The God Shaped Brain

Author: Timothy R. Jennings
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830892358
Release Date: 2017-04-18
Genre: Religion

What you believe about God actually changes your brain. Psychiatrist Tim Jennings unveils how our brains and bodies thrive when we have a healthy understanding of who God is. This expanded edition now includes a study guide to help you discover how neuroscience and Scripture come together to bring healing and transformation to our lives.

Brain Savvy Leaders

Author: Charles Stone
ISBN: 1426798334
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Religion

Leadership is tough. Church leadership can be even tougher. Leadership demands constant reframing and reappraisal of the situation, focus, objectivity, honest appraisal of yourself and others, and astute evaluation of available resources. Church leadership is all that and more. To be an effective church leader, you also have to love and have others' best interest at heart. You have to align yourself and your church with God's desire to transform lives for the better, both within and beyond your reach. Using up-to-date research from brain science in easy-to-understand language, author Charles Stone will help you increase your personal productivity, handle stress and your emotions in constructive ways, create and sustain collaborative teams, and manage change in your church. Using illustrations and acronyms, Dr. Stone will show you how brain science can complement and reinforce what the Bible says about life and leadership. He will show you how basic brain processes affect leadership and your team's ability to follow while becoming more cohesive and collaborative. Each chapter gives practical tips and actionable steps to help leaders improve personal and organizational skills.

The God Shaped Heart

Author: Timothy R. MD Jennings
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781493409433
Release Date: 2017-09-05
Genre: Religion

The key to spiritual and emotional health is to grasp the truth of God's transforming love for us and then let that reality influence our own hearts and relationships. It seems simple, but we are experts at complicating simple things. Instead of living lives characterized by love we find ourselves trapped in cycles of shame, violence, and addiction that steal our joy and keep us from loving others--so much so that, by all indications, Christians are living no differently than anyone else when it comes to abuse rates, use of pornography, alcohol and drug addiction, and more. Christian psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Jennings wants to release us from this prison. With powerful illustrations from case studies and from Scripture, Jennings shows believers who are stuck in addiction, violence, fear, and broken relationships how to experience true freedom through God's transforming love to experience greater health, fulfillment, and well-being.

Changing your Mind

Author: Victor Copan
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781498274050
Release Date: 2016-04-11
Genre: Religion

This book takes you on a journey that unpacks and demystifies what spiritual growth is and how it unfolds. The aim is to set you on your own path toward genuine, personal spiritual transformation. The book provides all the tools you need--biblical, scientific, and practical--so that you can develop your own pathway for spiritual growth. What is unique about Victor Copan's approach to spiritual growth is that he explores recent findings of brain research as well as scientific research on habit formation and brings them into conversation with the process of spiritual formation. Research on the brain and on habit formation has uncovered significant insights about the process and dynamics of human transformation that can be fruitfully incorporated into our own pursuit of spiritual transformation. Tapping into this research allows us to work in concert with how God designed humans to function--body, soul, and spirit.

The Journal of the Watcher

Author: Timothy Jennings
ISBN: 0985850256
Release Date: 2015-08-01

We are at war and you've been lied to ? the world is not as it appears. Much of reality has been hidden, obscured by millennia of lies, by constant conflict and time is short. This war, which began so long ago, didn't start with us, but its going to end with us, right here, on earth and very soon. We were duped, drawn in on false pretenses, and now our entire planet is under siege. The enemy doesn't want you to know what we have discovered. He'll do anything to keep you in the dark until its too late. But don't be scared, there's still time. The Journal of The Watcher is the key. It contains the secret back-story events of the war, recorded by one of God's Celestial Watchers. It's easy to understand and has powerful images documenting what the Watcher observed. If you've been confused don't worry. The Journal holds the secrets to clear up the confusion. By anchoring its behind the scenes insights with human history as recorded in Scripture, it makes comprehension easy and will prepare your mind for the great final battle that will end the war. Get a copy soon, the war is almost over!

