Amazing Airlines

Author: Aditya Palnitkar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1469993910
Release Date: 2012-08-23
Genre: Transportation

In Amazing Airlines, Aditya Palnitkar takes you on a behind-the-scenes trip through the fascinating world of airlines, exploring the systems that are working to help you fly from one place to another. Inside, you'll find chapters on airlines, flight crew, airports, air traffic control and a brief history of commercial aviation. You'll also explore topics like baggage handling, airline food, airplane manufacturing and aerodynamics. The simple language and smooth narration makes the book suitable even for teenagers and young adults. Interesting bits of information throughout the book means that there is never a boring moment. Praise for Amazing Airlines: “I love the simplicity of Aditya's book. It covers various topics suchas passenger experience, inside the cockpit, air traffic control, airplanefood with equal ease. Very informative for both adults and kids.” - Patty Wagstaff, US Aerobatic Team "Effortlessly narrated, Amazing Airlines explains the workings of airplanes, airports and everthing that goes on behind the scenes when you fly.", - Alexander Womack, Airline Pilot "A must-add to every aviation enthusiast's bookshelf!" - Xavi Rivero, Airline Pilot "This book will answer all your questions about flying on airlines." - Jaime Pinto, Airline Pilot "Amazing Airlines explains the wonders of commercial flight in an easy to understand, comprehensive narrative." - Shubo Biswas, Airplane Engineer

How to Become a Flight Attendant for Airlines in the Middle East

Author: Kara Grand
Publisher: Flight Attendant Central
Release Date: 2017-12-07
Genre: Education

'How to Become a Flight Attendant for airlines in the Middle East' will teach you how to be successful at the cabin crew interview from the first try.You will learn: -How to build your CV with examples of job descriptions, a sample Cabin Crew CV, and 3 CV templates ready to download and just fill in with your data.-Sample application photos.-Online Video Interview highlights.-How to prepare for an Assessment Day, Open Day, and CV Submission Day.-What mindset you need to change to become more confident during the interview.-How to dress for the interview day (ladies and gentlemen, including photos).-Worries and questions answered (various topics such as tattoos, maximum age, minimum height or maximum weight, swimming skills and appearance).-Group exercise samples tests: customer service scenario and role play (what to say and do when dealing with an angry customer), one-word cards (and how to train your creativity and resourcefulness), prioritization (in case you land on the Moon) and a team-building scenario. You will get sample tests and how to approach the task, including language to use, your position in the group and how to integrate into the team.-English test: 250 Missing Words Sample Test, 4 "fill-in-the-blanks" Tests, 30-Sentence "fill-in-the-blanks" Practice Test, 40-Sentence Rephrase Test, 5 Reading and Understanding Tests, Essay Writing Sample plus 10 Essay Topics.-Math test: 20 Questions and Answers Sample Test.-101 Questions and Answers for the Final Interview.-What medical tests you need to pass when the interview is completed.-What to pack for your departure.-The airline's training.

Circumnavigating the Globe

Author: Jr. Arthur E. Perkins
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781449011192
Release Date: 2009-11
Genre: Performing Arts

"Circumnavigating the Globe" highlights international travel in a reality television show competition. This book covers what happened in Amazing Race (AR) 10 to 14 and Amazing Race Asia (ARA) 1 to 3. Many of the analysis chapters also cover AR1 to 9. Included are an Amazing Race Vocabulary and listing of all countries and major cities visited by all amazing races(ARs plus ARAs). There is an analysis chapter on Animals. The author rates the Saddest Elimination of every AR or ARA and Weakest Teams in each AR or ARA. Analyses shows why his Favorite Teams for each AR and ARA merit that distinction and one is selected as the most favorite of all time. The most interesting chapter in this book could be the Most Amazing Moments of each AR and ARA. Following that, every FAST FORWARD ever taken is listed with type of task, the geography and the competition if known. There is a separate classification of all AR teams into categories Female/Female, Male/Male, Couple and Family Relationships with the major reason for elimination listed if that team did not win. There are transportation chapters on travel by air, self-driving, taxis, boats, trains and buses. This book finishes with multiple indexes on Races, Racers, and the most cited Places. If you are a fan of the Amazing Race, this book will help you become a superfan.

Amazing Social Studies Activities

Author: Mercedes M. Fisher
Publisher: R&L Education
ISBN: 1578861616
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Education

Provides a collection of activities for the social studies classroom for grades six to twelve.

Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career

Author: Blanca De La Rosa
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 9781452537580
Release Date: 2011-10-16
Genre: Self-Help

Who says you cannot climb the corporate ladder? Your boss, coworkers, jealous peers? Has your career turned into a job? Do you ever sit and wonder what ever happened to your career? Where and when did you get off track? How do you revive your career after it has derailed? In this book author Blanca De La Rosa details and reveals what she has learned after thirty-four years in the corporate environment. If you want to get your career back on track, empower yourself so that you can create an amazing career. Empowering yourself and using a holistic approach will help distinguish you from the competition and demonstrate to your organization how you can positively impact the bottom line. Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career contains a wealth of information about personal career mistakes and is invaluable to anyone that dreams of building a successful career. This book incorporates personal stories and strategies for overcoming adversity in the workplace. You will discover how to assess the journey of your career, how to manage a bad manager, how to deal with career failure, and how to develop a career road map with uplifting and inspiring advice. The Author offers a fresh approach on climbing the corporate ladder by combining practical, commonsense advice with inner wisdom and providing strategies to increase the chances of success in the workplace. “In the aptly titled, “Empower Yourself for an Amazing Career”, the author offers helpful advice from her 34-year career. In this resourceful book the author is refreshingly transparent about her own mistakes, encouraging others to learn from theirs. Recommended for employees needing guidance in navigating the corporate maze.” — BookBub Review “This valuable book of insights can be used by anyone, in any job, at any level, who is striving to get ahead.” — New England Book Festival

Risk Management and Corporate Sustainability in Aviation

Author: Dr Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781409486787
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Sustainability factors should be considered by managers like any other business risk issue; these factors are expected to have a substantial impact on corporate management. Air transport corporations need a strong sustainability management framework to effectively manage economic, environmental and social risks to achieve their corporate sustainability objectives, and to meet their stakeholders' demands. This book offers a new Enterprise Sustainability Risk Management (ESRM) model to fulfill these requirements. In the model presented, the triple bottom line (TBL) agenda is incorporated into the companies' sustainability management. ESRM deals with the environmental, social, and ecological risks as well as the strategic, economic, operational, and threat risks of companies. The best corporate sustainability strategies and management approaches require the consideration of all corporate risks in both a holistic and systematic way. Flouris and Kucuk Yilmaz present an effective way to manage sustainability risks via a new, well-designed, integrated, dynamic and flexible framework. It introduces an opportunity for turning risks into potential corporate advantages. Risk Management and Corporate Sustainability in Aviation is addressed to professionals, students and researchers within air transportation business management and risk management.

More Amazing Extraordinary Railway Facts

Author: Julian Holland
Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.
ISBN: 9781446356838
Release Date: 2012-02-01
Genre: Transportation

Another fascinating miscellany that will delight railway buffs everywhere. The branch lines of transport history are fully explored and all who love trains will delight in stories of the old railway companies, famous engines, discontinued lines, and all sorts of other railway trivia.

Encyclopedia of African Airlines

Author: Ben R. Guttery
Publisher: Ben Guttery
ISBN: 0786404957
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Transportation

The rainy season, terrain, and financial hardships have made the construction of highways and railroads nearly impossible in many parts of Africa. This lack of modern infrastructure has been overcome in some part by the development of air transportation. Hundreds of carriers--both small and large, government owned and private--have connected all parts of the continent. Together, they have had a tremendous impact on the African economy and the people. Country-by-country, this comprehensive reference work provides brief histories of over 700 airlines in 54 African nations. Each entry has the years of operation of the carrier, along with information on its origin, growth, and route structure. Aircraft usage, including registration numbers and nicknames, is covered in many cases. Any crashes involving aircraft in the carrier's fleet are also noted. An appendix gives the location of all major African airports.

Howard s Whirlybirds Howard Hughes Amazing Pioneering Helicopter Exploits

Author: Donald J. Porter
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Release Date: 2014-03-26
Genre: Transportation

Howard Hughes, the movie mogul, aviation pioneer and political hound dog, has always fascinated the public with his mixture of secrecy, dashing lifestyle and reclusiveness. Companies responsible for major technological leaps often become household names. An exception is Howard Hughes's pioneering helicopter company, Hughes Helicopters, a name that has fallen into oblivion. Yet most schoolboys in the world have heard of the company's prize-winning product: the Apache helicopter. Hughes popularised the light helicopter trainer, mass-produced the first turbine-powered light observation helicopter, led the way in hot cycle rotorcraft propulsion research and, finally, developed the world's most advanced attack helicopter that was purchased and saw service with the UK. Here's how some of the world's most innovative helicopters were developed. Covering the period from the Second World War until the mid-1980s, you will learn why Hughes military aircraft contracts came under close scrutiny by the US government. The story is rich with tales of technological breakthrough and test-flying bravado made possible by a small crew of engineers and daring pilots. Written by a technical expert and insider to the industry, Howard's Whirlybirds: Howard Hughes' Amazing Pioneering Helicopter Exploits is a fascinating and alternative view on the phenomenal pioneer with unpublished photographs and material that will fascinate the aviation and military historian as well as the casual reader and cinema buff.

Absolutely Amazing Ways to Save Money on Everything

Author: James L. Paris
Publisher: Harvest House Pub
ISBN: 1565079175
Release Date: 1999-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Written by "Christian Consumer Advocate" Jim Paris, this easy-to-use guide offers biblically sound financial principles and ideas that families can implement to cut expenses and get their money's worth every time. From saving 30 to 50 percent on clothing to arranging unique, low-cost vacations, Paris shows readers hundreds of ways they can make their money work harder and last longer, while freeing them to tithe as much as they like.

Airlines of Asia

ISBN: UOM:39015041118897
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Transportation

In this text, the author covers the entire air transport development in more than twenty-five countries of Asia, stretching from Afghanistan to the countries of the Pacific rim.