Horseback Riding For Dummies

Author: Audrey Pavia
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118051146
Release Date: 2011-02-14
Genre: Pets

You’ve always dreamed of riding horses. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you realized your equestrian dreams and learned to ride like a pro on the back of a noble steed. And Horseback Riding for Dummies shows you how. Don’t know a horse’s head from its tail, a trot from a canter, withers from a fetlock? No problem. Coauthored by a medal-winning equestrian and nationally respected equestrian trainer, it tells you what you need to know about that elegant animal, body and soul, to become an accomplished rider. And it trains you in all the technical basics of riding for fun or competition, including how to: Find a good stable and instructor Select riding gear Warm up and keep riding muscles fit Establish a rapport with a horse Cue a horse to walk, jog, trot, lope, and cantor Ride in the ring and on trails Improve your balance and timing Compete in horse shows Buy and care for your own horse Stop dreaming about it and learn to ride like the wind with Horseback Riding for Dummies—the ultimate beginner’s guide to all things equestrian.

A Parent s Guide to Riding Lessons

Author: Elise Gaston Chand
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781603426626
Release Date: 2009-09-16
Genre: Sports & Recreation

If you don’t know the difference between a bridle and a saddle but your child dreams of riding horses, this informative guide will answer all of your most pressing questions. Elise Gaston Chand provides informed and sensible tips on finding qualified instructors, the cost of lessons, safety concerns, and much more. Learn what to watch for as your child’s riding progresses, confidently steer your child toward rewarding competition experiences, and take pride in all of your child’s riding achievements.

Horses For Dummies

Author: Audrey Pavia
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118054652
Release Date: 2011-03-16
Genre: Pets

Features new full-color photos and online resources Train, care for, and have fun with your horse If you're crazy about horses, this hands-on guide is all you need to giddy up and go. Featuring updates on breeds, boarding, nutrition, equipment, training, and riding, as well as new information on various equine conditions, this resource shows you how to keep your horse happy - and take your riding skills to the next level. Discover how to * Select the right horse for you * Feed, groom, and handle your horse * Recognize common horse ailments * Have fun in the saddle * Get involved in equestrian competitions

Riding Lessons

Author: Sara Gruen
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061753237
Release Date: 2009-10-13
Genre: Fiction

As a world-class equestrian and Olympic contender, Annemarie Zimmer lived for the thrill of flight atop a strong, graceful animal. Then, at eighteen, a tragic accident destroyed her riding career and Harry, the beautiful horse she cherished. Now, twenty years later, Annemarie is coming home to her dying father's New Hampshire horse farm. Jobless and abandoned, she is bringing her troubled teenage daughter to this place of pain and memory, where ghosts of an unresolved youth still haunt the fields and stables—and where hope lives in the eyes of the handsome, gentle veterinarian Annemarie loved as a girl . . . and in the seductive allure of a trainer with a magic touch. But everything will change yet again with one glimpse of a white striped gelding startlingly similar to the one Annemarie lost in another lifetime. And an obsession is born that could shatter her fragile world.

Teaching Tips for Horseback Riding Instructors

Author: Jo Struby
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 9781480900349
Release Date: 2013-11-01
Genre: Self-Help

Jo holds a M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Equestrian Studies (1986) and a B.S. in Equestrian Studies with a minor in Education (1986- graduating magna cum laude). Both of her academic degrees are from Salem International University, West Virginia. She also holds a Riding Master Diploma, 1975 from Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship where she was named to the Who’s Who List for Outstanding Students in American Vocational and Technical Schools, 1975. As an administrator, Jo was formerly Dean of Meredith Manor School of Horsemanship, 1980-1985. She has a strong professional background in teacher education, program administration and curriculum development. While teaching at this internationally known school for 10 years, she focused on the development of the jumping and teaching departments. As former Vice-President for the United States Combined Training Association, Jo served on the executive committee from 1987-1989 and the board of governors from 1984-1989. During her tenure, she developed the AHSA-USCTA Combined Training Officials seminars as well as carried out the educational seminars for the general membership including beginning the USCTA Event Colleges. In 1988 she received the USCTA’s Governor’s Cup Award for outstanding contributions to the sport of Eventing. As an educator, Jo has provided equestrian education to riders and instructors, nationally, since 1975. From 1989 through 2002 she provided an on-going education program for horseback riding instructors focusing on improving their teaching effectiveness. She has also developed a working student program for Shenandoah Farm of Staunton, Virginia on training and breeding, and advised Wetherbee Farm of Boxboro Massachusetts on developing their Fitness by Riding Program. As a rider, competitor and athlete, Jo has trained and competed through the Advanced Level in Eventing and the Prix St. Georges Level in Dressage. She earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medal Rider Awards during the late 1970’s. She has also been long listed during the 1980’s for The Eventing Olympic Team.