The New You

Author: Nelson Searcy
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781493416417
Release Date: 2019-01-01
Genre: Religion

How many of us are living up to our full, God-given potential? What's holding us back--and how can we overcome it? These are the questions Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson want us to ask--and answer--with the help of The New You. With energy and enthusiasm, the authors take a holistic view of health that encompasses the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental areas of our lives, giving us proven, systematic ways to dramatically improve each. Readers come away with specific strategies to - lose weight - get more sleep - lower stress - nurture better relationships - connect with God - and much more Anyone who wants to trade in the frustration of average living and less-than health for the hallmarks of the new life God promises will find The New You an effective personal guide for the journey. ***** "People are looking for the big miracle or the one secret solution or the one answer to solve all their problems. This exciting book focuses on small steps . . . many small steps . . . to transform your life."--Elmer L. Towns, cofounder and vice president, Liberty University "Are you tired, worn down, discouraged, and longing for a vibrant life--a new you? Then this book is the prescription you need. Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson have compiled a simple, yet comprehensive, list of biblical principles anchored in scientific fact that when applied energizes the tired, rejuvenates the worn down, and invigorates the discouraged. Because of God's design for life, if you do what this book teaches, you cannot avoid a healthier and happier life."--Timothy R. Jennings, MD, DFAPA, psychiatrist and author of The Aging Brain and The God-Shaped Brain "The New You is like a handbook for life. The content is clear, concise, and compelling. And Nelson and Jennifer write in a style that is straightforward, biblical, and highly practical. Your life will be better if you read and do what this book says."--Lance Witt, founder, Replenish Ministries "Having no vision for your life should be alarming. However, having a big vision with no plan is senseless. This book will help you cultivate both! I love what Nelson and Jennifer have done because they've made complicated concepts incredibly approachable. You're going to want to keep this book near you for the rest of your life."--Clay Scroggins, lead pastor, North Point Community Church "The New You proves a timely book, as Christians are recognizing in increasing number the call to offer our bodies as living sacrifices (Rom. 12:1)."--Matthew C. Easter, assistant professor of Bible, Missouri Baptist University "The best book in a long time about how to balance spiritual and physical health! Searcy and Henson give an easy-to-follow plan for improving health while growing your spiritual life. Keep this book on your nightstand, in your car, or in your bag to consult it often and learn how physical health and spiritual growth were intended to work together."--Bob Whitesel, DMin PhD, award-winning author of 13 books, coach, consultant, and speaker on church health and growth at "Progress, not perfection! This approach to life keeps me sane and moving in the right direction. It is also what makes The New You such a valuable tool for making the most of your wellness. Read and apply this book and your total person will be transformed!"--Steve Reynolds, pastor of Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, Virginia, and author of Bod4God: Twelve Weeks to Lasting Weight Loss "A refreshing and eye-opening read. Their practical and frank confrontation of the questions and unhealthy habits we often have encourages truthful reflection on how we serve as ministers and Christians. This is balanced brilliantly with the small steps to change, which provide motivation and are nonthreatening for persons who can become overwhelmed by just thinking about getting healthy."--Dwight Fletcher, founder and senior pastor, Transformed Life Church, Kingston, Jamaica "I was not a healthy pastor. I was overweight, out of shape, stressed out, and headed for an early grave. Two years ago, I finally decided to put into practice the principles that Nelson shares in this new book, the same principles that he has been living and sharing with me through coaching. Nelson is right, it really is the small things, done consistently over time, that make a huge impact in every area of life. In the past two years I've lost over eighty-five pounds and kept it off. I have more energy than I've ever had and I'm healthier than I've ever been. I cannot wait to share this book with you! You really are one small step away from a brand new you!"--Pastor Chris Rollins, Coastal Community Church, Charleston, South Carolina "Nelson has been my friend and role model for ministry for nearly thirty years. I have witnessed him excel in every area of life from school to family life to church leadership. The principles that have helped him to be a good friend, husband, father, and pastor are shared in The New You in order to take you from an average life to an abundant life!"--Michael A. Jordan, pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Axton, Virginia "In The New You, Nelson and Jennifer not only give the reader a checkup but they also give strategies for improving the most important areas of life. If you desire greater energy, clearer thinking, and spiritual vitality, this is the book for you."--Brian Moore, lead pastor, Crosspointe Church Anaheim "This book will strengthen your life, regardless of your faith. You will walk away stronger mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. From the first chapter to the last, you will find big and small ideas you can use now. Don't wait, buy this book now."--Jimmy Britt, lead pastor, Rocky River Church, Charlotte, North Carolina "Nelson and Jennifer have done it again! Having known Nelson for over a decade, I have personally benefited from the teachings in this book. I recommend this book to everyone! And I think it would be a great book for small group study too."--Dr. Rick Mandl, senior pastor, Eagle Rock Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California "The New You is actually about reclaiming YOU! The YOU God envisioned . . . the YOU God created . . . the YOU God loves. In addition to physical health, Nelson and Jennifer delve into the spiritual, emotional, and mental dimensions of what makes for a healthy YOU. And that's where The New You really shines. Their holistic approach to your health provides insights galore and, at the end of each chapter, simple and specific strategies to help YOU reclaim more of what God intended for YOU all along!"--Pastor Kent Wilson, creator of 9Minutes2Fit workout program, certified functional aging specialist, and assistant to the bishop in the Northwestern Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America "Wholeness and healing are at the top of God's priority list. By clearly explaining the biblical principles that point to full health, the authors make human wholeness not only understandable but, through a series of small steps, doable."--Stan Pegram, lead pastor, BMZ Regional Church

