City of Sin

Author: Catharine Arnold
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780857200259
Release Date: 2010-08-05
Genre: History

If Paris is the city of love, then London is the city of lust. For over a thousand years, England's capital has been associated with desire, avarice and the sins of the flesh. Richard of Devises, a monk writing in 1180, warned that 'every quarter [of the city] abounds in great obscenities'. As early as the second century AD, London was notorious for its raucous festivities and disorderly houses, and throughout the centuries the bawdy side of life has taken easy root and flourished. In the third book of her fascinating London trilogy, award-winning popular historian Catharine Arnold turns her gaze to the city's relationship with vice through the ages. From the bath houses and brothels of Roman Londinium, to the stews and Molly houses of the 17thand 18thcenturies, London has always traded in the currency of sex. Whether pornographic publishers on Fleet Street, or fancy courtesans parading in Haymarket, its streets have long been witness to colourful sexual behaviour. In her usual accessible and entertaining style, Arnold takes us on a journey through the fleshpots of London from earliest times to present day. Here are buxom strumpets, louche aristocrats, popinjay politicians and Victorian flagellants - all vying for their place in London's league of licentiousness. From sexual exuberance to moral panic, the city has seen the pendulum swing from Puritanism to hedonism and back again. With latter chapters looking at Victorian London and the sexual underground of the 20thcentury and beyond, this is a fascinating and vibrant chronicle of London at its most raw and ribald.

City of Sin and Splendour

Author: Bapsi Sidhwa
Publisher: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 014303166X
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Travel

'The ancient whore, the handmaiden of dimly remembered Hindu kings, the courtesan of Mughal emperors', the 'Paris of the East', Lahore is more than the grandeur of Mughal forts and gardens, mosques and mausoleums; the jewel colours of everlasting spring. It is also the city of poets, the city of love, longing, sin and splendour. This anthology brings together verse and prose: essays, stories, chronicles and profiles by people who have shared a relationship with Lahore. From the mystical poems of Madho Lal Hussain and Bulleh Shah to Iqbal's ode and Faiz's lament, from Maclagan and Aijazuddin's historical treatises and Kipling's 'chronicles' to Samina Quraeshi's intricate portraits of the Old City and Irfan Husain's delightful account of Lahori cuisine, City of Sin and Splendour is a marriage of the sacred and profane. While Pran Nevile paints a vivid sketch of Lahore's Hira Mandi, Shahnaz Kureshy brings alive the legend of Anarkali and Khalid Hasan pays a tribute to the late 'melody queen' Nur Jehan. Mohsin Hamid's essay on exile, Bina Shah's account of the Karachi vs Lahore debate and Emma Duncan's piece on elections are essential to the understanding of modern-day Lahore. But the city is also about Lahore remembered. Ved Mehta and Krishen Khanna write about 'going back' as Khushwant Singh writes about his pre-Partition years in Lahore. Sara Suleri's memories of her hometown, the landscapes of Bapsi Sidhwa's fiction, Khaled Ahmed's homage to Intezar Hussain and Urvashi Butalia's Ranamama are tributes to memory as much as they are tributes to remarkable lives and unforgettable places. Including fiction old and new—from Manto and Chughtai to Ashfaq Ahmed and Zulfikar Ghose; Saad Ashraf and Sorayya Khan to Mohsin Hamid and Rukhsana Ahmad,City of Sin and Splendour is a sumptuous collection that reflects the city it celebrates.

Revealed by Desire

Author: Melissa Stevens
Publisher: Melissa Stevens
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Fiction

Rachel's brother's gone missing and behind the scenes in Las Vegas is a big place to be lost. A strange meeting at a party could lead her to finding her brother...or a mate. Chris has been hunting for his step-sister. He’s only recently taken over the werewolf Fraction and is trying to bring everyone back together and find his sibling. What he wasn’t expecting was for his search to find his mate. A dragon shifter. But can it work if she’s a dragon and he’s a werewolf?

City of Sin

Author: Ben Sarto
ISBN: OCLC:503702469
Release Date: 1952

The City of Sin

Author: Larry Rowland Jr
ISBN: 1077262108
Release Date: 2019-07-11

THE CITY OF SIN is a novel inspired by true stories that have all taken place in Cincinnati, Ohio. These stories takes readers on a grueling journey through the trenches, as some of Cincinnati's most horrific history is revealed. The streets of Cincinnati have always been one of the most deadliest places on earth. Prepare yourself for an emotional, mind-blowing, action packed page turner as you learn about The Cincinnati Riots and some of the most corrupt law officials ever. Also, the unfortunate tragic situation that happened to a famous platinum rapper and his crew. Learn about the disappointing misfortunes of professional athletes, Judges, Doctors, Mayors, Street Thugs, Scandalous Women and last but not least, Drug Dealers. When one Drug Dealer decides to infest the city with the most deadliest drug in the world, all hell breaks loose in, "THE CITY OF SIN".

City of Sin

Author: Ivy Smoak
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523491337
Release Date: 2016-02-05

Nothing seems to be going Bee's way. She's been knocked down by her ex, her job, and the city in general. Could a blind date really be the start to the much needed change she's been hoping for? When Bee is already running late, a sexy stranger steals her cab. And once she finally arrives at the restaurant and finds out that he's her date, the night takes an unexpected turn. Maybe this sexy stranger is exactly what she's needed this whole time... Except Mason Caldwell is not a good man. A renowned playboy, heir to his family's fortune, and willing to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true, he's not looking for a change. He's looking for vengeance. And a woman he barely knows is definitely not going to get in his way. But he can't stop thinking about her. Sometimes you don't know what you really want until it's right in front of you.

