The Mighty Storm

Author: Samantha Towle
Publisher: Cape Town Books
Release Date:

It's been twelve years since Tru Bennett last saw Jake Wethers, her former best friend and boy she once loved. Jake Wethers, sexy, tattooed and deliciously bad lead singer, and brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of biggest bands in the world, left Tru with a broken heart when he moved from England to America with his family when they were both fourteen...

The Mighty Storm

Author: E. B. Staples
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 145202782X
Release Date: 2010-06-21
Genre: Poetry

This book is a collection of inspired poetry with photographs from travels abroad and artwork from the author’s son. The graphic illustrations noted in this collection give poetic imagery and form. The major patterns of Lyric Poetry noted include: (1) Japanese Haiku, the shortest form, consists of 17 syllables in three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. (2) The ode -- a longer, serious poem commemorating an important event – exudes feelings of praise and noteworthiness. (3) The elegy (related to eulogies) mulls on issues and events of life and death; it is often in obituaries and funeral services. Various poems reflect the elegy pattern as demonstrated by love poems expressing deep love. Others deal with life and death, and several are relating to current events in religion and politics. Most of the poems exhibit ode and elegy forms. Praiseworthy aspects of this poetry include the rhythm and the imagery engendered for the reader through word choices. This is strong and powerful collection of poems that will surely stir your soul. They draw in the reader to make one feel like you are right there living in the action portrayed so aptly in words. The poems in this volume incorporate a variety of styles, focus, content, knowledge, and emotions. I believe every reader will find something in this collection to stir the heart and stimulate the intellect. These poems are a bountiful treasure, extraordinarily powerful and thought-provoking.

Wacky Aphorisms What the Web Says about the Mighty Storm

Author: Emma Hearding
Publisher: Lennex
ISBN: 5517237347
Release Date: 2013-02

In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "The Mighty Storm." Don't say we didn't warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don't buy this book if: 1. You don't have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You've heard it all.

The Kingdom of the Hittites

Author: Trevor Bryce
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199240108
Release Date: 1999
Genre: History

This book presents a comprehensive history of the Late Bronze Age kingdom of the Hittites, and the role it played within the context of the ancient Near Eastern world. From their capital, Hattusa, in central Anatolia, the Hittite kings ruled a vast network of subject territories and vassalstates reaching from the Aegean coast of Anatolia through Syria to the river Euphrates. In the fourteenth century BC the Hittites became the supreme political and military power in the Near East. How did they achieve their supremacy? How successful were they in maintaining it? What brought abouttheir collapse and disappearance? In seeking to answer these questions, the book begins with an account of the Hittites predecessors in Anatolia, particularly in the early centuries of the second millennium, traces the rise and development of the Hittite kingdom over a period of some five hundredyears, and ends with the events which followed in the wake of the kingdoms collapse. Translations from the original texts are a particular feature of the book; thus on many issues the Hittites and their contemporaries are allowed to speak to the modern reader for themselves.

More Toddlerific

Author: David C Cook Publishing Company
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 0781445612
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Religion

More Toddlerific features 12 themed lessons for toddlers and two-year-olds. Each session offers a fun activity that supports a truth from God's Word, introduces a verse, or shares a Bible story. Reproducible pages make preparation as easy as 1, 2, 3. And through positive play and hands-on activities, little ones experience the simple message that God is love.

The Luwians

Author: H. Melchert
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789047402145
Release Date: 2003-03-10
Genre: Reference

A state-of-the-art appraisal of the history, language, religion, and material culture of the Luwians, a people as important in Anatolia and Syria in the second and first millennia BCE as the better-known Hittites.

The Path

Author: Ron Koch
ISBN: 9780359066261
Release Date: 2019-02-21
Genre: Poetry

It is my pleasure to introduce this third poetry book. I've enjoyed writing poems for more than 50 years. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Wethering the Storm

Author: Samantha Towle
Publisher: Montlake Romance
ISBN: 1477805052
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Fiction

"Music journalist Tru Bennett has done the impossible: capture the heart of rock-star bad boy Jake Wethers. Now they're busy planning a wedding and navigating their new life together in the U.S. Of course, Tru misses London and her best friend, Simone, but living happily ever after with Jake in LA is going to be great ... right? Wrong. Even the bright California sun can't whitewash the dark side of celebrity coupledom. Greedy music execs, merciless paparazzi, and Jake's wild past are lurking around every corner. Making matters worse, Jake announces he doesn't want kids, which just may be a deal breaker. Tru loves Jake more than anything. But when a devastating crisis threatens to destroy everything they've fought for, the couple must face the hard truth: What if, this time, love is not enough?", viewed September 23, 2013.

Beyond Java

Author: Bruce Tate
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 9780596100940
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Computers

Bruce Tate, author of the Jolt Award-winning Better, Faster, Lighter Java has an intriguing notion about the future of Java, and it's causing some agitation among Java developers. Bruce believes Java is abandoning its base, and conditions are ripe for an alternative to emerge. In Beyond Java, Bruce chronicles the rise of the most successful language of all time, and then lays out, in painstaking detail, the compromises the founders had to make to establish success. Then, he describes the characteristics of likely successors to Java. He builds to a rapid and heady climax, presenting alternative languages and frameworks with productivity and innovation unmatched in Java. He closes with an evaluation of the most popular and important programming languages, and their future role in a world beyond Java. If you are agree with the book's premise--that Java's reign is coming to an end--then this book will help you start to build your skills accordingly. You can download some of the frameworks discussed and learn a few new languages. This book will teach you what a new language needs to succeed, so when things do change, you'll be more prepared. And even if you think Java is here to stay, you can use the best techniques from frameworks introduced in this book to improve what you're doing in Java today.

CEB Common English Bible with Apocrypha eBook ePub

Author: Common English Bible,
Publisher: Common English Bible
ISBN: 9781609260859
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Genre: Bibles

Take a fresh look at the Bible while you experience a new translation. The Common English Bible is relevant, readable, and reliable. The result is a new version that the typical reader or worshipper is able to understand. 115 leading biblical scholars from 22 faith traditions and 77 reading specialists in 13 denominations worked on this translation. Contains Apocrypha books.

Enter His Gates

Author: Christina Corbitt
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781483623160
Release Date: 2013-04-24
Genre: Religion

My husband Patrick is a minister, and we were married in 1993. We’ve learned that God can be trusted. Through a storm in our lives, God worked in marvelous ways. When we needed encouragement, it came from Him. We now pass it on to you. This book is not about us but the Savior who saves.