The Financial Peace Planner

Author: Dave Ramsey
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 014026468X
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Provides practical steps to assess the extent of one's financial problems, understand how they developed, create a realistic budget, eliminate debt, repair credit damage, and begin saving and investing

My Budget Planner Financial Peace Planner Organizer with Pre Formatted Account and Expense Tracker Yellow Edition

Author: Bad Finance Journals Brigade
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1092597123
Release Date: 2019-04-03
Genre: Business & Economics

"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship." - Benjamin Franklin The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem says financial expert, So this is why we built this financial planner! It comes with pre-formatted debt repayment planner, account tracker, yearly financial goals, auto repair tracker, home repair tracker, daily expense tracker and many more useful pages to make your life easier tracking your financial this year! ***USE AMAZON LOOK INSIDE FEATURE TO CHECK IT OUT*** Book Feature: 120 Pre-formatted Pages For House Hunting Tracker Yearly financial goal overview & tracker Account tracker (for all things credit, scoring, etc) Expense & income trackers Debt repayment planner and many more! 8x10 Sturdy Paperback Matte Cover, Perfect Bound

The Path to Financial Peace

Author: Mckala Mcleod
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 9781483436302
Release Date: 2015-11-04
Genre: Self-Help

Wow! The Path to Financial Peace is a treasure chest full of wisdom. This book is a dream come true and a breath of fresh air for anyone who desires to acquire wealth. The authors have managed to creatively package the best financial success principals throughout time and pack it all in one book. Sprinkled with humour and exciting practical action points, this is one of the best financial tools I have come across. It doesn’t do justice to simply call this a book. It’s more of a manual and home study course to develop the millionaire mind-set. Junior Ogunyemi Author of How to be a student Entrepreneur "Concise, practical, to the point. If you are ready to take control of your finances, this book is a great place to start." Kolarele Sonaike President 100 Black Men of London

The financial wellbeing

Author: Chris Budd
Publisher: LID Editorial
ISBN: 9781910649848
Release Date: 2016-05-05
Genre: Business & Economics

One of the biggest enemies of our general wellbeing is stress; and one of the biggest causes of stress is concern about money. This book provides a simple and practical guide to planning your daily and long-term finances by understanding your objectives and motivations. In doing so, it offers respite from the anxiety and stress caused by money problems. The author, an experienced financial adviser, argues that the key to financial wellbeing is to “know thyself” in order to allow decisions to be made, and to ensure those decisions are the rights ones for you. This is underpinned by having control of your daily finances, the ability to cope with a financial shock, to be able to have options in life, to have identifiable goals and a clear path to achieve them, and to ensure clarity and security for those we leave behind.

Financial Peace Revisited

Author: Dave Ramsey
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101554449
Release Date: 2002-12-30
Genre: Business & Economics

Dave Ramsey knows what it's like to have it all. By age twenty-six, he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age thirty. He has since rebuilt his financial life and, through his workshops and his New York Times business bestsellers Financial Peace and More than Enough, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people to understand the forces behind their financial distress and how to set things right-financially, emotionally, and spiritually. In this new edition of Financial Peace, Ramsey has updated his tactics and philosophy to show even more readers: how to get out of debt and stay out the KISS rule of investing—"Keep It Simple, Stupid" how to use the principle of contentment to guide financial decision making how the flow of money can revolutionize relationships With practical and easy to follow methods and personal anecdotes, Financial Peace is the road map to personal control, financial security, a new, vital family dynamic, and lifetime peace.

Creating Prosperity and Financial Peace

Author: Graham Howarth
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595464609
Release Date: 2008-05
Genre: Self-Help

Financial planner Graham A. Howarth knows that having money or possessions does not guarantee a prosperous life. Prosperity is the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of your life. It's easy to spot the truly prosperous-they are generally authentic, fun, polite, ethical people with great relationships and values. Creating Prosperity and Financial Peace is a valuable tool for moving forward in personal financial planning, providing insights concerning cash flow analysis, estate planning, investments, trusts, retirement income, insurance, and the effects of dying intestate because prosperity is not something that is given to us. While some people are provided with financial abundance at an early age, prosperity is a positive behavior that is created over time. Howarth shares stories of people and their family members who had not developed this habit of prosperity and who experienced situations they thought would never happen to them. Exercises are included to help you determine goals, overcome barriers, practice successful time management, find money, and plan financially for the future. Howarth provides a multitude of resources to activate imagination in the creation of dreams, goals, prosperity, and your financial peace.

