Cursive Handwriting Copybook U S Historical Documents the Monroe Doctrine

Author: Adrianne McCauley
ISBN: 1977625479
Release Date: 2017-09-24

The Historical U.S. Documents Cursive Handwriting Copybook will introduce students to the text of some of the most important documents in United States history. This cursive handwriting copybook for teenagers introduces students to text from President George Washington's Farewell Address. Teachers and parents are encouraged to pair the cursive handwriting copybook with social studies and history lessons. To use this cursive handwriting workbook successfully, students should have already learned to write individual uppercase and lowercase cursive letters and be ready to move on to copying cursive text without tracing. There are no cursive tracing letters in this workbook. It is for Level 2 writers who can recognize uppercase and lowercase cursive letters and are beginning to write in cursive on their own without tracing. The most effective way to approach cursive handwriting instruction is to invest 10-20 minutes of time daily in addition to providing ample opportunities for practice outside of a typical classroom setting. Practicing cursive handwriting on a daily basis will improve a student's muscle memory for a variety of cursive letter strokes. When cursive handwriting is practiced daily, spacing between cursive words becomes more consistent---consistent spacing enhances the legibility of handwriting, fine motor skills strengthen, and the sequence of cursive letter formation become second nature to teenage learners. Research indicates that handwriting influences reading, writing, language, and critical thinking abilities---providing and essential foundation for higher order skills. Students should be encouraged to write in cursive when making shopping lists, chore and/or activity charts, while taking notes, writing drafts, etc. When teens practice forming cursive letters as opportunities present, they develop visual and motor memory of each letter's important features. Looking at each letter and writing each letter allows learners to undertake the movement of writing, helping them see and feel how each letter is formed. Both methods fix the letter in the learners visual and motor memory for future identification and reproduction. While cursive handwriting instruction typically begins midway through 2nd or 3rd grade, depending on preference, most schools have opted in the last 30 years not to teach cursive handwriting at all. As the trend is shifting in classrooms across the U.S. back towards teaching cursive handwriting, Trace to Write provides cursive handwriting products to fit the needs of the beginning, intermediate, and advanced skill cursive learners. We provide handwriting products to help students write legibly in order to communicate effectively. These cursive handwriting copybooks integrate seamlessly with any language arts curriculum. Lessons can be taught in 15 minute increments, allowing teachers and homeschool parents to fit each lesson into their busy instructional plan. Why is the Cursive Handwriting Copybook featuring The Monroe Doctrine, an important addition to your student's curriculum? A 2013 New York Times article, "Learning to write in cursive is shown to improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory. Cursive handwriting stimulates brain synapses and synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres, something absent from printing and typing. As a result, the physical act of writing in cursive leads to increased comprehension and participation. The College Board found that students who wrote in cursive for the essay portion of the SAT scored slightly higher than those who printed." This handwriting book is the perfect curriculum addition for improving cursive penmanship and well developed cursive technique. It's an essential companion to other printed and cursive alphabet handwriting programs such as Zaner-Bloser, D'Nealian, and Kumon.Tags: cursive handwriting practice, learn cursive, cursive for teens and adults, advanced cursive