenians reveled in their victory over a powerful Amazon army. In historical times, Cyrus of Persia, Alexander the Great, and the Roman general Pompey tangled with Amazons. But just who were these bold barbarian archers on horseback who gloried in fighting, hunting, and sexual freedom? Were Amazons real? In this deeply researched, wide-ranging, and lavishly illustrated book, National Book Award finalist Adrienne Mayor presents the Amazons as they have never been seen before. This is the first comprehensive account of warrior women in myth and history across the ancient world, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Great Wall of China. Mayor tells how amazing new archaeological discoveries of battle-scarred female skeletons buried with their weapons prove that women warriors were not merely figments of the Greek imagination. Combining classical myth and art, nomad traditions, and scientific archaeology, she reveals intimate, surprising details and original insights about the lives and legends of the women known as Amazons. Provocatively arguing that a timeless search for a balance between the sexes explains the allure of the Amazons, Mayor reminds us that there were as many Amazon love stories as there were war stories. The Greeks were not the only people enchanted by Amazons—Mayor shows that warlike women of nomadic cultures inspired exciting tales in ancient Egypt, Persia, India, Central Asia, and China. Driven by a detective's curiosity, Mayor unearths long-buried evidence and sifts fact from fiction to show how flesh-and-blood women of the Eurasian steppes were mythologized as Amazons, the equals of men. The result is likely to become a classic.

The Lost History of the Amazons

Author: Gerhard Pollauer
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 9781446193051
Release Date: 2010-10

In SEARCH of the HISTORY of the AMAZONS. This book attempts to look at the phenomenon of Amazons from all sides, in order to shed more light on it and bring us close to its explanation. To fathom this legend, it is necessary first of all to refer to its earliest tradition that forms the foundation, without which the solution itself would be inconceivable. In the following, we look beyond the narrow confines of classic antiquity, to find where else in the world such Amazon-like myths exist. Our next step will be to moot different approaches to the question of Amazons. A central theme is the archeological research and our on-site investigation in those regions which are considered to have been the homelands of the Amazons, namely the land of the river Thermodon and Lemnos Island. According to this latest investigation, the lost history of the Amazons can be reconstructed.

Searching for the Amazons The Real Warrior Women of the Ancient World

Author: John Man
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 9781681777078
Release Date: 2018-02-27
Genre: History

A deeply researched and sweeping history that redefines our understanding of the Amazons and their culture, tracking the ancient legend into the modern world and examining its significance today. Since the time of the ancient Greeks we have been fascinated by accounts of the Amazons, an elusive tribe of hard-fighting, horse-riding female warriors. Equal to men in battle, legends claimed they cut off their right breasts to improve their archery skills and routinely killed their male children to purify their ranks. For centuries people believed in their existence and attempted to trace their origins. Artists and poets celebrated their battles and wrote of Amazonia. Spanish explorers, carrying these tales to South America, thought they lived in the forests of the world’s greatest river, and named it after them. In the absence of evidence, we eventually reasoned away their existence, concluding that these powerful, sexually liberated female soldiers must have been the fantastical invention of Greek myth and storytelling. Until now. Following decades of new research and a series of groundbreaking archeological discoveries, we now know these powerful warrior queens did indeed exist. In Searching for the Amazons, John Man travels to the grasslands of Central Asia—from the edge of the ancient Greek world to the borderlands of China—to discover the truth about the truth about these women whose legend has resonated over the centuries.

The Early Amazons

Author: J. H. Blok
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004100776
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Social Science

As a people of warrior women, the Amazons represent a paradox both for modern scholarship and for archaic Greek culture. This book offers a new reading of the literary and visual record in a historical assessment of mythical representations.

Amazons of Black Sparta

Author: Stanley B. Alpern
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9780814707722
Release Date: 2011-04-11
Genre: History

The only thoroughly documented Amazons in world history are the women warriors of Dahomey, an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Western African kingdom. Once dubbed a 'small black Sparta,' residents of Dahomey shared with the Spartans an intense militarism and sense of collectivism. Updated with a new preface by the author, Amazons of Black Sparta is the product of meticulous archival research and Alpern's gift for narrative. It will stand as the most comprehensive and accessible account of the woman warriors of Dahomey.

Centaurs and Amazons

Author: Page duBois
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0472081535
Release Date: 1991-07
Genre: History

DIVTraces the development of the Greek hierarchical view of life that continues to permeate Western society /div

Footprints of the Amazons

Author: Virginia Egbujor
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781496999399
Release Date: 2015-02-12
Genre: Fiction

