Storm Thief

Author: Chris Wooding
Publisher: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 9781407143873
Release Date: 2014-05-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Michael Grant, this darkly thrilling novel is a powerful blend of fantasy and science-fiction. Rail and Moa are two teenage thieves. Vago is a golem of metal and flesh. All three are denizens of Orokos, a city scoured by chaotic storms that rearrange streets and turn children into glass. No one can enter the city, or leave. Until one day Rail finds a mysterious artifact that may hold the key to the secrets of the city - and the chance of escape. And so begins an impossible quest. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure.

Extinction and Radiation

Author: J. David Archibald
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801898051
Release Date: 2011-02-04
Genre: Nature

In the geological blink of an eye, mammals moved from an obscure group of vertebrates into a class of planetary dominance. Why? J. David Archibald's provocative study identifies the fall of dinosaurs as the factor that allowed mammals to evolve into the dominant tetrapod form. Archibald refutes the widely accepted single-cause impact theory for dinosaur extinction. He demonstrates that multiple factors—massive volcanic eruptions, loss of shallow seas, and extraterrestrial impact—likely led to their demise. While their avian relatives ultimately survived and thrived, terrestrial dinosaurs did not. Taking their place as the dominant land and sea tetrapods were mammals, whose radiation was explosive following nonavian dinosaur extinction. Archibald argues that because of dinosaurs, Mesozoic mammals changed relatively slowly for 145 million years compared to the prodigious Cenozoic radiation that followed. Finally out from under the shadow of the giant reptiles, Cenozoic mammals evolved into the forms we recognize today in a mere ten million years after dinosaur extinction. Extinction and Radiation is the first book to convincingly link the rise of mammals with the fall of dinosaurs. Piecing together evidence from both molecular biology and the fossil record, Archibald shows how science is edging closer to understanding exactly what happened during the mass extinctions near the K/T boundary and the radiation that followed.


Author: Chris Wooding
Publisher: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 9781407132655
Release Date: 2013-05-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Everyone's heard the rumours. Call Tall Jake and he'll take you to Malice, a world that exists inside a horrifying comic book. A place most kids never leave. Seth and Kady think it's all a silly myth. But then their friend disappears, and suddenly the rumours don't seem so silly...

English Words

Author: Robert Stockwell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521793629
Release Date: 2001-07-05
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

An introduction to some of the basic principles of linguistic analysis and a helpful manual for vocabulary discernment and enrichment.

Wrath of the Storm Mark of the Thief 3

Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545562096
Release Date: 2017-01-31
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Trouble has a way of seeking out Nicolas Calva, and it's not likely to leave him alone any time soon. With Caesar's magic bulla, the Malice of Mars, and the possibility of a Jupiter Stone in play, all the powers of Rome are circling Nic. He'll have to maneuver his way through scheming government officials and reawakened magical beasts to save the Empire. Can he manage to keep his friends and family safe, claim his own freedom once and for all, and rescue the Empire -- before the magic gets the better of him? With twists and turns on every page, critically acclaimed author Jennifer Nielsen weaves an epic, action-packed conclusion to her extraordinary Mark of the Thief trilogy.

Always a Thief

Author: Kay Hooper
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553897136
Release Date: 2003-06-03
Genre: Fiction

In a deadly game of skill and deception...A master thief is just the first wild card… The priceless, rarely displayed Bannister collection is about to be exhibited—and the show’s director, Morgan West, can’t ignore her growing uneasiness. She’s certain she hasn’t seen the last of the infamous cat burglar Quinn. But she never expected him to turn up at her apartment one dark night in desperate need of her help—help she can’t refuse. The mysterious master thief is playing a dangerous game, and it’s a game that just might get him killed. With Morgan’s help, Quinn sets a trap intended to catch someone far more elusive…and more deadly…than a thief. But an unseen threat shadows him in the fog-shrouded San Francisco night, an unknown adversary more cunning than any he has yet encountered. Now, just when the stakes are higher than even Quinn can imagine, no one can be trusted—and everything’s at risk. From the Paperback edition.

Signal Journal

ISBN: PSU:000059797029
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Young adult literature

Once a Thief

Author: Kay Hooper
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553896970
Release Date: 2002-10-01
Genre: Fiction

With a priceless collection at stake...Is everything for the taking? It had taken centuries for Max Bannister’s family to acquire their treasures, and now he’s been asked to risk his collection as bait for a master criminal. For his own reasons, Max allows a public exhibition, and to protect the family fortune he must rely on the skills of his half brother—a world-class security expert—and his smart and savvy exhibit director, Morgan West. But almost immediately, Morgan comes face-to-face with the mysterious Quinn, Interpol’s most wanted thief for the past decade—and a man who makes it very clear he has an eye on the Bannister collection. And if that’s not enough, Morgan begins to realize that she’s surrounded by secrets and lies, and that someone very close to Max is moving behind the scenes, intent on murder as well as robbery...someone whose ultimate plan threatens to ruin them all.

Thief of Dreams

Author: Adrian Cole
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781473206854
Release Date: 2014-11-27
Genre: Fiction

In the impenetrable west of Innasmorn lies the forbidden city of Shung Hang - a mystical place shrouded in legend...and guarded by the winged warriors of the last goddess, the Aviatrix. Pursued by the relentless death machine of the corrupt Prime Consul Zellorian, the last remnants of an exterminated mortal race make their way across a perilous, devastated land. For only by harnessing an ancient power secreted in the Deathless City can the intrepid human survivors hope to hold the enemy at bay - and forestall the bloodthirsty alien Csendook's planned genocide of humankind.

Thief s Heartache The Imperial Series

Author: LA Quill
ISBN: 9781105722370
Release Date: 2014-12-20
Genre: Fiction

As the eldest daughter of the Crown Prince Damuk of the Abital Empire, Marella has never been out from under her father's penetrating gaze. But after months of begging, her father has finally allowed her to go west to the Yarian Republic. Now at the court of her uncle, King Darian, Marella finds herself as bored as she ever was at home. For now. William, twin brother of the powerful Lord of Ravenscar, has spent his entire life following his brother. But his brother's brutality is getting worse and William is losing faith and regretting his promises of long ago. As his brother begins down a path of cruelty and depravity, William realizes there are places he cannot go. Thrown together by fate and a madman's lust for power, William and Marella must join forces. But even together they can do no more than try desperately to keep their distance. With no resources and no allies, can they weather the storm?


Author: Chris Wooding
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545252218
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Seifer Tombchewer, a peasant boy living in the macabre Darkling Realm, proves his worth when he is forced to impersonate the missing Prince Talon Pandemonium as diplomat, warrior, and Lord Defender of the Realm.