Hello My Name Is

Author: Matthew West
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781683970736
Release Date: 2017-04-18
Genre: Religion

The world goes out of its way to make you believe you are not good enough. Maybe you aren't sure you like where you've been, or who you've become. Maybe someone has made you believe a lie about who you are by speaking damaging words to you. The discovery of our true identities does not begin by looking within ourselves, but by looking to the One who made us. Hello, My Name Is will inspire you to not wear the nametag that someone else gave you, but to wear the name of who God says you are. Your name may be "Lonely" . . . He calls you Friend. Your name may be "Failure" . . . He calls you Redeemed. Your name may be "Broken" . . . He calls you Beloved. It is time to tear off the false nametags that cover up your true identity. Understanding who you are begins with knowing Whose you are so you can embrace your destiny as a child of the one true King. "Hello, My Name Is will silence the lies of the enemy so you can hear God whisper, 'You are mine. You are wanted. You are so incredibly loved.'" —Lysa Terkeurst, New York Times best-selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries "Hello, My Name Is gets to the heart of an issue that haunts the homeless and the hero, the kid and the king, the disabled and the diva—our identity." —Randy Frazee, Senior Minister at Oak Hills Church, author of The Heart of the Story Matthew West brings the rare combination of songwriter an pastor to his ministry. He is a modern-day King David, creating Psalms that touch the heart of God and God’s children. Now, as an added blessing to us all, he has compiled his thoughts into a book. A person can almost hear Matthew sing through the pages. I’m deeply grateful for this work, this singer, this friend. —Max Lucado, New York Times best-selling author Matthew West has always written honestly in his songs and stories. In his latest book, Hello, My Name Is, Matthew may offer his greatest truth yet: how to discover our God-given identity while building a closer relationship with our Lord. I gained a lot of insight while reading this book, and I know you will as well. —Scotty McCreery, ACM, BMI, and CMT award-winning country music entertainer and author of Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream

Paradox Lost

Author: Catherine Skurja
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 9780985310417
Release Date: 2013-08-08
Genre: Religion

What if there was a way to peel back the broken and tattered pieces of ourselves, and uncover a new life of freedom, adventure, and transformation? For many of us, our misconceptions about the nature and character of the triune God have kept us from the freedom and joy found in our true identity in Christ. Damaging cycles of shame and the endless effort to look the part keep us trapped in drama and fear. Unable to grasp the paradox of a God who is both Lion and Lamb, we end up feeling alone, stuck on the banks of the river while a life of passion and adventure beckons. Using stories of transformation, Paradox Lost presents a framework for understanding our patterns of “stuckness” and provides specific tools for getting off the riverbanks and into the current. With life-giving insight into God’s nature, readers will find the courage to uncover their own wounded places, as well as invite others to experience the wholeness of abundant life in Christ.

The Resilient Power of Purpose

Author: Larry DiAngi
Publisher: GOKO Publishing
ISBN: 1577570839
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Self-actualization (Psychology)

In The Resilient Power of Purpose, Larry DiAngi offers inspiring yet practical advice on how to make your dreams a reality. By following the seven principles Larry sets out in this book, you will learn how to rediscover the passion of your purpose in life and be propelled with unstoppable inspiration. You will be challenged to explore questions such as: What is the purpose in my life? How can I discover my true identity? How do I live an inspired life that creates continual motivation? How am I influenced by the people that surround me? How do my thoughts about the different areas of my life affect me? How can I overcome procrastination and self-sabotage? How can I make my dream a reality despite the negative influences in my life? How can I learn to face my fears and find the courage to do things I have never done? Filled with poignant stories and examples from Larry's own life. The Resilient Power of Purpose will inspire you to pursue your dreams with relentless energy and courage.

