Deep Undercover

Author: Jack Barsky
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 9781496416865
Release Date: 2017-03-21
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

One decision can end everything . . . or lead to unlikely redemption. Millions watched the CBS 60 Minutes special on Jack Barsky in 2015. Now, in this fascinating memoir, the Soviet KGB agent tells his story of gut-wrenching choices, appalling betrayals, his turbulent inner world, and the secret life he lived for years without getting caught. On October 8, 1978, a Canadian national by the name of William Dyson stepped off a plane at O’Hare International Airport and proceeded toward Customs and Immigration. Two days later, William Dyson ceased to exist. The identity was a KGB forgery, used to get one of their own—a young, ambitious East German agent—into the United States. The plan succeeded, and the spy’s new identity was born: Jack Barsky. He would work undercover for the next decade, carrying out secret operations during the Cold War years . . . until a surprising shift in his allegiance challenged everything he thought he believed. Deep Undercover will reveal the secret life of this man without a country and tell the story no one ever expected him to tell.

Deep Undercover

Author: Lenora Worth
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781488040511
Release Date: 2019-07-01
Genre: Fiction

A dangerous undercover assignment… Another exciting True Blue K-9 Unit thriller To take down a serial bomber, NYPD K-9 officers Brianne Hayes and Gavin Sutherland must go undercover—as a married couple. But now the bomber is targeting them to halt the investigation. As the clock ticks down, can Brianne, Gavin and their K-9 partners find the culprit in time to save the city—and their own lives?

Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Author: Kären M. Hess
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9780495390909
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Law

INTRODUCTION TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Ninth Edition, provides coverage of both law enforcement and the criminal justice system in one convenient text. This eminently practical, applied book not only provides an examination of the role of p

Undercover Encounter

Author: Rebecca York
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781459232280
Release Date: 2012-02-15
Genre: Fiction

PRESSURE AND DANGER DON'T FAZE NEW ORLEANS CONFIDENTIAL AGENT ALEX MCMULLIN. WORKING WITH THE WOMAN HE LOVED AND LEFT… NOW,THAT'S ANOTHER MATTER. He'd ended their fiery affair to save her from himself. Now Confidential agent Alex McMullin had to face rookie cop Gillian Seymour as her only lifeline to the outside world in a risky and ultraprovocative undercover assignment. Finding the source of the lethal new drug hitting the streets of Sin City plunged Gillian deep into the darkly sensual underworld of an exclusive bordello. It was no job for a beginner, but the stubborn beauty wouldn't listen to reason. Which burned the normally cool Alex. Now the dedicated agent would focus all his skills on getting her out alive…before they could succumb to the wild pulse of hot New Orleans nights.

Qualitative Approaches to Criminal Justice

Author: Mark Pogrebin
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761926038
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Law

Exploring the real life experiences of criminal justice professionals, this anthology is the first book to focus solely on the use of qualitative research in various components of the criminal justice system. The collection is organized from two criminal justice perspectives: one qualitatively oriented and the other system oriented, including overviews of each qualitative method and commentaries that analyze the research techniques. Case studies illustrating actual fieldwork practices bring theory vividly to life. Qualitative Approaches to Criminal Justice: Perspectives from the Field is multi-faceted in both its content and application. Through its investigative techniques, which rely mainly on observations, participant observation, and open-ended interviews, qualitative research reveals parts of the social world that remain hidden to more traditional methodological techniques.

The Manipulator

Author: Daniel Carnahan
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781466984165
Release Date: 2014-02-11
Genre: Fiction

Lawyer stories have long fascinated the American reading public. Throwing the Mafia into the mix makes the plot even more attractive. The author, a Vietnam veteran with twenty-five years of experience as a Los Angeles police officer and with a Juris Doctorate degree in law, has crafted a massive, almost 700 page novel that blends police procedure with legal thriller as the protagonists battle both the mob and the head of a powerful, socially prominent family. Mac Thornsby knows what it is like to be bullied. Growing up on the streets after being orphaned at a young age, he barely survived a beating from one of the local thugs when first learning how to live on his own and managed to do that only with the help of a stranger. Several years later as the husband of a rich socialite he once saved from drowning, he is again bullied into taking part in an assassination but is saved by a Mafia lieutenant who helps fake the deaths. Circumstantial evidence still fingers him for the crimes, however, and it is up to Deputy District Attorney Jim MacDonald to dig for the truth. His investigation as well as a past love relationship will propel him into a desperate fight for his life, the lives of several others involved in the case, and justice. Filled with intense violence, knife-edge suspense, and possibly one of the longest car chases in literary history, Carnahans book has many of the elements of a bestseller. The author could very well have a hit on his hands.

