1 500 Color Mixing Recipes for Oil Acrylic Watercolor

Author: William F Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub
ISBN: 9781600582837
Release Date: 2012-08-01
Genre: Art

Provides instruction on mixing color combinations for painting subjects ranging from apples and cabbage to skin tones and buffalo.

Color Mixing Recipes for Oil Acrylic

Author: William F Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
ISBN: 1560108738
Release Date: 2004-07-01
Genre: Art

'The popular Color Mixing Recipe Cards by William F. Powell has served as a handy reference of essential color combinations for almost 10 years. And now this collection of recipes is available in an updated, convenient format developed with your needs in mind! Conveniently packaged in a concealed wire-o-bound book that lies flat when opened, the recipe cards will always stay in order with no risk of getting lost. The book also includes a Color Mixing Grid—the perfect guide for accurately measuring paints. With mixing recipes for more than 450 color combinations, along with instruction in a variety of painting techniques, Color Mixing Recipes is a valuable and practical resource for both oil and acrylic artists

Color Mixing Recipe Cards

Author: William F. Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub
ISBN: 1560103825
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Art

- Provides more than 450 combination formulas for quick color mixing reference- Features color mixing grid for accurate paint measurements- Offers instruction in a variety of basic painting techniques- Packaged in a reusable, peggable plastic pouch- Applies to either acrylic or oil

Color Mixing Recipes for Portraits

Author: William Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
ISBN: 1560109904
Release Date: 2006-11-01
Genre: Art

From Caucasian to Latino and East Indian hues, this convenient book features master mixes for an arry of skin colors, plus recipes for hair, eye, and lip colors. The concealed wire-o bound book also includes a plastic color-mixing grid for measuring out paints, as well as a handy conversion chart for finding acrylic equivalents of oil paints and vice versa.

Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes

Author: William F Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub
ISBN: 9781600582660
Release Date: 2012-04-30
Genre: Art

The follow-up to Color Mixing Recipes for Watercolor offers a robust index of landscape subjects that correspond to the featured color mixing swatches, discussing how color is influenced by the time of day, the angle of the sun and changing seasons.

Recipes for Surfaces

Author: Mindy Drucker
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780671682491
Release Date: 1990-08-15
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Recipes for Surfaces is a one-of-a-kind handbook that enables you to master decorative painting techniques for walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture as simply as you would use a cookbook: Just follow the recipes. This easy guide will show you how to create a variety of exciting surface effects for your entire home using the basic methods so popular today -- sponging, ragging, stippling, color washing, spattering, dragging, stenciling, marbling, and wood graining. The straightforward format of Recipes for Surfaces gives you the tools to transform any aspect of your home with paint. More affordable than wallpaper, more personalized than solid-colored opaque paint, these painting techniques -- once the closely guarded secrets of painting professionals -- are not limited to walls, ceilings, or floors, but can be used on moldings, doors, and furniture as well -- as accents or to try out effects on smaller subjects. With Recipes for Surfaces as your guide, you can achieve professional and customized effects yourself -- with a lot of fun and no hassle. What makes this book so special and so different from many home decorating books is that -- like making a meal with your favorite recipes -- it allows, and in fact encourages, you to create a completely personal look that suits your own space, style, and budget. And, as your skill and confidence grow, Recipes for Surfaces will show you how to move beyond the basics with exciting and unique variations. Recipes for Surfaces is organized for practical use, with clear concise explanations and full-color illustrations. Part One gives background and specific information on color, paint, and preparation, including advice on stocking up on the right paints and brushes, how to ready surfaces for painting, and how to store paints once you've finished. Helpful color charts supplement the discussion of how to mix and match colors for your taste and needs. The second part of the book illustrates many painting techniques. Each of over 40 recipes can be followed independently and is rated accorded to difficulty from easy to more complex. The recipe itself includes a list of paints and other materials needed, tips on surfaces best suited to the technique, and painting advice -- all in a simple-to-read chart right on the page. Detailed step-by-step instructions outline each method and its variations with full-color photographs. As you master a fundamental recipe -- such as sponging on -- you can create many different looks, trying different colors and patterns with the same technique or combining various techniques to suit your needs. The clearest, most concise guide of its kind, Recipes for Surfaces gives you the confidence and ability to create the painted interior that's right for you.

Color Mixing Color Matching Second Edition

Author: Ron Sanders
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1492701475
Release Date: 2013-10-17
Genre: Art

Color Mixing, Color Matching is a simple and streamlined handbook for art students seeking to understand fundamental principles of color. This book presents clear guidelines on how to see, analyze and reproduce color. Other topics include the nature of pure primary colors, the real-world pigments that best represent them in oil, acrylic and watercolor, setting up a palette for learning color mixing, understanding hue, temperature, value and chroma, and how color vs color and color + light relationships effect appearance and mixing. This second edition is updated with many new and more accurate charts and graphics, expanded discussion of some topics for clarity, and streamlining of others. Color Mixing, Color Matching is based on the author's real world experience in teaching color in the classroom. His students are adult/continuing education students who want quick, clear, simple answers to help them enjoy painting. This book cuts past the long history of color theory and avoids recipe charts to present concepts on how the art student should see color, think about color, and reproduce color in paint.

