An Ordinary Hero

Author: Debra Feldman
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595288625
Release Date: 2003-06-30
Genre: Fiction

Who becomes a hero? Where does their story really start-the beginning or the end? Is the past unchangeable? Has the future already happened? Is Time a constant or, like Albert Einstein said, all relative, with past, present and future coexisting? In the midst of the Vietnam war, five unlikely friends join forces to answer those questions and unmask a traitor-the Brasshole responsible for orchestrating two suicide missions, hundreds dead. A legend joined to a story, meant to guide the friends, was sent from the past into the future and back again, but remained an unsolved puzzle for generations. Only by working together, utilizing bits of information they each possess, can the friends decipher the ancient tale and discover that their friendship was not random, nor have they each simply been lucky in war. Time has manipulated their lives, aided and protected them, marking one for travel to the past, so that, that which is meant to be can be preserved. Time's goal? For them to arrive at a future they are promised has already happened. What bits of the past will ultimately remain and what will have been the cost of preserving it? Only a hero knows.

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Scott Turow
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9780330531078
Release Date: 2011-07-22
Genre: Fiction

From the bestselling author of Presumed Innocent comes Ordinary Heroes, Scott Turow’s Second World War story of family and bravery. All parents keep secrets from their children. My father, it seemed, kept more than most . . . Whilst mourning the death of his father, journalist Stewart Dubin decides to research the life of a man he had always respected, always admired, but possibly never quite knew . . . As a young, idealistic lawyer during the last terrible months of the Second World War, David Dubin was sent to the European Front – ostensibly to bring charges against a brave American hero, Robert Martin, who had suddenly, inexplicably, gone local and stopped following orders. Martin has become a liability and the authorities want him neutralized. But as Dubin learns more about Martin and the demons possessing him, he finds himself falling in love with Martin's enigmatic ex-mistress – a dangerous woman of incredible courage. And someone who will do anything to protect her comrade-in-arms . . . Stewart discovers a journal written by his father – and learns of his incredible courage in the face of battle, reads first-hand of the shattering moral consequences for those caught in the chaos of war and, finally, the secret he had died protecting . . .

On Ordinary Heroes and American Democracy

Author: Gerald M. Pomper
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317255116
Release Date: 2016-01-08
Genre: Political Science

True American heroes need not have superhuman abilities nor do they need to act alone. Heroism in a democracy is different from the heroism of myths and legends, writes Gerald Pomper in this original contribution to the literature of U.S. politics. Through the remarkable stories of eight diverse Americans who acted as heroes by "just doing their jobs" during national crises, he offers a provocative definition of heroism and fresh reasons to respect U.S. institutions and the people who work within them. This new paperback edition includes photographs, an introductory chapter on American heroism after 9/11, a survey of the meanings of heroism in U.S. popular culture, and an original concluding theory of "ordinary" heroism.

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Marcel Durieux
Publisher: University of Alberta
ISBN: 0888640692
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Alberta

The journal of Marcel Durieux records the joys of harvesting vegetables after a winter of rice and beans, of spiritual awareness and of strong ties among the people, as well as the suffering that came from hardship, pain, loss and loneliness in pioneering the West.

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Ruth S. Hertzberg
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781477220870
Release Date: 2012-07-09
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

This brief book tell about the lives of two participants in World War II, Abraham and Isidore Hertzberg and their lives after they returned from this conflagration. There fore it is both a bona fide account of combat plus a family history. There are some unbelievable incidents in this account. If it were not for the navigational knowledge of Abraham Hertzberg, he might not have even made it to his base in England. Isidore Hertzberg might have fought in the Battle of the Bulge, if the Germans had been stronger. The lives of these brothers after the war is unremarkable, except that Abraham became a very successful Civil engineer and Architect, and Isadore, while working as a carpenter sired a fine family who have far exceeded his own academic achievements. This book surveys the lives of both ordinary and extraordinary people and is a reflection of life in the United States in the second half of the 20th century.

An Ordinary Hero

Author: Therese Woodson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781634765671
Release Date: 2015-12-09
Genre: Fiction

Paramedic Ryan wants some answers and maybe even a date, but will he get an unexpected part in Phillip’s origin story?

Ordinary Hero

Author: Neil Cole
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781441214539
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Genre: Religion

Christians today are on a rescue mission. Each of us is called to get involved in God's plan to make disciples. A former California lifeguard, Neil Cole weaves together his personal experiences of saving lives with biblical principles for how to make and multiply disciples. Cole shows how to create Life Transformation Groups that can help a Christian grow in a safe and transparent relationship with one or two other spiritual pilgrims. Full of heroic and even humorous stories, Ordinary Hero captures readers' imaginations and hearts and doesn't let go until they want to make a difference and know how to go about doing it.

No Ordinary Hero

Author: Rachel Lee
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426884990
Release Date: 2011-02-01
Genre: Fiction

When veterinarian Mike Windwalker shows up on widow Del Carmody's doorstep, she soon discovers that he's no ordinary man. Mike's a drop-dead-gorgeous Native American caught between two worlds: those of science and his ancestors' spiritual ways. Del can't explain the strange things happening in her house—the unexplained noises and seemingly misplaced items—unsettling her and her teenage daughter. Concerned for their safety, Mike offers his help. Besides, there's a sexual undercurrent simmering between him and Del and Mike needs to get to the bottom of that, too. Together they must unravel the mystery surrounding the house only to discover a passion that's hard to deny.

