Erasing Hell

Author: Francis Chan
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9780781407533
Release Date: 2011-07-01
Genre: Religion

How could a loving God send people to hell? Will people have a chance after they die to believe in Jesus and go to heaven? With a humble respect for God's Word, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle address the deepest questions you have about eternal destiny. They've asked the same questions. Like you, sometimes they just don't want to believe in hell. But as they write, "We cannot afford to be wrong on this issue." This is not a book about who is saying what. It's a book about what God says. It's not a book about impersonal theological issues. It's a book about people who God loves. It's not a book about arguments, doctrine, or being right. It's a book about the character of God. Erasing Hell will immerse you in the truth of Scripture as, together with the authors, you find not only the truth but the courage to live it out.

Stop Erasing Hell

Author: Francis Chan
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9780781408295
Release Date: 2012-03-01
Genre: Religion

What do you believe about hell? How do you feel about a God who could send people there? Explore these tough questions in Stop Erasing Hell, as you walk through Scripture with Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle to discern how what you believe about hell changes the way you live. In this interactive workbook based on the New York Times-bestselling book Erasing Hell, the authors wrap the study in prayer and impart courage for the journey ahead. This resource will help you learn more about the character of God, discover the biblical truth about the afterlife, and ask yourself the hard questions so that the answers can revolutionize your life. As you grapple with the topic of hell, let God transform your heart through renewed reverence for Him and love for the people around you. Stop Erasing Hell is a stand alone ten-week study that can be used by individuals or small groups, and includes weekend retreat options and guidance for small-group leaders.

The Francis Chan Collection

Author: Francis Chan
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9780781412032
Release Date: 2014-01-24
Genre: Religion

Now available! All four of Francis Chan's New York Times bestselling books in one edition! Experience the life-changing message of Francis Chan. This new collection contains: Crazy Love: Revised & Updated Edition! God is Love. Crazy, relentless, all-powerful love. Have you ever wondered if we're missing it? Forgotten God: Francis Chan offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives. Erasing Hell: Addressing a variety of views on hell, the Bible, and the character of God, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle offer an eloquent response to the recent media storm surrounding questions of eternal destiny. Multiply: One plus one plus one. Every copy of Multiply is designed to do what Jesus did: make disciples who make disciples who make disciples…. until the world knows the truth of Jesus Christ.

All You Want to Know About Hell

Author: Steve Gregg
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781401678319
Release Date: 2013-11-12
Genre: Religion

It is an undeniable fact that the very concept of hell is shrouded in mystery. We know what books and movies tell us hell is like, but we’re left with so many questions. Is hell simply a place where sinners are sent to suffer for their sins, or is it much, much more than that? All You Want to Know About Hell breaks down the three most popular views on hell and tells us what the Bible really says about this terrifying and mystifying place. From the “traditional” view of hell as a place of eternal torment to the early Christian view that hell is a place of suffering intended to purge sin and to bring about repentance, no other book gives such in-depth biblical insight into the truths about hell that are hidden in all the hype. Features include: Complete coverage of the three most popular views on hell Clear explanation of what Scripture really says An easy and interesting read for laypeople, pastors, and scholars alike

Four Views on Hell

Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310516644
Release Date: 2016-03-08
Genre: Religion

Recent years have seen much controversy regarding hell: Do we go to heaven or hell when we die? Or do we cease to exist? Are believers and unbelievers ultimately saved in the end? Four Views on Hell highlights why the church still needs to wrestle with the doctrine of hell. In the familiar counterpoints format, four leading scholars introduce us to the current views on eternal judgment, with particular attention being given to the new voices that have entered the debate. Contributors and views include: Denny Burk: Eternal Conscious Torment John Stackhouse: Annihilationism (Conditional Immortality) Robin Parry: Universalism (Ultimate Reconciliation) Jerry Walls: Purgatory Preston Sprinkle concludes the discussion by evaluating each view, noting significant points of exchange between the essayists. The interactive nature of the volume allows the reader to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each view and come to an informed conclusion. BONUS CONTENT: Includes entire first edition of Four Views on Hell to help readers grasp the history of the discussion and how it has developed over the last twenty years.

Rethinking Hell

Author: Christopher M. Date
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781630871604
Release Date: 2014-04-15
Genre: Religion

Most evangelical Christians believe that those people who are not saved before they die will be punished in hell forever. But is this what the Bible truly teaches? Do Christians need to rethink their understanding of hell? In the late twentieth century, a growing number of evangelical theologians, biblical scholars, and philosophers began to reject the traditional doctrine of eternal conscious torment in hell in favor of a minority theological perspective called conditional immortality. This view contends that the unsaved are resurrected to face divine judgment, just as Christians have always believed, but due to the fact that immortality is only given to those who are in Christ, the unsaved do not exist forever in hell. Instead, they face the punishment of the second death--an end to their conscious existence. This volume brings together excerpts from a variety of well-respected evangelical thinkers, including John Stott, John Wenham, and E. Earl Ellis, as they articulate the biblical, theological, and philosophical arguments for conditionalism. These readings will give thoughtful Christians strong evidence that there are indeed compelling reasons for rethinking hell.