Color Theory for the Makeup Artist

Author: Katie Middleton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351380546
Release Date: 2018-06-12
Genre: Art

Color Theory for the Make-up Artist: Understanding Color and Light for Beauty and Special Effects analyzes and explains traditional color theory for fine artists and applies it to the make-up artist. This book is suitable for both professionals and beginners who wish to train their eye further to understand and recognize distinctions in color. It explains why we see color, how to categorize and identify color, relationships between colors, and it relates these concepts to beauty and special effects make-up. The book teaches the reader how to mix flesh tones by using only primary colors, and explains how these colors in paints and make-up are sourced and created. It also discusses the reason for variations in skin colors and undertones, and how to identify and match these using make-up, while choosing flattering colors for the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Colors found inside the body are explained for special effects make-up, like why we bruise, bleed, or appear sick. Ideas and techniques are also described for painting prosthetics, in addition to using color as inspiration in make-up designs. The book also discusses how lighting affects color on film, television, theater, and photography sets, and how to properly light a workspace for successful applications.

Decorative Style

Author: Kevin McCloud
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780671691424
Release Date: 1990
Genre: House & Home

Shows forty decorating styles and demonstrates special painting techniques

The Art of Watercolor

Author: William Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
ISBN: 1560101873
Release Date: 2004-01-01
Genre: Art

This book covers all the techniques you need to know to create beautiful watercolor paintings of people, landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, children, and even animals! In The Art of Watercolor, youÆll find information on all the essential watercolor fundamentals and special techniques, as well as in-depth explanations of more advanced concepts. And as you follow and learn, youÆll find both inspiration and information inside this classic instructional guide: The step-by-step lessons are all accompanied by beautiful illustrations that lead up to the finished artwork. This attractive, full-color instructional guide is a perfect addition to any artistÆs reference library!

Paint Recipes

Author: Liz Wagstaff
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0811811735
Release Date: 1996-04-01
Genre: House & Home

Both an easy-to-use how-to-guide and an eye catching style book, this innovative painting manual shows homeowners, designers, and craftspeople how to create 50 beautiful paint effects—from ageing and verdigris to stippling and trompe l'oeil—in more than 150 gorgeous colors for walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. Handy features include chapters laid out like recipes, complete with "ingredients," equipment, and step by step instructions to inspire do-it-yourselfers at every level of experience. With a comprehensive source listing; beautiful, full color photography; and a striking design—plus a durable, wipe clean cover to resist splatters at the work site—Paint Recipes offers the perfect combination of practicality and style, all at a terrific price.

Artist s Toolbox Color

Author: Alicia Vannoy Call
Publisher: Walter Foster
ISBN: 9781633222724
Release Date: 2017-12
Genre: Art

Discover the key concepts of color theory for beginning artists. The Artist's Toolbox series provides easy-to-use reference guides for beginning and aspiring artists. While many instructional art books gloss over important concepts, focusing instead on how to replicate a piece of art, the Artist's Toolbox series breaks down the whats, whens, whys, and hows of each relevant tool or technique, clearly demonstrating its purpose and how to employ it to achieve the desired effects. In Artist's Toolbox: Color, painters will learn how to create impactful work with an understanding of basic color theory. Topics include the color wheel, hue, saturation, value, temperature, relativity, color relationships, and color mixing. Artists will learn how color captures mood and helps communicate meaning as well as how to use color to create personal, expressive works of art. Step-by-step projects and accessible technique demonstrations show color theory in action, making this book a useful reference for any beginning artist's library.

Color Mixing Bible

Author: Ian Sidaway
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
ISBN: UCSD:31822031245558
Release Date: 2002-04-01
Genre: Art

Mixing colors accurately may be an art unto itself. In fact, many artists are discouraged by the time and expense it takes to mix and match colors, and achieve the right results. Even more frustrating is the vast range of colors available. Now there's a ready-to-use visual directory that takes all the guesswork out of mixing and matching colors . . . making every artist an expert! Color Mixing Bibleprovides a basic color palette for each art medium, demonstrating an array of two-, three-, and four-color mixes, as well as offering full explanations of various paints and pigments. This invaluable guide features scores of tips and techniques for color mixing with oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, pastels, and virtually every other art medium. It also includes in-depth information on how to determine the opacity and strength of a color, choose a color palette, mix whites, arrange and organize colors prior to mixing, use optical and physical mixing techniques, and much more! Plus, hundreds of color illustrations make everything simple. Whether one is an aspiring artist or working professional, Color Mixing Bibleis an essential addition to every bookshelf.

Art Studio Faces Features

Author: Walter Foster Creative Team
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
ISBN: 9781633226432
Release Date: 2018-11-06
Genre: Art

Art Studio: Faces & Features introduces beginning artists and art enthusiasts to the art of drawing and painting heads, faces, and expressions using a variety of mediums. Drawing and painting heads, faces, and expressions can be an intimidating prospect for a beginning artist. Art Studio: Faces & Features is here to help, with more than 50 tips, techniques, and step-by-step projects that will have you creating expressive faces and mastering textures in all your drawings. This intuitive guide shows you how to work with graphite and colored pencils; acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints; pastels; and even pen and ink. This range of mediums is the perfect way to experiment, build artistic confidence, and define your own unique style. Art Studio: Faces & Features makes the art of drawing expressions possible for beginning fine artists. The Art Studio series is designed to help beginning artists venture into fine art; an overview of each art medium helps them determine which they like best.