The Biggest Twitch

Author: Alan Davies
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781408134320
Release Date: 2015-01-15
Genre: Nature

Most people dream of packing in their humdrum city life, selling up and heading off into the unknown for a life of adventure. For Ruth Miller and Alan Davies this dream became a reality, albeit with a twist; they decided to pack in their jobs, sell their house and take on the ultimate birder's challenge - to smash the world record for the number of species seen in one calendar year. This book is the story of their great expedition, searching for birds from Ecuador to Ethiopia via Argentina, Australia and Arizona. We follow this birding odyssey as they rachet up the species and the stamps in their passports, sharing in amazing birding experiences such as monkey-hunting Harpy Eagles in the Brazilian rain forest, seedsnipes in the Peruvian highlands and lekking bustards in South Africa, all leading to the ultimate question - will they break the magic 4,000? Written in an accessible style, this book will be of great interest to birders, readers of travel literature, and to people who simply enjoy a good adventure!

Hailey Twitch and the Great Teacher Switch

Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402236471
Release Date: 2010-11-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Hailey Twitch has a secret. She has a friend named Maybelle-a sprite that no one else can see. Hailey's class is performing a play that is fun, fun, fun! Hailey wants to be the star. But when a substitute teacher takes over the class, he makes the play BORING! Hailey needs Maybelle's help. But Maybelle still doesn't have her magic back. How will She help Hailey this time?

Slow Twitch A Brenna Blixen Novel

Author: Liz Reinhardt
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781448173211
Release Date: 2013-01-31
Genre: Fiction

Perfect for the fans of Easy by Tammara Webber and The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines. It’s summer in Sussex County and things are heating up for Brenna, Jake and Saxon. Golden couple Brenna and Jake are worlds apart. Brenna’s in Ireland on a creative writing course and Jake’s in New York, meeting his real family, who are super wealthy and seriously obnoxious. Sex and getting drunk are pretty much all Saxon’s life is about, until he runs his allowance dry and is sent to the middle of nowhere to learn some real life lessons. He might just be surprised by what he learns... It’s a summer full of romance, breaking up, making up, and looking to the future. But who will end up with who, and will all that unresolved chemistry finally get put to bed? Slow Twitch is the third title in the Brenna Blixen series.

Biceps Boom

Author: Russ Howe PTI
Publisher: Russ Howe PTI
Release Date: 2014-07-23
Genre: Health & Fitness

If you're sick of working out without seeing the size and definition you want in your arms, this is perfect for you. Biceps Boom is the 4 week workout plan from celebrity trainer Russ Howe PTI which teaches you cutting edge training techniques to keep you ahead of the game - and keep your training buddies wondering what you're doing (or taking) to get insane results! At times you are going to hate me. You're going to want to puke. You'll want to quit. But you're also going to see results - fast. Biceps Boom is the exact arm routine Russ Howe PTI uses with clients when they need to pack on muscle for a photo shoot or movie role. You hold in your hands a proven, results-driven formula. A relative "road map" for packing on lean size to your biceps and triceps in as little as 3 weeks! - full 4 week program! - proven macro-based muscle building diet! - "Sick. Brutal. And tons of fun!" - Carl If you are ready to build the kind of head-turning guns which have people stopping you in the street to ask about your training routine, welcome to Biceps Boom.

Hailey Twitch and the Wedding Glitch

Author: Lauren Barnholdt
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402246005
Release Date: 2011-11-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

"This wholly satisfying trek embodies the typical Hailey-ism: 'very fun and funny.'" Kirkus Hailey Twitch wants to have fun, fun, FUN! Hailey has a secret. She has a friend named Maybelle that no one else can see. Hailey has the most fab, fab, fabulous news! She will be the flower girl in her cousin's wedding - and wear sparkly shoes. Hailey is sure to need help from Maybelle. But now that Maybelle has finally gotten control of her magic, she might be leaving! Will Hailey and Maybelle make it through the wedding without a big disaster? Or will the two friends have to say good-bye forever?

Twitch Upon a Star

Author: Herbie J. Pilato
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 9781589797505
Release Date: 2012-11-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Based on author Herbie J Pilato’s exclusive interviews with Elizabeth Montgomery prior to her death in 1995, Twitch Upon a Star includes insider material and commentary from several individuals associated with her remarkable life and career before, during, and after Bewitched, including her classic feature films The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955), Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? (1963), and Johnny Cool (1963). Two of Montgomery’s many popular TV movies, A Case of Rape (which remains one of the highest-rated TV-movies of all time) and The Legend of Lizzie Borden (which will soon be remade as a feature film), were groundbreaking and remain classics. But Twitch Upon a Star also goes behind the scenes to explore Montgomery’s political activism, including her early advocacy for AIDS sufferers and the peace movement; her support for all minorities, including the gay community and the disabled; and her controversial participation as narrator of the1988 feature film documentary Cover-Up and its 1991 Oscar-winning sequel, The Panama Deception (both of which chronicled the Iran/Contra scandal of the l980s). The book also explores Montgomery's tumultuous relationships with her father, screen legend Robert Montgomery (she was a liberal; he was a staunch conservative), and her four husbands (including actor Gig Young, who later died in a murder/suicide). Through it all—and to family and friends such as fellow performers Ronny Cox, Sally Kemp, and Florence Henderson—she was just Lizzie: down-to-earth and unaffected, just like Samantha, the "witch-with-a-twitch" Stephens, her most famous role.