Sacred Influence

Author: Gary L. Thomas
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310277682
Release Date: 2007-03
Genre: Family & Relationships

Applying the concepts from his bestseller Sacred Marriage, Gold Medallion Award–winning author Gary Thomas reveals what a man needs from his wife to become the husband she wants. Now in softcover!

Theology and Issues of Life and Death

Author: John Heywood Thomas
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 9781621896340
Release Date: 2013-03-20
Genre: Religion

Does theology have any relevance to the problem of life and death? According to John Heywood Thomas the answer is an unequivocal yes. A largely personal expression of this conviction precedes the argument's exposition, which is then stated first of all quite generally--that nothing human is alien to theology's concern. Three main issues are considered: the unborn life, death as an event in life, and the possibility of global death. The issue of a life before birth is a complex problem, requiring an awareness of philosophical issues as of the empirical factors. The same kind of multifaceted thinking is needed in confronting the issue of death, an inescapable topic for theology. If death is an event in life what does it reveal about the meaning of life? And what of the very human action of the funeral? After a discussion of the complex issues involved the argument returns to the global reference of theology. Two areas of concern are singled out to show that the theologian can offer guidance in debate: the environmental crisis and the threat of nuclear war.

The 10 Secret Laws of Visualization

Author: Robin Sacredfire
Publisher: 22 Lions Bookstore:
Release Date: 2019-03-25
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Would you like to get a profound explanation on the fundamental laws of life to obtain more wealth, love and abundance? Would you like to know which values differentiate people the most? Would you like to gain access to the full mindset that attracts more into your life and learn how to shape yours to get more results? Then this is the book that will give you the answers that many others out there simply can’t. And it is hoped that, by following the guidelines presented here, you will become able to achieve much more happiness in your life, not only related to what you wish to attract but in many more other areas as well. Hopefully, you will be much more successful and happy in following what you will learn here, as it is intended to transform you. This book includes some of the most ancient laws about prosperity, but also some of the most recent discoveries about society, humanity, psychology and the concept of visualization. Indeed, there are many studies showing us that there are characteristics common to people that make a lot of money in their life, attract the ideal relationships and succeeded in attracting their goals; and you will understand here that wealth and love are not only related to a certain lifestyle, not only related to possessions, appearance or material goods, or the manipulation of others or your environment, but much more than that, namely, a set of values, from which everything else is added. In the bible it is said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things will be added to you” (Mattew 6:33); and this quote resumes what this book intends to show you - the righteousness that will shape your mind, transform your soul, and help attract everything else into your life. In other words, wealth and love are mental projections related to how we face the world, how we interpret it and decode it within our mind, how we deal with our challenges, and so on. When you study the paradigms that shape humanity, you are studying it from a huge variety of perspectives, most of which we tend to call sciences, for lack of a better and more profound meaning, even thought the different religious perspectives we have today are sciences in themselves too. And so, the conquest of ourselves, made by getting to know all of these perspectives, one by one, allows to eventually comprehend that wealth, love and wisdom are part of a state of mind; and