Der vergessene Garten

Author: Julia Williams
Publisher: MIRA Taschenbuch
ISBN: 9783956495458
Release Date: 2016-05-10
Genre: Fiction

Lovelace Cottage muss unbedingt renoviert werden. Aber seit dem Tod seiner Frau fühlt sich Joel allein gelassen. Sein kleiner Sohn, der Job - da bleibt kaum Zeit sich noch um Haus und Garten zu kümmern. Obwohl der Vater ihrer Töchter sie damals verließ, ist Laurel glücklich. Doch plötzlich ist er wieder da und mit ihm die Gefühle, die sie all die Jahre unterdrückt hat. Und dann kommt Kezzie aus London nach Heartsease. Mit ihrem Enthusiasmus und ihren Ideen bringt sie neuen Schwung in den Ort das Leben ihrer neuen Nachbarn. Doch auch Kezzie hat etwas, wovor sie davonläuft. Aber es ist ja Sommer, eine Zeit des Neubeginns, und vielleicht ist es genau das, was die drei am meisten brauchen - Sommer in ihren Herzen. "Julia schreibt wunderschön, detail- und farbenreich - man muss es einfach lieben. Ein weiteres Buch, was man einfach nicht aus der Hand legen kann. Ich habe jede einzelne Seite genossen. Eine wirklich zauberhafte und charmante Geschichte." (Leserstimme auf blogspot)

Gehenna Revisited

Author: D. L. Kennedy
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1511719869
Release Date: 2015-04-25

Imagine a child standing at his father's feet. He has broken the rules and knows he will be punished. As he looks up at his father, waiting to discover his fate, his father looks down and considers. If he truly loves his child, how will he punish him? Will he punish him appropriately, or will he punish his child today, tomorrow, and then forever? If we, being human, know the difference between justice and injustice, how much more does God? Gehenna Revisited examines the Bible and endeavors to show that eternal conscious torment in hell is not supported by scripture. Gehenna Revisited covers old ground and new in the debate on hell. From the parallel Christ drew between Gehenna and the Battle of Armageddon, to the main point of the Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man-if Hades existed, it would be filled with Pharisees-there are new considerations in this age-old discussion. Does God truly condemn His creation to eternal, conscious torment in hell, or have churches been teaching Greek Mythology for centuries? This book was originally entitled "Hell is a Place on Earth." If you have that Kindle title, make sure you have the latest version so you will not need to purchase "Gehenna Revisited." You will know you have the latest version of "Hell is a Place on Earth" if it has a title page and a table of Contents. Earlier versions did not include those. If you have a Contents page before chapter one, you have "Gehenna Revisited" and my rebuttal of "Erasing Hell." However, since I am retiring the original title, I am not sure how long you will be able to update that. If it hasn't automatically updated to the new version, customer support at Amazon can walk you through the update process. You can also contact me through the e-mail address at the back of "Hell is a Place on Earth," and I will try to help too.

Heavenly man

Author: Yun (Bruder)
ISBN: 3765537888
Release Date: 2004

Von der Polizei nach Namen und Wohnort gefragt, will er beides nicht preisgeben, um die Christen in seiner Hauskirche und in seinem Heimatland China nicht zu gefährden. Er antwortet: "Ich bin ein Mann des Himmels. Ich wohne im Evangeliumsdorf." So kommt Bruder Yun zu seinem Spitznamen "Heavenly Man". Ein Leben wie im Abenteuerroman. Oder besser: wie eine neue Version der Apostelgeschichte. Mit 16 zum Glauben gekommen. Erhält von Gott Aufträge, auch in Träumen und Visionen. Mehrfach verhaftet, aber auf wundersame Weise entkommen. Schließlich doch Gefängnis und schwerste Folterungen. Durch Gottes Gnade standhaft geblieben. Er bleibt ein Zeuge Gottes. Durch ihn und zahllose andere Christen breitet sich das Evangelium in China wie in riesigen Wellen aus. Mit seinem Buch will er Gottes Taten bezeugen und die Christen im Westen aufrütteln. Damit in ihnen die Liebe zu Gott und den Menschen wieder stark wird.

The Trimmed Lamp

Author: Howard Vincent O'Brien
ISBN: NYPL:33433078282781
Release Date: 1914
Genre: Art