Under and Alone

Author: William Queen
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1588364402
Release Date: 2005-04-05
Genre: True Crime

In 1998, William Queen was a veteran law enforcement agent with a lifelong love of motorcycles and a lack of patience with paperwork. When a “confidential informant” made contact with his boss at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, offering to take an agent inside the San Fernando chapter of the Mongols (the scourge of Southern California, and one of the most dangerous gangs in America), Queen jumped at the chance, not realizing that he was kicking-starting the most extensive undercover operation inside an outlaw motorcycle gang in the history of American law enforcement. Nor did Queen suspect that he would penetrate the gang so successfully that he would become a fully “patched-in” member, eventually rising through their ranks to the office of treasurer, where he had unprecedented access to evidence of their criminal activity. After Queen spent twenty-eight months as “Billy St. John,” the bearded, beer-swilling, Harley-riding gang-banger, the truth of his identity became blurry, even to himself. During his initial “prospecting” phase, Queen was at the mercy of crank-fueled criminal psychopaths who sought to have him test his mettle and prove his fealty by any means necessary, from selling (and doing) drugs, to arms trafficking, stealing motorcycles, driving getaway cars, and, in one shocking instance, stitching up the face of a Mongol “ol’ lady” after a particularly brutal beating at the hands of her boyfriend. Yet despite the constant criminality of the gang, for whom planning cop killings and gang rapes were business as usual, Queen also came to see the genuine camaraderie they shared. When his lengthy undercover work totally isolated Queen from family, his friends, and ATF colleagues, the Mongols felt like the only family he had left. “I had no doubt these guys genuinely loved Billy St. John and would have laid down their lives for him. But they wouldn’t hesitate to murder Billy Queen.” From Queen’s first sleight of hand with a line of methamphetamine in front of him and a knife at his throat, to the fearsome face-off with their decades-old enemy, the Hell’s Angels (a brawl that left three bikers dead), to the heartbreaking scene of a father ostracized at Parents’ Night because his deranged-outlaw appearance precluded any interaction with regular citizens, Under and Alone is a breathless, adrenaline-charged read that puts you on the street with some of the most dangerous men in America and with the law enforcement agents who risk everything to bring them in. From the Hardcover edition.

Between Two Storms

Author: Sheba McBride-Harris
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469115818
Release Date: 2008-11-06
Genre: Fiction

Life in the Hills and Mountains of North Carolina can be difficult. In the winter, storms are formed by a complicated matrix of moisture, cold fronts and wind sheers. Little did Police Chief Chasen Hayes know that two storms could blow through the area with such speed and tenacity that it would change his life forever. Dr. Bailey Harrison flew in between the two storms. Her mission was to help solve a horrible triple murder and save the life of people she didnt even know. Could these two individuals ride out the tempest and find peace?

Perfect Fling

Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101624739
Release Date: 2013-07-30
Genre: Fiction

Dear Readers: Thank you for loving the small town of Serendipity. Because of you, I’m able to continue what I started…and introduce you to Serendipity’s Finest—the cops of Serendipity… Best wishes, Carly In the picturesque town of Serendipity, New York, three siblings have grown up in the shadow of their proud and respected police chief father. But what do love, fate, and fortune have in store for the next generation of Serendipity’s finest? Assistant D.A. Erin Marsden is Serendipity’s quintessential good girl. The daughter of the ex–police chief, she’s never made a misstep, content with her quiet, predictable life...or so she thinks. Until Cole Sanders shows up with heated interest in his eyes and shadows in his past. After seven years of deep undercover work in New York, Cole returns to town to help his aging father and find his moral compass again. Not to get involved with wholesome Erin Marsden. Even as a rebellious teen, he knew a girl like Erin was off limits. But neither can resist their off-the-charts chemistry, and a one-night stand brings complications neither expected. Then a case puts Erin in a killer’s crosshairs, and Erin succumbs to Cole’s take-charge attitude. As a bodyguard, he’s the best. As a lover, he’s even better. But there’s more than Erin’s safety at stake. And Cole must forgive the sins of his past and prove to himself—and to Erin—that he’s capable of the love and the forever she so desperately needs.