Author: Jack Blaine
Publisher: Jack Blaine
ISBN: 9781490575704
Release Date: 2014-03-10
Genre: Fiction

Southern Cross Safari

Author: Bruce Gall:
Publisher: Rubida ePress
ISBN: 9780994151117
Release Date: 2014-12-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

In this intriguing travel narrative, author Bruce Gall takes the reader on a 26,000-kilometre (16,000-mile) bus and train trip around Australia, exploring the nature of the country, its fascinating wildlife and stunning landscapes. We climb fire-spotting trees, look for rare animals, scale mountains, go bushwalking (hiking), explore national parks, brave wild weather and meet a host of interesting backpackers – and many local characters as well! We read Aboriginal legends, discover Australia’s early Dutch, French and British connections, discuss climate change, and much more. The author travels like Paul Theroux, with Bill Bryson’s sense of humour, but tells his own story, crafting meticulous word pictures, delightful dialogue and humorous anecdotes that will entertain to the very last page – vicarious travelling at its best.

Weeds in the Garden of Words

Author: Kate Burridge
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521618231
Release Date: 2005-06-16
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Kate Burridge provides an entertaining look at 'unacceptable' words, phrases and pronunciations in English.

The Rough Guide to Australia

Publisher: Rough Guides UK
ISBN: 9781405388900
Release Date: 2012-08-02
Genre: Travel

The Rough Guide to Australia is your indispensable guide to one of the most unmissable countries on earth. Packed with practical information on once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Oz, from sunrise walks around Uluru to viewing Kangaroo Island's wild seals, sea lions, kangaroos and koalas; bush-camping safaris in UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park to exhilarating helicopter flights down the dramatic gorges of Aboriginal-owned Nitmiluk National Park - not forgetting the stunning harbour side bars and restaurants of Sydney. Written by a team of widely-travelled, dedicated authors, this Rough Guide will help you to discover the best hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and festivals around Australia, whatever your budget. Plus, you'll find expert background on Australia's history, wildlife, cinema and fascinating aboriginal culture and the clearest maps of any guide. Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Australia.

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

Author: Otto Penzler
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
ISBN: 9780345802996
Release Date: 2013-10-22
Genre: Fiction

Have yourself a crooked little Christmas with The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries. Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler collects sixty of his all-time favorite holiday crime stories--many of which are difficult or nearly impossible to find anywhere else. From classic Victorian tales by Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Thomas Hardy, to contemporary stories by Sara Paretsky and Ed McBain, this collection touches on all aspects of the holiday season, and all types of mysteries. They are suspenseful, funny, frightening, and poignant. Included are puzzles by Mary Higgins Clark, Isaac Asimov, and Ngaio Marsh; uncanny tales in the tradition of A Christmas Carol by Peter Lovesey and Max Allan Collins; O. Henry-like stories by Stanley Ellin and Joseph Shearing, stories by pulp icons John D. MacDonald and Damon Runyon; comic gems from Donald E. Westlake and John Mortimer; and many, many more. Almost any kind of mystery you’re in the mood for--suspense, pure detection, humor, cozy, private eye, or police procedural—can be found in these pages. FEATURING: - Unscrupulous Santas - Crimes of Christmases Past and Present - Festive felonies - Deadly puddings - Misdemeanors under the mistletoe - Christmas cases for classic characters including Sherlock Holmes, Brother Cadfael, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Ellery Queen, Rumpole of the Bailey, Inspector Morse, Inspector Ghote, A.J. Raffles, and Nero Wolfe.

Mobster s Series Anniversary Edition

Author: Amy Rachiele
Publisher: Amy Rachiele
ISBN: 9781492765578
Release Date: 2013-11-09

Mobster Series: Anniversary Edition! All three books with Bonus Epilogue! You can’t help what family you’re born into or what lies they keep from you. You can’t help it if they mold and shape you just the way they wanted. Are monsters born or made? Antonio and Megan have a timeless issue. They were told to stay away from each other. They try, they really do. But they are drawn to each other. Antonio is eighteen and the up and coming mob boss of Palmetto, New Jersey. Megan is a girl uprooted from the grassy plains of Ireland at the age of five. Now she’s seventeen and faced with horrors she never thought existed. There is no escaping the mob. It’s part of your existence! mobster romance books, organized crime romance, mafia romance novels, free ebooks store, new adult contemporary romance novel, free mobster book, mobsters and gangsters

The Big Finish

Author: James W. Hall
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 9781466857896
Release Date: 2014-12-02
Genre: Fiction

A year ago Thorn's son, Flynn Moss, disappeared into the eco-underground, his only contact with Thorn a series of postcards chronicling his exploits. But a postcard arrives unlike the others, a call for help, Thorn jumps into action, setting off for North Carolina. But before Thorn arrives, he's intercepted by a federal agent who informs him he's too late—Flynn had been acting as an informant for the FBI, and when his traitorous acts were discovered, he was summarily executed. The agent proposes a scheme to catch Flynn's killer using Thorn as bait. Thorn, full of rage, accepts the job if only to get his hands on his son's killer. The mission takes him to a small town where the gang is holed up, planning an attack on a hog farming operation that has been polluting local rivers and spreading illness through the area. Little by little Thorn discovers that nothing he's been told is true, and the trap they're setting isn't for Flynn's killer, but for his partner, a woman who proves more daring and dangerous than any Thorn's ever met. She's on her own crusade of vengeance, and she and Thorn make an uneasy alliance. With her help Thorn uncovers a conspiracy that stretches far beyond this small Carolina town.

The Truth About Big Medicine

Author: Cheryl L. Brown
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781442231610
Release Date: 2014-12-05
Genre: Health & Fitness

This title drills deeply into the broken American health care industry—demonstrating how the medical industry’s self-serving interests have run afoul of safe care. Written by passionate experts in multiple relevant fields, this book shows readers how the system works, why it works this way, how it harms and often kills people and how we can fix it.