Theory of Knowledge IB Skills and Practice

Author: Jill Rutherford
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0199129746
Release Date: 2013-10
Genre: Philosophy

Ensure learners truly understand all the essential TOK foundations and provide a practical learning scaffold to confidently progress them onto higher order thinking. Comprehensively supporting the TOK course book and mapped to the 2013 syllabus, this focused guide distils the big TOK ideas and builds student confidence right from the start.

Ib Theory of Knowledge Online Course Book

Author: Eileen Dombrowski
ISBN: 0198355009
Release Date: 2014-12-22
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Build confident critical thinkers who can process and articulate complex ideas in relevant, real-life contexts. The enquiry-based approach actively drives independent thought and helps learners connect ideas and frameworks while pushing them above and beyond typical TOK boundaries. This online course book is completely mapped to the 2013 syllabus. - Coach students to confidently process and articulate higher order thinking through an enquiry-based approach - The most comprehensive match to the 2013 syllabus frameworks and approach, including support direct from the IB - Help learners actively connect ideas and frameworks across curricular boundaries - Progress students above and beyond TOK learning boundaries and push the limits of their understanding - Written by a TOK workshop leader and expert in enquiry-based learning with over 25 years' experience teaching TOK - Easily navigate through the syllabus with a practical and straightforward learning pathway - Actively drive skills development through lots of practice and activities - students will apply skills immediately - Make global connections to real-life contexts and world issues with the strongly international focus - Ensure learners truly understand all the essential foundations - supporting Skills & Practice resource builds confidence right from the start - Multiplatform access, compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and more - Also available in print format - The license is valid until 31st December 2021 About the Series: Oxford's IB Diploma Course Books are essential resource materials designed in cooperation with the IB to provide students with extra support through their IB studies. Course Books provide advice and guidance on specific course assessment requirements, mirroring the IB philosophy and providing opportunities for critical thinking.

Access to History for the IB diploma Causes practices and effects of wars

Author: Andy Dailey
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781444156430
Release Date: 2012-10-26
Genre: History

This series has taken the clarity, accessibility, reliability and in-depth analysis of our best-selling Access to History series and tailor-made it for the History IB Diploma. Each title in the series supports a specific topic in the IB History guide through thorough content coverage and examination guidance - helping students develop a good knowledge and understanding of the required content alongside the skills they need to do well. Causes, practices and effects of wars has been written specifically to support 20th century world history: Topic 1 and includes: - authoritative, clear and engaging narrative which combines depth of content with accessibility of approach - up-to-date historiography with clear analysis and associated TOK activities - comparative chapters which allow students to compare and contrast wars - guidance on answering exam-style questions with model answers and practice questions.

Introducing the IB Diploma Programme

Author: Marc Abrioux
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107606289
Release Date: 2013-02-14
Genre: Education

An ideal reference guide to introducing the IB Diploma in your school.

The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education

Author: Mary Hayden
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780857023742
Release Date: 2007-01-03
Genre: Education

''The editors of the SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education have brought together an impressive array of scholars whose cutting edge research addresses the growing field of international education, from the experiences of K-12 schools around the world to the field of teacher education. This book raises important questions and should be read by a broad audience' - Kenneth Cushner, Executive Director of International Affairs and Professor of Education, Kent State University 'The editors of this admirable handbook have set out to produce a report on international education. Their consummate success in doing so gives those of us working in the field a new and invaluable resource. The editors may be academics but this is a book largely written by, about and for those whose job it is to teach ''internationally''. No-one working in international education will fail to be provoked, challenged or inspired by the compelling arguments advanced within this authoritative volume' - Peter MacKenzie, Principal, Hiroshima International School 'The book is well organized in carefully integrated sections and chapters and the references alone are a valuable bibliographical tool. An indispensable work highly recommended for education reference collections and the libraries of individual researchers' - J.B.Thomas, Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies, Loughborough University Interest in the field of international education has never been more intense than at present. There are a rapidly increasing number of schools worldwide set up specifically to meet the demands of those parents who, through their own professional activities, wish to have their sons and daughters educated in schools that offer programmes based on international values. Such schools have embraced the promotion of international education as one of their major goals and, consequently, an increasing number of organisations currently offer curricula that claim to be international in nature. Such global movements have created a parallel increase in the incorporation of forms of international education within national school systems throughout the world. This has resulted in wider forms of collaboration between schools in the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally, generating a much more substantial base of professional experience in the implementation of schemes for international education than had previously existed. This book analyses the origins, contributions and interpretations of international education. The authors identify approaches to research that will progress our knowledge and understanding of the field, and extend and even redraw it, on the basis of the research evidence presented. Content includes: - A historical overview of the ways in which the term "international education" has been interpreted - The theoretical interpretation of international education in its current context - International education in practice: exploration of the issues in terms of students, curricula, pedagogies and organising formal institutions - Conceptual challenges for international education in the future This handbook is an essential resource for those who are involved in the practice and academic study of international education. It will be of particular interest to researchers and teachers in universities, governmental and private curriculum development agencies, examination authorities, administrators and teachers in schools. 'This volume is another valuable SAGE contribution to the expanding literature on international education. Not all handbooks are described as essential reading but this one will be, and will become an indispensable work of reference highly recommended for education libraries (both academic and governmental) and for the bookshelves of individual researchers and all involved in international education...the three editors and their fellow authors can take a collective pride in having given us an excellent volume which very successfully completes a chronological and theoretical journey through the issues, practices and future questions presented by international research and practice in international education' - Journal of Research in International Education