A Sword Within

Author: Greg Allen O'Neal
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN: 9781413738209
Release Date: 2004-11-01
Genre: Poetry

A Sword Within is a collection of poetry about the sword within us all (the human soul). Defeating loss of love, faith, and physical strength, and only having his soul as his own personal sword within, the writer allows you to take a glance at his own spiritual path. You will be deeply inspired with a more enlightened view of the world as you get lost within these pages. Read these symbolic words from the writer of his loss of almost everything and how his sword within allowed him to regain himself and to possess, once again, his faith in love and his will to live. Use these symbolic works for entertainment and to also help you discover your own personal sword within to conquer over your own fear and doubts. A Sword Within shall surely take you on a symbolic flight into the wisdom, love, and joy within everyone's spirit.

Inside the Humidor

Author: Lydia M. Kordalewski
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469120645
Release Date: 2008-05-02
Genre: Fiction

Lydia M. Kordalewski cigar fantasy traces the tragedies and triumphs of four generations coming from the Canary Islands and settling in Cuba in the late 1800s and controlling the cigar dynasty. Choosing not to join the revolution in Cuba, Julio Sharkey flees to Miami with his family and grandfathers humidor via the Dominican Republic to find the American dream. Settling in Florida, Julio builds his cigar dynasty so his sons can have a successful future. But when the oldest son, Victor grows up, he gains his own power and through his greed slips into the dangerous world of drugs leading him into committing murder, rape, dealing with crooked cops and eventually destroying the entire Sharkey dynasty. The second son, Cole, an attorney and Cigar Bar owner lives by the rule of family comes first over everything, remains the good son and stays loyal to his family. And the younger son, Winston, confused throughout his life, changes his lifestyles several times only to find out someone had been hiding a family secret. The reader will find that the Sharkey family lives in a secret underworld of power, lust, greed, betrayal and deception.But at the end, the author casts a special light of love Inside the humidor.


Author: Samuel E. Stone
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146282207X
Release Date: 2000-05-08
Genre: Fiction

Shades, is an inside look at the world through the eyes of an undercover police officer working deep cover. He soon learns things are more complicated than he realized as a uniform cop or detective. There are no defined lines of right and wrong. The rules as he knew them, no longer apply. He must now rely on his instincts to survive. The story focuses on the relationships and bonding process which develops during his interaction with those he encounters, as he infiltrates an organized crime family. Emotions and loyalties become intertwined in a life and death struggle for power and money. Adventure and suspense mount as he learns of corruption within his own police department which could jeopardize his life. The temptations of self-indulgence become sometimes overwhelming, questioning whether he has gone beyond the point of no return. Caught up in turf wars, murder, and betrayal, he struggles for his identity and purpose. This story is an action packed suspense novel. It follows the trials and tribulations of a police sergeant, who goes into deep undercover infiltrating an organized crime family involved in drugs and prostitution. The officers experience dwells on the psychological impact of undercover work, as well as the excitement and temptations which taunt him. The action is nonstop, with the sergeant gradually coming to terms with himself. He finds it necessary to kill in his conflict for survival. The story is one in which an uncertainty prevails, as to whether or not the sergeant will be able to come back from the dark side he willingly crossed over to. The story enlightens the reader to another world within our own community, one which, many of us have no realization exist. It gives the reader an inside look at drugs and prostitution. However, it is even more profound. It gives the reader an understanding of deep undercover cops and why some never return after crossing the line.

Lady Gold

Author: Angela Amato
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0312207263
Release Date: 1998-07-15
Genre: Fiction

Angela Amato is a former NYPD detective who left the force and became a Legal Aid attorney. Her reasons for going over to the other side are shared by Gerry Conte, the detective in LadyGold who is assigned to baby-sit a young mobster-turned-informant who is being kept "on ice" while he is telling what he knows and can learn. Conte goes with him on "dates" and spends time chatting with him - a useful way of coaxing information out. She also has the courage to worm her way into the confidence of his Mafioso uncle Tony. And as time goes on, the feeling between the goldshield detective who hates what the mobsters do to the reputation of honest Italian-Americans and the young wiseguy who thinks he can go through life without paying for his actions edges into an odd and moving love story.