Rusty the Red Dragon

Author: Matt Crossfield
ISBN: 1912655012
Release Date: 2018-10-31

Rusty the Red Scrap Dragon is lonely, but when he spots a puff of smoke in the distance he starts his journey to find another dragon. The book follows Rusty on his adventures, meeting new friends along the way. My idea for the book was to inspire children to have the courage to fulfil their goals and ambitions. I hope to show youngsters that it is beneficial to socialise and interact with others.

Red Dragon Square

Author: Yvonne Wilson
Publisher: Dreamcatcher Pub
ISBN: 1894372034
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Fiction

Under the Red Dragon

Author: James Grant
ISBN: OXFORD:600068658
Release Date: 1872

This historical fiction, based upon the journeys of several veterans, €was published in 1872 and is set against the backdrop of the Crimean War. This is the second part of a three-volume series.

Shadow of the Red Dragon

Author: Joseph Glionna
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 9781449777302
Release Date: 2013-04-03
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Military policeman, Sergeant Joe Armandi was only nineteen, but he was wise and experienced beyond his years. His classroom was the poor and tough neighborhood where he was born and raised. One lesson he had learned was simple but true: Evil to various degrees lives in everyone who walks on the planet, whether it is manifested by a simple hurtful word, the commission of a crime, a greedy thirst for some object, or murder. Each individual since the beginning of time has experienced this truth. Trying to find himself after the tragic and untimely death of Joyce, his one and only love, which put an end to his life’s dream, Joe found himself in South Korea as an undercover agent, trying to discover the traitorous American soldier selling vital shipping information to hijackers the Red Dragons, the largest, most violent, and extremely successful criminals in South Korea. Using his talents and experience as a superior prizefighter, Joe infiltrated the gang whose leader, Won Pak, owned an illegal fighting arena. Joe made a lot of money for Pak and thus was cautiously accepted by him. After months of investigation, Joe still hadn’t exposed the American traitor, but he had some strong possibilities. Joe knew everyone dies, and since Joyce died, he was ready for anything and feared nothing. Many attempts were made to seriously damage Joe’s body, even torture, and assassination was also tried more than once. All that mayhem ended after Joe stole a million-dollar treasure that everyone wanted.

The Dragons

Author: Doug Niles
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
ISBN: 9780786962754
Release Date: 2012-03-13
Genre: Fiction

War Among the Dragons . . . "When dragons make war, Krynn can only tremble in the shaodw of angry wings." -- Astinus Lorekeeper Aurican and Darlantan, mighty serpents of gold and silver, have been nurtured in a world of wisdom, meditation, and sublime faith. On the other side of Ansalon, Crematia, a dragon of red, inherits the Dark Queen's legacy of betrayal, violence, conquest, and plunder. The advent of a worldwide war sweeps these powerful beings and many more into desperate strife. Battles rage over Krynn with a fury that threatens to annilhilate nations and whole races -- even dragonkind. As campaigns ebb and flow, generations of lesser mortals come and go, and the great serpents are left to determine the fate of the world. Their triumphs may create a destiny of all-encompassing light or cast the world beneath the shadoe of ultimate darkness. The Dragons The Lost Histories Series probes the historical roots and epic struggles of little-known inhabitants of Krynn.

The Red Dragon

Author: Giuseppe Mattei
ISBN: UCAL:B3229763
Release Date: 1886
Genre: Wales

Operation Sleeping Dragon

Author: Peter Krebs
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781412023436
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Fiction

In a desperate attempt to avoid defeat, the Japanese High Command devise Operation Sleeping Dragon. A sub carrying the virus disappears in the last days of WWII so the operation remained a secret, until now.

Curse of the Snow Dragon

Author: Dr. Anthony Scheiber
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595762385
Release Date: 2004-04-05
Genre: Fiction

Never again, will the world be safe. Even in the guarded sanctuary of one's home, the threat exists. The race to decipher Human genetic DNA, combined with the advent of high-speed computers, the widespread use of the Internet and a passion to carry out world devastation, precisely align to create the deadliest threat ever known to the sanctity of Mankind's existence. Human DNA reads like a computer code. A deranged software genius, driven by a family vendetta, unleashes the Curse of the Snow Dragon across the Internet. This evolutionary, base four coded virus hides in normal binary computer code and uplinks directly off a computer terminal into the human brain. Detective Timber Redstone and the NanoForce find themselves in a desperate race, to stop this deadly computer hacker before he unleashes the full extent of his computer genius on an unsuspecting global population.