Personal Financial Planner

Author: Debbie Harrison
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 0273643649
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Business & Economics

The key to financial security is good financial planning. We can no longer rely on the State to provide for us. Our future prosperity - and that of our children - lies in our own hands.

Understanding Biblical Financial Freedom

Author: Darleen Martin
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781602664685
Release Date: 2007-06
Genre: Religion

Understanding Biblical Financial Freedom is a workbook designed to help you to first understand what God says about your attitudes about money and second to learn how to manage the assets He has blessed you with. This workbook is a composite of several resources that will help you to self-evaluate your current stewardship approach and then to develop some disciplines to strengthen your resolve to manage your assets according to God's will. There are quizzes for you to take, budgeting forms to help you set up a cash flow plan, instructions in creating a filing system for keeping track of your assets and a scripture verse directory to help you search for scripture relating to various issues we have regarding our money. This workbook is used in classes taught upon request by the author, Darleen T. Martin. Darleen T. Martin, a Certified Financial Planner(r) Professional, has been in the financial planning business for over two decades. She began her career in Houston, Texas as an entry level manager trainee with a major Wall Street investment firm and became the first black woman to be a Vice President of the firm. As owner of The Austin Retirement Specialists she also focuses on values-based financial planning. She conducts educational seminars and speaks at many conferences sponsored by professional, civic and church organizations. Understanding Biblical Financial Freedom was developed out of a need to conduct financial workshops that were Christian based. This workshop is now one of the Sunday school classes offered at her church. She also facilitates Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at her church. Darleen is very active in her church and community. She has served on many boards in her community, and ushers at her home churc

Budget Twelve Month Budget Planner

Author: Nicole Washington
ISBN: 1687363080
Release Date: 2019-08-19

Your Step-by-Step Daily Weekly Monthly Budgeting Planner to Beat Overwhelm and Change Your Life Think for a second of the common excuses we often make when we hear the word budget: I don't know how to do it I don't have time to do it I'm living paycheck to paycheck so there's no point in budgeting I'll start next month! These are mental roadblocks that cause financial anxiety and hold you back from experiencing the financial peace and freedom you deserve for all your hard work. The good news? There's a better way to budget that is simple and really fun! This beautiful 12 month Undated Budget Planner will be your budgeting BFF and will help you stay in full control of your finances while living the life you love. Whether you're making $20,000 a year or $200,000, a reliable budget will help you to keep track of where your money is going and the beauty of it all is that it will take only a few minutes of your time to update. This planner is perfect for personal use, managing a budget for a small business or as a gift for a friend, parent, college student, teacher or anyone looking to get their finances in shape! This planner features: Effective tips for how to truly stick to your budget A step by step guide on how to fill out your monthly budget A monthly overview page with room for personal affirmations and goal setting Undated calendar pages so you can start at anytime in the year Dot grid bullet journal page for notes Weekly expense trackers for each month Debt payoff tracker Savings tracker to help you reach your big money goals End of month review page to keep track of your performance BONUS Christmas gifts log 6 x 9 inch size perfect for slipping into your pocket book or purse

How to Have More Than Enough

Author: Dave Ramsey
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)
ISBN: 0140281932
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Business & Economics

Combines practical advice, inspiration, and common sense to explain how to achieve financial prosperity, offering a balanced approach that emphasizes the importance of family success and marital strength.

Books in Print

ISBN: UOM:39015062097707
Release Date: 2005
Genre: American literature

Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

The Guru Guide to Money Management

Author: Joseph H. Boyett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471218898
Release Date: 2003-09-22
Genre: Business & Economics

If you want to learn about the latest thinking in money management,you can read the hundreds of books and thousands of articlespublished each year on the subject. Or you could seek a singleresource for informed guidance on everything you need to know. Forthe very best information from the biggest names in personalfinance, turn to this stellar resource. Based on renowned Fortune500 consultants Joseph and Jimmie Boyett's extensiveresearch, it distills the wisdom of the world's best-knownpersonal finance and money management writers and thinkers intostraightforward, bite-sized lessons about everything from insuranceto IRAs. Order your copy today!

Library Journal

ISBN: UOM:39015082964936
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Libraries

Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.