it's a state of mind that you cannot create but a state of mind that you must absorb in order to apply in your daily routines. In psychology it is known as cognition, from the latin cognoscere, to know; but the meaning of this process goes far beyond the mental capacity of your brain, and it is better described by Plato when he says, through a variety of publications, the following: “To learn is to turn your attention into that which is the most enlightening within you, that which we call good… it is an opportunity and a path for spiritual progress, which transcends humanity and reaches for the divine - the kingdom of the gods.” Such a process of alchemical transmutation requires then a precise attitude, from which we can truly visualize the bridges between the visible and the invisible. It is from that moment on that we can see things that the vast majority of society cannot even comprehend. For they, the majority, are the living dead, that so many scriptures allegorically talk about - def, blind and soulless in their ignorance. They are part of what we call the world of illusions, through which we must, with our inner light, be guided towards the opportunities that allow to transcend it, in order to release ourselves from such spiritual prison. This process requires a refinement of our values, through the self-analysis of their true worth, and such is the study that this book proposes you, if you dare to embrace such quest, if you truly desire salvation. This book will certainly change the way you perceive everything you ever learned during your entire existence. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: justify; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

Peace Through Justice

Author: Louise Marie Prochaska
Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Publishing Company
ISBN: 0026558270
Release Date: 1992-01-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Questions of Life

Author: Nikolaĭ Ivanovich Pirogov
Publisher: Science History Publications
ISBN: UOM:39015029243196
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Physics of the Future

Author: Michio Kaku
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780141931395
Release Date: 2011-05-05
Genre: Science

The international bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible gives us a stunning and provocative vision of the future Based on interviews with over three hundred of the world's top scientists, who are already inventing the future in their labs, Kaku-in a lucid and engaging fashion-presents the revolutionary developments in medicine, computers, quantum physics, and space travel that will forever change our way of life and alter the course of civilization itself. His astonishing revelations include: The Internet will be in your contact lens. It will recognize people's faces, display their biographies, and even translate their words into subtitles. You will control computers and appliances via tiny sensors that pick up your brain scans. You will be able to rearrange the shape of objects. Sensors in your clothing, bathroom, and appliances will monitor your vitals, and nanobots will scan your DNA and cells for signs of danger, allowing life expectancy to increase dramatically. Radically new spaceships, using laser propulsion, may replace the expensive chemical rockets of today. You may be able to take an elevator hundreds of miles into space by simply pushing the "up" button. Like Physics of the Impossible and Visions before it, Physics of the Future is an exhilarating, wondrous ride through the next one hundred years of breathtaking scientific revolution. Internationally acclaimed physicist Dr Michio Kaku holds the Henry Semat Chair in Theoretical Physics at the City University of New York. He is also an international bestselling author, his books including Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds, and a distinguished writer, having featured in Time, the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Times and the New Scientist to name but a few. Dr Kaku also hosts his own radio show, 'Science Fantastic', and recently presented the BBC's popular series 'Time'.