International Education

Author: Jeff Thompson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136357442
Release Date: 2012-10-12
Genre: Education

A study of the principles and practices of international education. Each chapter of this volume addresses a key issue in international education, seeking to blend practical issues with leading research. This revised edition includes a new introduction by the editors.

Espanol B

Author: Concepcion Allende
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0435074539
Release Date: 2011-11
Genre: Spanish language

Student Book, Teacher's Guide and online resources written for the 2011 Language B syllabus Key features: Fully tailored to the 2011 Español B syllabus, including all core themes and a broad spread of options. Clearly differentiated content for both Standard and Higher Level students. Integrated with free online learning resources at to support and extend study. Supported by a Teacher's Guide containing teaching guidance and schemes of work, as well as comprehensive answers to all exercises in the student book. For your local prices please contact your Pearson representative.

Data Response Questions for Economics with Answers

Author: Alan Glanville
Publisher: Glanville Books Ltd.
ISBN: 9780952474647
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Data Response Questions for Economics is a companion workbook to Economics from a Global Perspective and Multiple Choice Questions for Economics. It is thus structured to the syllabus of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. It is, however, suitable for use in any introductory economics course. The workbook contains a balanced selection of contemporary articles from around the world. Each article is followed by questions. Full answer schemes are provided. The workbook aims to help students acquire and practice a number of specific skills: To learn to read and interpret articles as an economist. To practice reading and interpreting graphical and statistical information. To widen knowledge through reading carefully chosen articles relevant to the course. To practice applying economic theory. To reinforce the skills and knowledge acquired in the economics course. To meet key economic concepts several times over. To relate classroom learning to the real world. To encourage hands on study. To gain a world perspective through reading articles drawn from all over the globe. To practice data response type examination questions.

Equal Rights to the Curriculum

Author: Eithne Gallagher
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 1847695698
Release Date: 2008-05-21
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

The parents of second language children are often seen but not heard in schools. This book is unique in addressing the many issues facing parents of children whose first language is different from that of the school classroom. Drawing on teaching theory, the book provides these parents with a wealth of practical information, guidelines and checklists, enabling them to ask schools intelligent and challenging questions to test whether their children’s linguistic diversity is really being properly catered for. The theory review and best practice guidelines should be of value also to teacher trainers, teachers, administrators and policy makers. They provide an accurate analysis of important issues together with pragmatic pointers towards improving educational practice so that all children growing up in a school’s multicultural society will be guaranteed what they deserve: Equal Rights to the Curriculum.

Encyclopedia of Education

Author: James W. Guthrie
Publisher: Macmillan Library Reference
ISBN: UOM:49015002937994
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Education

"The first edition, published in 1971, served for the past three decades as the most comprehensive reference source on education. The revised version proves a worthy successor. Its eight volumes contain over 850 articles written or reworked by more than 1,000 contributors. Nearly every article has been completely rewritten, with many new topics added. The six appendixes include information on achievement tests, state departments of education, legislation and court cases important to the field of education, and a 138-page index."--"The Top 20 Reference Titles of the Year," American Libraries, May 2004.

Practical Evidence Based Physiotherapy E Book

Author: Robert Herbert
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780702047138
Release Date: 2011-08-01
Genre: Medical

Evidence-based practice has become a central part of physiotherapy today, but it is still an area which is constantly expanding and being updated. Written by an international team of experts, this second edition continues to outline the basic definitions of evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning, while detailing how to find and critically appraise evidence and clinical practice guidelines and the steps to follow in the implementation and evaluation of evidence. For those struggling to understand both the concepts and how to implement them, this book will prove to be an invaluable and practical guide. Considers how both quantitative and qualitative research can be used to answer clinical questions Written for readers with different levels of expertise Highlighted critical points and text box summaries (basic) Detailed explanations in text (intermediate) Footnotes (advanced) Presents detailed strategies for searching physiotherapy-relevant databases Extensive consideration of clinical practice guidelines Chapter asking the question: When and how should new therapies be introduced into clinical practice? Search strategies Evaluating quality of interventions Placebo effects Meta-regression

Physical Therapy for Children

Author: Suzann K. Campbell
Publisher: W B Saunders Company
ISBN: 0721603785
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Includes DVD with video clips, and a resource-filled website.

The Navy List

Author: Great Britain. Admiralty
ISBN: UOM:39015025976260
Release Date: 1857