Continuous Symmetries Lie Algebras Differential Equations and Computer Algebra

Author: W.-H. Steeb
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9810228910
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Science

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the application of continuous symmetries and their Lie algebras to ordinary and partial differential equations. It is suitable for students and research workers whose main interest lies in finding solutions to differential equations. It therefore caters for readers primarily interested in applied mathematics and physics rather than pure mathematics.The book provides an application-orientated text that is reasonably self-contained. A large number of worked examples have been included to help readers working independently of a teacher. The advance of algebraic computation has made it possible to write programs for the tedious calculations in this research field, and thus the book also makes a survey of computer algebra packages.

Handbook of Finsler geometry 2 2003

Author: Peter L. Antonelli
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402015569
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Mathematics

There are several mathematical approaches to Finsler Geometry, all of which are contained and expounded in this comprehensive Handbook. The principal bundles pathway to state-of-the-art Finsler Theory is here provided by M. Matsumoto. His is a cornerstone for this set of essays, as are the articles of R. Miron (Lagrange Geometry) and J. Szilasi (Spray and Finsler Geometry). After studying either one of these, the reader will be able to understand the included survey articles on complex manifolds, holonomy, sprays and KCC-theory, symplectic structures, Legendre duality, Hodge theory and Gauss-Bonnet formulas. Finslerian diffusion theory is presented by its founders, P. Antonelli and T. Zastawniak. To help with calculations and conceptualizations, a CD-ROM containing the software package FINSLER, based on MAPLE, is included with the book.

Dynamic Data Assimilation

Author: John M. Lewis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521851558
Release Date: 2006-08-03
Genre: Mathematics

Dynamic data assimilation is the assessment, combination and synthesis of observational data, scientific laws and mathematical models to determine the state of a complex physical system, for instance as a preliminary step in making predictions about the system's behaviour. The topic has assumed increasing importance in fields such as numerical weather prediction where conscientious efforts are being made to extend the term of reliable weather forecasts beyond the few days that are presently feasible. This book is designed to be a basic one-stop reference for graduate students and researchers. It is based on graduate courses taught over a decade to mathematicians, scientists, and engineers, and its modular structure accommodates the various audience requirements. Thus Part I is a broad introduction to the history, development and philosophy of data assimilation, illustrated by examples; Part II considers the classical, static approaches, both linear and nonlinear; and Part III describes computational techniques. Parts IV to VII are concerned with how statistical and dynamic ideas can be incorporated into the classical framework. Key themes covered here include estimation theory, stochastic and dynamic models, and sequential filtering. The final part addresses the predictability of dynamical systems. Chapters end with a section that provides pointers to the literature, and a set of exercises with instructive hints.

Fractional Order Processes

Author: Seshu Kumar Damarla
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780429996887
Release Date: 2018-09-03
Genre: Mathematics

The book presents efficient numerical methods for simulation and analysis of physical processes exhibiting fractional order (FO) dynamics. The book introduces FO system identification method to estimate parameters of a mathematical model under consideration from experimental or simulated data. A simple tuning technique, which aims to produce a robust FO PID controller exhibiting iso-damping property during re-parameterization of a plant, is devised in the book. A new numerical method to find an equivalent finite dimensional integer order system for an infinite dimensional FO system is developed in the book. The book also introduces a numerical method to solve FO optimal control problems. Key features Proposes generalized triangular function operational matrices. Shows significant applications of triangular orthogonal functions as well as triangular strip operational matrices in simulation, identification and control of fractional order processes. Provides numerical methods for simulation of physical problems involving different types of weakly singular integral equations, Abel’s integral equation, fractional order integro-differential equations, fractional order differential and differential-algebraic equations, and fractional order partial differential equations. Suggests alternative way to do numerical computation of fractional order signals and systems and control. Provides source codes developed in MATLAB for each chapter, allowing the interested reader to take advantage of these codes for broadening and enhancing the scope of the book itself and developing new results.

Spectral Functions in Mathematics and Physics

Author: Klaus Kirsten
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420035469
Release Date: 2001-12-13
Genre: Science

The literature on the spectral analysis of second order elliptic differential operators contains a great deal of information on the spectral functions for explicitly known spectra. The same is not true, however, for situations where the spectra are not explicitly known. Over the last several years, the author and his colleagues have developed new, innovative methods for the exact analysis of a variety of spectral functions occurring in spectral geometry and under external conditions in statistical mechanics and quantum field theory. Spectral Functions in Mathematics and Physics presents a detailed overview of these advances. The author develops and applies methods for analyzing determinants arising when the external conditions originate from the Casimir effect, dielectric media, scalar backgrounds, and magnetic backgrounds. The zeta function underlies all of these techniques, and the book begins by deriving its basic properties and relations to the spectral functions. The author then uses those relations to develop and apply methods for calculating heat kernel coefficients, functional determinants, and Casimir energies. He also explores applications in the non-relativistic context, in particular applying the techniques to the Bose-Einstein condensation of an ideal Bose gas. Self-contained and clearly written, Spectral Functions in Mathematics and Physics offers a unique opportunity to acquire valuable new techniques, use them in a variety of applications, and be inspired to make further advances.

Lectures on Finsler Geometry

Author: Zhongmin Shen
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9810245319
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Mathematics

In 1854, B Riemann introduced the notion of curvature for spaces with a family of inner products. There was no significant progress in the general case until 1918, when P Finsler studied the variation problem in regular metric spaces. Around 1926, L Berwald extended Riemann's notion of curvature to regular metric spaces and introduced an important non-Riemannian curvature using his connection for regular metrics. Since then, Finsler geometry has developed steadily. In his Paris address in 1900, D Hilbert formulated 23 problems, the 4th and 23rd problems being in Finsler's category. Finsler geometry has broader applications in many areas of science and will continue to develop through the efforts of many geometers around the world.Usually, the methods employed in Finsler geometry involve very complicated tensor computations. Sometimes this discourages beginners. Viewing Finsler spaces as regular metric spaces, the author discusses the problems from the modern metric geometry point of view. The book begins with the basics on Finsler spaces, including the notions of geodesics and curvatures, then deals with basic comparison theorems on metrics and measures and their applications to the Levy concentration theory of regular metric measure spaces and Gromov's Hausdorff convergence theory.

AIAA Journal

Author: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ISBN: STANFORD:36105016605706
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Aeronautics

St Augustine s Abbey Canterbury Introduction the catalogue first part

Author: B. C. Barker-Benfield
ISBN: UOM:39015075655640
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Literature, Medieval

By the end of the Middle Ages, the abbey at Canterbury founded by St. Augustine possessed one of the most worldly and richest libraries in all of Britain. The remarkably sophisticated catalog produced by its medieval librarians, dating from the late fourteenth century, provides detailed entries for over 1,800 volumes, reporting a press mark, table of contents, and donation record for each--as well as internally cross-references for each entry. The wealth of the library, both in size and scope, is reflected in the three magnificent volumes of "St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury" which presents the first fully annotated edition of this extraordinary catalog and illuminates the clearest picture yet of one of the great libraries of medieval Britain.