City of Rogues and Schnorrers

Author: Jarrod Tanny
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253223289
Release Date: 2011
Genre: History

Old Odessa, on the Black Sea, gained notoriety as a legendary city of Jewish gangsters and swindlers, a frontier boomtown mythologized for the adventurers, criminals, and merrymakers who flocked there to seek easy wealth and lead lives of debauchery and excess. Odessa is also famed for the brand of Jewish humor brought there in the 19th century from the shtetls of Eastern Europe and that flourished throughout Soviet times. From a broad historical perspective, Jarrod Tanny examines the hybrid Judeo-Russian culture that emerged in Odessa in the 19th century and persisted through the Soviet era and beyond. The book shows how the art of eminent Soviet-era figures such as Isaac Babel, Il'ia Ilf, Evgenii Petrov, and Leonid Utesov grew out of the Odessa Russian-Jewish culture into which they were born and which shaped their lives.

The Gravity of Sin

Author: Matt Jenson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9780567577887
Release Date: 2007-02-08
Genre: Religion

Matt Jenson argues that the image of being 'curved in on oneself' is the best paradigm for understanding sin relationally, that it has sufficient explanatory breadth and depth to be of service to contemporary Christian theology. He looks to Augustine as the Christian source for this image in his various references to humanity's turn to itself, though the threads of a relational account of sin are not drawn together with any systematic consequence until Martin Luther's description of 'homo incurvatus in se' in his commentary on Romans. Luther radicalizes Augustine's conception by applying this relational view of sin to the totus homo and by emphasizing its appearance, above all, in homo religiosus. The Western tradition of sin understood paradigmatically as pride has been recently called into question by feminist theologians. Daphne Hampson's critique of Luther on this front is considered and critiqued. Though she is right to call attention to the insufficiency of his and Augustine's myopic focus on pride, the question remains whether 'incurvatus in se' can operate paradigmatically as an umbrella concept covering a far wider range of sins. Karl Barth's extension of 'incurvatus in se' to apply more broadly to pride, sloth and falsehood suggests that incurvature can do just that.

The Eventide Hour

Author: Ursula Sinclair
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1979596840
Release Date: 2017-10-17

My name is A'eron. I am Aos Si. Some might call me dark fae. But what I am is a prince without a kingdom, a man without a home. Stripped of my lands and title, I was banished to earth and to a place called Las Vegas. City of Sin. I can find my place here. What I did not expect was to be denied the Vampire I claimed as mine own. I've already lost everything. There is nothing else they can take from me. I will not give her up. I never did follow rules. My name is Tempest, Temp to my friends. Yeah, I've got a bit of a temper. It's tough being kinkind, a blood Vampire whose uncle leads one of the most powerful Fractions in Vegas. He's got enemies and since they can't get to his daughter, they've targeted me. Thinking I'm the weaker target. Oh, how wrong they are. But they will learn. I'm in a fight for my existence, but to my shock, I don't fight alone. Due to the content of this work recommended for 18+ only. Other Books in the City of Sin World coming your way Come play with us. Take a chance. Roll the dice. We dare you. When Dawn Comes The Eventide Hour Released By Desire by Melissa Stevens The Light by Savannah J. Frierson Damnation by Taabia Dupree Revealed By Desire by Melissa Stevens The Fight by Savannah J. Frierson Shameless by Taabia Dupree Redeemed By Desire by Melissa Stevens The Sight by Savannah J. Frierson Rekindled Faith by Taabia Dupree

Doctor Strange by Donny Cates Vol 2

Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 1302910655
Release Date: 2018-10-16
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

The damnation of Doctor Strange! To restore Las Vegas to glory, the Master of the Mystic Arts bet big on his abilities - but his prize came with some satanic strings attached! Now he's going double or nothing to set things right. But how did Strange get back to full power? And will it be enough when he's gambling for his life? Held captive in Mephisto's Hotel Inferno, the odds aren't good -because, remember, the house always wins. Can Wong and the Midnight Sons help Doctor Strange fi nd a way to win? And, with the souls of the living and the dead on the line, is the Sorcerer Supreme actually willing to follow his former assistant's lead? Damnation transforms the magical landscape for Strange and the entire Marvel Universe! COLLECTING: DOCTOR STRANGE 386-390

Empire of Sin

Author: Gary Krist
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 9780770437077
Release Date: 2014-10-28
Genre: History

From bestselling author Gary Krist, a vibrant and immersive account of New Orleans’ other civil war, at a time when commercialized vice, jazz culture, and endemic crime defined the battlegrounds of the Crescent City Empire of Sin re-creates the remarkable story of New Orleans’ thirty-years war against itself, pitting the city’s elite “better half” against its powerful and long-entrenched underworld of vice, perversity, and crime. This early-20th-century battle centers on one man: Tom Anderson, the undisputed czar of the city's Storyville vice district, who fights desperately to keep his empire intact as it faces onslaughts from all sides. Surrounding him are the stories of flamboyant prostitutes, crusading moral reformers, dissolute jazzmen, ruthless Mafiosi, venal politicians, and one extremely violent serial killer, all battling for primacy in a wild and wicked city unlike any other in the world.

The City of God

Author: Aurelius Augustine
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 9783734079702
Release Date: 2019-09-25
Genre: Fiction

Reproduction of the original: The City of God by Aurelius Augustine