The Riding Handbook

Author: Zoe St. Aubyn
Publisher: Firefly Books Limited
ISBN: 1554072794
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Sports & Recreation

A well-illustrated comprehensive guide to both English and Western horseback riding that stresses an understanding of the horse and developing a solid relationship between horse and rider, and organized to follow the natural progression of a new rider.

Sports Coach

ISBN: OSU:32435073710774
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Athletics

Class Reunion

Author: Rona Jaffe
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781504008365
Release Date: 2015-03-24
Genre: Fiction

Twenty years after their college graduation, four Radcliffe girls return to their Harvard class reunion with mixed emotions and curiosity. It is the first time they have met since their hopeful student years, when each of them had wonderful dreams of becoming wives, mothers, and successful career women. But much has changed since the fifties, and the former classmates’ lives have been altered by events none of them could have foreseen. Humorous, heartwarming, often poignant and nostalgic, Class Reunion captures the spirit of the fifties brilliantly in contrast to the changing world the four girls have embraced, often with straightforward and pithy commentary on the social conventions of the past.

Riding Through the Darkness

Author: Dana Montgomery-Gair
ISBN: 9781435748705
Release Date: 2008-08-04

I had been discharged from a residential treatment program and quickly began to crash and go back to my depressive mood. My dad knew I had a love of horses and forced me to try out a new stable, I was reluctant to go because I had decided years ago that my horseback riding career was over. But then I met Zach, a stubborn and very difficult horse, and we clicked immediately. Zach became my lifeline and continues to teach me how to be comfortable in my own skin.

Hoof Prints on My Heart

Author: Mitzy Tait-Zeller
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469189864
Release Date: 2012-05-09
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Hoof Prints on My Heart is a poignant and heartwarming recollection of the authors experiences with horses, her own and those she came in contact with over the last thirty two years. Her horse experiences shared with family and friends are fondly remembered from a now experienced heart and often in a humorous light. From a wee girl madly in love with horses to the horsewoman she is today she recalls the humor, the heartbreak and the obstacles that could not deter her love of the equine species. Her dreams and goals change as her horse and life experiences evolve. Mount up and ride with the author on the backs of the horses that have left hoof prints on her heart.

The Most Wonderful Writing Lessons Ever

Author: Barbara Mariconda
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0590873040
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Education

Inventive activities give teachers details they need to present engaging lesson on writing an entertaining beginning, building suspense, adding detail, developing story endings and using dialogue effectively. Wake kids up to good writing skills. Illustrations throughout.

Collective Remarks

Author: Anne Gribbons
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
ISBN: 9781570767388
Release Date: 2014-11-14
Genre: Sports & Recreation

A world renowned dressage judge and former US Olympic coach, Anne Gribbons has had the unique experience of living the trajectory of the evolution of dressage in the United States—and has always been willing to share her knowledge and guidance in her popular column in The Chronicle of the Horse. Now, the best (and sometimes the worst!) of Anne’s personal experiences over the course of almost 20 years are gathered into one immensely entertaining sourcebook of history, humor, and wit. Anyone with an interest in dressage, its controversies, and its most famous names will enjoy this collection of Anne’s columns; but their true value is in Anne’s ideas for improving our horses, our riders, and our ability to compete on the international scene with success and integrity in the years to come.

Horse Makeovers

Author: Patti Dammier, PhD
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781491739570
Release Date: 2014-08-27
Genre: Pets

Horses are beautiful creatures who respond favorably to humans because we have the ability to create a positive relationship with them. But how do we create a positive learning environment that will obtain desirable behavior from horses? In her guidebook, a professional educator and Grand Prix dressage horse trainer shares step-by-step lessons and powerful tools of behavior modification that will help horse trainers and riders create successful horse performance. Dr. Patti Dammier relies on over twenty-five years of experience in horse training and professional research and education to offer an innovative approach that uses scientific evidence to teach basic principles of behavior change. Through her methods, case studies, and key points, riders and horse trainers will learn how to: Establish goals and objectives specifi cally tailored for each horse Create reasonable and achievable lessons Develop rider aids and cues that reward behavior Decrease undesirable behavior without unnecessary force Manage risk and ensure a safe learning environment "Horse Makeovers" is a guidebook for anyone eager to learn an educated approach to training horses that utilizes proven scientific research, resources of learning theory, and techniques of positive motivation to achieve results.