Mastering the Art of Arms Vol 1 The Medieval Dagger

Author: Guy Windsor
Publisher: Freelance Academy Press
ISBN: 9781783019816
Release Date: 2016-07-15
Genre: Sports & Recreation

The term "medieval martial arts" conjures images of armour-clad knights wielding sword, lance and axe. While the image is correct, at the foundation of knightly combat was a sophisticated form of close quarter combat, instantly recognizable to students of classical Asian arts such as jujutsu or practitioners of modern, military combatives. At the heart of this system was fighting with - and against - the dagger, a vicious weapon of both self-defense and last resort that was dangerous to those in and out of armour alike. In Mastering the Art of Arms, Volume One: The Medieval Dagger, renowned instructor, author and researcher, Guy Windsor, presents a complete guide to the principles and practice of Italian dagger combat. Drawing from Il Fior di Battaglia, a manuscript written in 1410, students are guided step-by-step through the process of mastering this six hundred year old art, from choosing a dagger to striking with it; from guard positions to steps and turns; from disarms to locks and takedowns; from safe falling practice to formal drills, and finally sparring, or free-play. Both a primer on the art and a methodology for on-going training, this book will give the complete novice a solid starting point, while providing useful drills and ideas for advanced martial artists.

Best Swordsman Best Sword Samurai vs Medieval Knight The Classic Debate

Author: Martina Sprague
Publisher: Martina Sprague
ISBN: 9781386911173
Release Date: 2018-02-13
Genre: History

If you are looking for an instructional manual full of step-by-step illustrations for learning Japanese and European swordsmanship, do not buy this book! This book does not tell you everything you need to know about specific techniques and does not contain hundreds of pictures detailing each step involved in attacking and defending with the sword. Nor is it a suitable reference manual for arms collectors. Like my previous books on edged weaponry, the focus is critical thinking through historical analysis. Our purpose is to pit a samurai against a medieval knight to determine who proved to be the better swordsman, who wielded the better sword, and who came from the superior culture. Our analysis will encourage you to think about the many nuances of swordsmanship in different terrains and cultural settings, and how a Japanese samurai might have acted and reacted had he crossed swords with a European medieval knight, and vice versa. It is of interest to those who have some experience practicing with the sword, but primarily to those who like to ponder the use of the sword in a historical context; neither for sports or to settle points of honor, nor for health or personal fulfillment, but on the battlefield where the objective was to kill the opponent. The intent is to discern relationships between seemingly separate histories and lead us toward a broader horizon regarding historical swordsmanship. To reach our objective, we will discuss practical sword designs and their purposes, sword dynamics and the principles of physics, and common tactics of offense and defense. As we proceed, consider that in martial arts as practiced today, many combat techniques and forms are overly ritualized and complex. In sword combat to the death, by contrast, the straightest and fewest moves possible were used to reach the objective. The tactics that the samurai and medieval knight chose were not about looking and feeling good, but about getting it done. They picked up the sword in defense of their king, master, or country, and were prepared to fight to the death.

Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World

Author: Harold L. Peterson
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486417433
Release Date: 2001-03-27
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Provides an historical analysis of the range of weapons used in hand-to-hand combat from prehistoric flint knives to eared daggers of the mid-sixteenth century, to nineteenth-century British and American naval dirks.

Medieval Military Technology

Author: Kelly DeVries
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442604971
Release Date: 2012
Genre: History

This thorough update of a classic book includes fully revised content, new sections on the use of horses, handguns, incendiary weapons, and siege engines, and new illustrations.

Medieval Military Technology Second Edition

Author: Kelly Robert DeVries
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442604995
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: History

First published in 1992, Medieval Military Technology has become the definitive book in its field, garnering much praise and a large readership. This thorough update of a classic book, regarded as both an excellent overview and an important piece of scholarship, includes fully revised content, new sections on the use of horses, handguns, incendiary weapons, and siege engines, and eighteen new illustrations. The four key organizing sections of the book still remain: arms and armor, artillery, fortifications, and warships. Throughout, the authors connect these technologies to broader themes and developments in medieval society as well as to current scholarly and curatorial controversies.