A Woman s Way through the Twelve Steps

Author: Stephanie S Covington
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781592857937
Release Date: 2009-06-03
Genre: Self-Help

Geared specifically to women, this book brings a feminine perspective to the Twelve Step program, searching out the healing messages beneath the male-oriented words. Recovery is not a man's world, and yet to a woman it can sometimes seem that way. Geared specifically to that woman, this book brings a feminine perspective to the Twelve Step program, searching out the healing messages beneath the male-oriented words. Based on an open exploration and a flexible interpretation of the Twelve Steps, this new perspective takes into account the psychological development of women as it relates to addiction and recovery, as well as the social and cultural factors that affect women in particular.Acknowledging that recovery raises special issues for women--from questions about sexuality, relationships, and everyday life to anxieties about speaking up at mixed-gender meetings--A Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps focuses directly on the feminine experience of addiction and healing. The author explores the Twelve Steps one by one, reiterating each in its traditional language, then explaining and illustrating it in a way that highlights a woman's experience--empowering the reader to take ownership of her own recovery process as well as her growth as a woman.


Author: Lisa Alther
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781453205778
Release Date: 2010-12-14
Genre: Fiction

A humorous journey from ’80s Manhattan to the wild side of small-town living, from bestselling author Lisa Alther Clea Shawn is exhausted by her life: her globe-trotting career as a travel photographer, her successful husband’s numerous liaisons, and the unrequited love she feels for her best friend, Elke. She decides to get away from her Manhattan townhouse—and a city in the throws of the ’80s—and move to Roches Ridge, the picturesque Vermont town she visits on a ski trip. Roches Ridge is quiet, sleepy, and seemingly unchanged by the times. But Clea soon discovers this small town has big secrets—and even bigger characters. From the Don Johnson look-alike who introduces his salon’s clientele to punk hairstyles and the band of militant lesbians camped out in Mink Creek to the romance-writing cosmetics saleswoman turned stalker and the strapping hillbilly with a predilection for animal skeleton art, Roches Ridge is livelier than Clea originally thinks. . . . A rollicking small-town adventure, Bedrock features Alther’s signature mix of unexpected, humorous characters, and a charming heroine on the long bumpy road to self-actualization. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Lisa Alther, including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.

God Are You Talking To Me

Author: Dr. Tana Tillman
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 1452501629
Release Date: 2010-12-01
Genre: Religion

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night and had such a strong feeling of having to do something and not been able to go back to sleep until you did it? Have you had many experiences about which you called coincidences or intuition? Have you had a song come on the radio with words that touched your heart at a time when you really needed to hear them? Have you had a friend/relative call you on the phone just when you were about to call that person yourself? Have you had a book come into your hands just when you needed to read the message in it? If you answered yes to any or all of the preceding questions, then this book is the one for you to read. It is a true story about what happened to an average person like you, who decided to take a leap of faith and believe that it was God speaking to her whenever any of those things happened. It could be your story, because the author describes what she did to hear God’s Voice and what transpired when she followed the directives which she was given. Read this book to see what can happen in just 12 short weeks when you take a leap of faith, be still and listen, and try to be just Love.

Nine Paths of Enlightenment and the Six Self Deceits

Author: Jason Cain
ISBN: 0994250207
Release Date: 2015-04

A contemporary work of timeless understanding for the modern era, Jason gives testament to the uniqueness of the mystic's life. Bringing a new potential in an age that has lost its clarity and unwrapping the mystery of the self in a message that is simple and direct. .Journey with Jason into the world of a mystic, as he unravels the mysteries of the spirit to illuminate the mind. A journey that will expose the falsehood of both religious ideology and pretentious intellectual's with their ego centered philosophies. ."Nine Paths Of Enlightenment And The Six Self-Deceits" expresses the mystic's solitary concern with self's delusions and the realization of a higher self, and as Jason guides you to understand your true nature, the selfish ego will fade into obscurity as you penetrate the veil of non-being and transcend the ego bound mind. . It's Time To Check In With Yourself Visit www.ZeropointMan.com

The Shamrock

ISBN: NYPL:33433088319433
Release Date: 1878
Genre: English literature


ISBN: PRNC:32101074880574
Release Date: 1886
Genre: American wit and humor

Transit Lines

ISBN: STANFORD:36105128526618
Release Date: 1942-09
Genre: Street-railroads

The Sports card explosion

Author: Mark K. Larson
Publisher: Krause Pubns Inc
ISBN: 0873412540
Release Date: 1993-07-01
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Revisit the special events captured on cards and collectibles with Mark K. Larson, from 1-cent cards to $451,000 investments. You'll find memories like Hank Aaron's 755th home run, Bob Uecker's greatest thrill in baseball, Nolan Ryan's 300th win and more!