Train Your Dog Positively

Author: Victoria Stilwell
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9781607744153
Release Date: 2013-03-19
Genre: Pets

Victoria Stilwell, positive reinforcement dog trainer and star of the hit Animal Planet TV show, It's Me or the Dog, explains how to use her force-free, scientifically-backed training methods to solve common canine behavior problems. Victoria Stilwell, America's favorite no-nonsense trainer, has rehabilitated some of the world's most difficult dogs- and now she's revealing her scientifically proven behavioral training secrets for you to use at home. Victoria's all-new training guide shows how positive reinforcement is more effective than other methods: by changing the way your dog thinks, feels, and learns, you can actually encourage your dog to want to behave. With tips and tricks for understanding canine language, harnessing the power of reward-based training, and tapping into dogs' natural instincts, there are no hopeless cases! So get ready to boost your dog's confidence, improve your communication, and build your bond with your best friend today. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Run Spot Run

Author: Jessica Pierce
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226209920
Release Date: 2016-05-06
Genre: Pets

A life shared with pets brings many emotions. We feel love for our companions, certainly, and happiness at the thought that we’re providing them with a safe, healthy life. But there’s another emotion, less often acknowledged, that can be nearly as powerful: guilt. When we see our cats gazing wistfully out the window, or watch a goldfish swim lazy circles in a bowl, we can’t help but wonder: are we doing the right thing, keeping these independent beings locked up, subject to our control? Is keeping pets actually good for the pets themselves? That’s the question that animates Jessica Pierce’s powerful Run, Spot, Run. A lover of pets herself (including, over the years, dogs, cats, fish, rats, hermit crabs, and more), Pierce understands the joys that pets bring us. But she also refuses to deny the ambiguous ethics at the heart of the relationship, and through a mix of personal stories, philosophical reflections, and scientifically informed analyses of animal behavior and natural history, she puts pet-keeping to the test. Is it ethical to keep pets at all? Are some species more suited to the relationship than others? Are there species one should never attempt to own? And are there ways that we can improve our pets’ lives, so that we can be confident that we are giving them as much as they give us? Deeply empathetic, yet rigorous and unflinching in her thinking, Pierce has written a book that is sure to help any pet owner, unsettling assumptions but also giving them the knowledge to build deeper, better relationships with the animals with whom they’ve chosen to share their lives.

A Life of Gratitude

Author: Beth Reed
ISBN: 9780557317394
Release Date: 2010-03-26

In April 2009, my daughter knowing the journey I was on, asked me to join her as she tried to make her life more positive. She suggested that her grandmother, she and I email each other daily with things we were grateful for. Her hope was that it would brighten her outlook on life and make her a more positive person. What follows are selected emails from that journey and how her simple request changed my life. My wish for you today is that you take what my daughter has started and make it your own.

AKC Gazette

ISBN: CORNELL:31924098788718
Release Date: 2005-01
Genre: Dogs


Author: M W Valbert
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781452596112
Release Date: 2014-06-20
Genre: Fiction

When HRH Prince John, the fourth son of the Queen of England, goes AWOL in Seattle, he meets Catori Moriarty, an unusual girl from New Mexico. John hails from a thousand years of British royalty. Tori doesn’t know who her biological parents were. He was raised in a glass box call Buckingham Palace and taught to repress his emotions. She was taught how to heal her wounds and live in joy. He suffers from debilitating migraines that threaten his career as a pilot in the Royal Navy. She can use her extraordinary higher sense perception to heal. Both are older than their years and love physics. Obviously they were made for each other, and their accidental meeting was divinely orchestrated. Too bad John’s married and off-limits, and Tori prefers the simple life. Did the universe get it wrong? Unwilling for the magic to end, they set out on a road trip to Tori’s home in Albuquerque. It’s a slice-of-life journey that ultimately spans three continents and includes two-headed snake stops and many perfect moments. Along the way they discover that they’ve been in each other’s consciousness since Tori was born and that they can communicate empathically. John’s career is saved, but each return to his ship proves wrenching. Tori learns that leaving her comfort zone is good for her soul—and his. It’s a love affair that rocks the British monarchy, but the ripples it sends out glisten.

Dog Fancy

ISBN: CORNELL:31924108308424
Release Date: 2010-03
Genre: Dogs

New York

ISBN: NWU:35556023649122
Release Date: 1995-07-10
Genre: New York (N.Y.)