Trauma and Recovery Finding the Ordinary Hero in Fictional Recovery Narratives

ISBN: OCLC:1053722679
Release Date:

Our desire to speak, to tell the stories of our personal and communal suffering, offered literature myriad tales spanning continents and histories. Traumatic experience has been recorded for historical reference and has been represented in fiction as individual and collective stories. The word “trauma” is so broadly used in contemporary vernacular that it is difficult to wrangle it into a simple definition. Literary theory, informed by the fields of social psychology, neurobiology, psychology, and psychiatry, has developed contradictory theories of trauma, and contentious debates continue as theorists try to capture what has become an almost indefinable term. Links between trauma and heroism exist in trauma fiction which can be teased from existing literary canons or from contemporary novels. Traditional notions of heroism, much like the concept of trauma, are complex and weighted with a catalogue of elements that may serve to complicate an already multifarious field of study. Notions of heroism can be integrated within a new trauma narrative that reveals a new subject, the recovery process. I argue for a shift from the focus on trauma stories of wounding, or on suffering, and revenge narratives to repositioning literary trauma studies toward more life-affirming subjectivities emerging from recovery narratives. It is my view that recovery narratives consist of three associated elements: resilience, reconciliation, and resistance. I demonstrate how trauma survivors can be read as heroes in their own tales of recovery, and how the story of the hero can be infused into the trauma narrative, or teased from existing texts, to create a productive and progressive narrative rather than the destructive and degenerative approach that focusses on extreme responses to trauma. It is my position that recovery from trauma, as depicted in literary fiction, can be productively read as a tale of “ordinary” heroism.

The Hero in the Mirror

Author: Sue Grand
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135469641
Release Date: 2011-05-20
Genre: Psychology

In times of stress, trauma and crisis—whether on a personal or global scale—it can be all too easy for us to externalize a larger-than-life figure who can assuage our suffering, a Hero who comes to the fore even as we recede into the background. In taking on our collective burden, however, such an omnipotent Hero can actually undermine us, representing as it does the very same characteristics we fail to note in one another. By granting the Hero to power to set things right, we seem to deny it to ourselves, leaving us temporarily lightened but ultimately helpless. In response, Sue Grand deconstructs the myth of the Heroic and argues for the "ordinary hero," a more realistic figure with the same limitations, concerns and fears as the rest of us, but who nonetheless stands up for the greater good in the face of danger, despair and villainy. From the foundation of relational psychoanalysis, Grand incorporates cultural and ethical considerations in her examination of what this ordinary hero might look like, a trip that takes us from the consulting room to right outside our front doors, from the heart of a "civilized" nation to the myriad war-torn regions dappling the globe, both past and present. Along the way we meet individuals whose encounters with adversity range from the mundane to the catastrophic, and learn how they struggle against the dubious concept of the Hero looming large in their lives. Recounting this journey in finely-tuned yet imminently accessible and enjoyable prose, Grand demonstrates that the best place to ultimately find the ordinary hero is within each other: The hero is us.

Ordinary Heroes

Author: John Gardam
Publisher: GeneralStore PublishingHouse
ISBN: 0919431585
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Guerre, 1939-1945 (Mondiale, 2e) - Anciens combattants - Canada - Biographies

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Sarah Nachin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595203536
Release Date: 2001-10-01
Genre: History

“Right in the middle of the movie, a group of kamikazes flew over and one of them landed on the USS Randolph…this was our first touch of war…” - Betty Gallagher “We were about five hundred miles from England when we got attacked. We knew we weren’t going to make it. We got an anti-aircraft shell stuck in the plane…” - Frank Horsch Ordinary Heroes relates, in their own words, the experiences of men and women who served in the American military forces through five decades of conflict. These stories - humorous, heartwarming, tragic and gripping - are a testimony to the unconquerable human spirit.

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Ron Mccraw
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781468596021
Release Date: 2012-07
Genre: Fiction

Ordinary Heroes recreates the sights, sounds and textures of a world gone by - a world of freedom, innocence and mystery - where boys leave home at 6:00 in the morning and return home for dinner - a world of sleep outs and midnight escapades. 14 year old Randy's life begins as a near-death experience. But - cerebral palsy aside - by 1959, he loves Sandra Dee, Sandy Koufax, the Dodgers, Wolfman Jack - and a girl named Daisy Clover - in that order. Things begin to pop when the boys poke around the crumbling Jefferson place and discover perplexing evidence - pointing to something very different than the official version of their neighborhood hero's death - confusing clues, threatening notes, phone calls - and violence. If 19 year old Scotty Jefferson's death is an "open and shut, police slam dunk" - why all the fuss? Ordinary Heroes salutes the goodness of boys everywhere!

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Noelle Broughton
Publisher: The United Church of Canada
ISBN: 9781551342016
Release Date: 2012-03-06
Genre: Religion

Pays tribute to the scores of UCW women who have volunteered over the last 50 years. Using stories and personal reflections to tell the story of this powerful women's group who live their faith guided by faith and service.

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Chas Jones
Publisher: WritersPrintShop
ISBN: 1904623085
Release Date: 2004-09
Genre: History