The Title of the novel typifies the mythical independent females; said to have ruled the Amazon region of the South American rain forest many years ago. The novel is set in a remote part of Eastern Nigeria. It is depicted as an emerging and progressive story dating from the nineteen and twenty centuries, till the present time. Here; the great grand daughter tells her friend a lengthy story of how her great grandmother dedicated her efforts to foster the emancipation of the women of her time; and laid the groundwork for future actions to empower them, to free themselves from subjugation and relegation, engendered by the traditional norms. Ego, the wife of the Warrant Chief of Aboshi tried using her charm, accommodation of others and industry to boost self sufficiency and confidence of her co-wives in the chief’s harem and the wider town and nearby ones. She, to a reasonable extent fostered the education of both male and female children, significantly, lowered ’death at child birth syndrome’ and in direct cooperation with the respected Sister Mary Slessor, originally from Scotland in the united kingdom; known to have stopped the ritualistic killing of twins and other multiple births. Ego in alliance with outside assistance like the missionaries and through education and reliable health care, went a long way in achieving her selfless ambition; of freeing the woman from being mere property owned by the man. The novel surveys the past, present and future ramifications of the universal fight to empower and emancipate the woman; from childhood to mature age. It also streamlined the contributions required of the woman in order to realise the projected laudable aims.

Into the Hearts of the Amazons

Author: Tom DeMott
Publisher: Terrace Books
ISBN: 9780299216436
Release Date: 2006-06-01
Genre: Travel

Into the Hearts of the Amazons is part rousing travel adventure through a little-known world and part popular ethnography, exploring how Zapotec women earned their legendary status in a remote corner of southern Mexico. To satisfy his curiosity about this culture, Tom DeMott journeyed to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, where he discovered a thriving modern-day matriarchy among the people of the Isthmus—a cultural crossroads, breeding ground for rebels, and home to a half-million Zapotecs. DeMott integrated himself into the culture by joining in the rites of spring (where women pelt the men with fruit); by interviewing the women who control the marketplace where men are rarely seen; and by honoring the saints with drink and dance at all-night ceremonies. Evoking these singular women and their culture, DeMott tackles a primal question: What would life be like if women, rather than men, had the advantage? "For centuries the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, like a magnet, has attracted travelers, adventurers, scholars, romantics, and rebels. Something about Oaxaca and the Zapotec culture appeals to the curious and restless. DeMott's fine memoir captures the spirit of this quest. It will be of interest to anthropologists and general readers alike."—Howard Campbell, author of Zapotec Struggles "Driven by an unquenchable personal passion for his subject, Tom DeMott has produced an exceptional narrative that deconstructs the clichés of a Mexican region and a people shrouded in romance and myth. Acutely observed, richly experienced, Into the Hearts of the Amazons exposes issues of matriarchy and culture through intimate, often bizarre, and surreal yet indelibly moving close encounters with the people of Juchitán and Tehuantepec."—Tony Cohan, author of On Mexican Time and Mexican Days

The Encyclopedia of Amazons

Author: Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781453293645
Release Date: 2015-04-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

An “excellent” A-to-Z reference of female fighters in history, myth, and literature—from goddesses to gladiators to guerrilla warriors (Library Journal). This is an astounding collection of female fighters, from heads of state and goddesses to pirates and gladiators. Each entry is drawn from historical, fictional, or mythical narratives of many eras and lands. With over one thousand entries detailing the lives and influence of these heroic female figures in battle, politics, and daily life, Salmonson provides a unique chronicle of female fortitude, focusing not just on physical strength but on the courage to fight against patriarchal structures and redefine women’s roles during time periods when doing so was nearly impossible. The use of historical information and fictional traditions from Japan, Europe, Asia, and Africa gives this work a cross-cultural perspective that contextualizes the image of these unconventional depictions of might, valor, and greatness.

Warrior Women

Author: Robert B. Edgerton
Publisher: Basic Books (AZ)
ISBN: UOM:39015050185613
Release Date: 2000
Genre: History

Challenging the notion that women never fight in wars, this riveting account of the women warriors of Dahomey reveals how a group of female soldiers stood up to the invading French army.

Dictionary of Literary Themes and Motifs

Author: Jean-Charles Seigneuret
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313263965
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Comparative literature

This index is a veritable who's who of the greats of Western literature. . . . The Board recommends it for every collection whose users conduct analytical studies of literature. "Reference Books Bulletin" The powerful hold that literature exercises is based primarily on recognition--the reader's ability to identify with others through shared human concerns that transcend ttace, time, and cultural boundaries. These universal themes, and how they have been treated in literature from the classical period to the present, are the subject of the critical essays comprising this volume. A fascinating resource for students and general readers and an essential research tool for scholars in literature, it is the first thematic reference on this scale to be published in English. The dictionary consists of 143 essays contributed by 98 specialists in world literature. Topics covered include themes relating to adventure, family life, the supernatural, eroticism, status, humor, idealism, terror, and many other categories of human experience. Each entry begins with a defintion and a sketch on the origin and historical background of the literary theme. The topical essay discusses the significance and occurrence of the theme in world literature and supplies information on geographical area, genre, style, and chronology. Entries conclude with a selected bibliography of scholarship in the area. A cross-index to themes and motifs will enable the reader to find information on secondary or related topics. Convenient to use and presented in a standardized format, this major new reference will be an important acquisition for libraries with collections in English, American, and world literature.