The Medieval Longsword

Author: Guy Windsor
Publisher: Guy Windsor
ISBN: 9789526819341
Release Date: 2014-07-06

Do you like swords? Do you want to know how to use them? Then this book is for you. With a foreword by historical novelist Christian Cameron, in this book renowned swordsman and author Guy Windsor will take you through the principles and practice of medieval knightly combat with the longsword. The tactics and techniques come from Il Fior di Battaglia, written in 1410 by Fiore dei Liberi, one of the greatest trainers of knights in the Middle Ages. In this book Guy covers everything you need to get started, including principles of swordsmanship, training mindset, and choosing equipment; as well as a complete system of physical practice, from basic footwork all the way up through sword handling and pair drills to free fencing. Beginners will find this a complete and approachable guide to taking up the Art of Arms; experienced swordsmen will also find many tips and tricks for developing their skills.

Medieval Costume Armour and Weapons

Author: Eduard Wagner
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486320250
Release Date: 2014-05-05
Genre: Design

Over 400 illustrations in this superb pictorial archive trace the evolution of clothing styles, armor, and weapons during the medieval period in Central Europe. Unsurpassed in its comprehensiveness and variety, the volume draws upon a wealth of authentic primary sources, including written accounts, contemporary paintings and sculpture, and the remains of textiles and other relics. A profusion of apparel and weaponry are depicted, ranging from the simple tunics and robes of peasants, blacksmiths, gardeners, shoemakers, fishermen, and other common laborers to the fur-lined cloaks and brocaded garments of the aristocracy. Tools and utensils used by peasants as well as the battle equipment and armor of warriors are also pictured and described, with special emphasis on how these weapons were handled, carried, and used in combat. Accompanied by a scrupulously researched and well-documented text, these royalty-free illustrations not only offer general readers an intriguing and authentic insight into a past age but also provide artists, historians, students of weaponry, and theater and film professionals with a highly accurate source of reference material.

Medieval And Renaissance Dagger Combat

Author: Jason Vail
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 158160517X
Release Date: 2006-07-01
Genre: History

Daggers are mentioned in many modern books about medieval and Renaissance swordplay, but until now none described how daggers were used in combat. Drawing from sources written from 1409-1600 (including the works of Hans Talhoffer, Fiore dei Liberi, Filippo Vadi, Joachim Meyer and more), this book uses step-by-step photos and historic illustrations to demonstrate the deadly and effective techniques of European dagger fighting. Talhoffer and the others were men with real fighting experience, not self-promoted "grand masters" or denizens of the training hall, and they wrote the manuals that form the basis for Medieval and Renaissance Dagger Combat. The dynamics of the knife fight have not changed over the centuries, and the masters' lessons are as useful against an attacker with today's tactical folder as they were against the first dagger.

The Medieval Tournament

Author: R. Coltman Clephan
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486148045
Release Date: 2013-09-03
Genre: History

DIVA superb history of English and European tournaments. Topics include Arthurian and other round tables, body armor, chain mail, plate armor, royal jousts, the tilt, trial by combat, much more. 24 illustrations. Bibliography. Index. /div

Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture

Author: Gail Ashton
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781441160683
Release Date: 2015-03-12
Genre: Literary Criticism

With contributions from 29 leading international scholars, this is the first single-volume guide to the appropriation of medieval texts in contemporary culture. Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture covers a comprehensive range of media, including literature, film, TV, comics book adaptations, electronic media, performances, and commercial merchandise and tourism. Its lively chapters range from Spamalot to the RSC, Beowulf to Merlin, computer games to internet memes, opera to Young Adult fiction and contemporary poetry, and much more. Also included is a companion website aimed at general readers, academics, and students interested in the burgeoning field of Medieval afterlives, complete with: - Further reading/weblinks - 'My favourite' guides to contemporary medieval appropriations - Images and interviews - Guide to library archives and manuscript collections - Guide to heritage collection See also our website at