The Journey of the Spirit of the Red Man

Author: Harry Bone
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781466937987
Release Date: 2012
Genre: History

We, the Elders, have done our best to represent our Red Nation as Ojibway, Cree, and Dakota. We present this story knowing it is an attempt to capture the richness and beauty of the Red Nation a people of the heart and the land. We are an oral people. We cannot transfer our way of life through written words alone. Sacred law must be spoken and heard. Our way of life is meant to be lived and experienced. Our words are meant to inspire and guide our fellow human beings to follow the path of the heart. We believe that there is one Creator for all, that there is one Mother Earth that sustains all of us. We do not own the Earth. How can anyone own their mother? We owe our existence to Mother Earth. We believe that the spirit of the original Red Man was lowered to Mother Earth and our spirit chose to be born on Turtle Island. This story tells of our human life and journey until our return back to the spirit world. We believe the Creator has always been within our reach and that we have to return to the Earth to be guided to our true purpose.

The Rugged Red Journey of a Prosperous and Successful Orphan

Author: Chars Brown
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475911661
Release Date: 2012-05-30
Genre: Fiction

Pak Moi was born to a loving and caring Mother that he never really knew, had it not been for the Nenuh whom he came to recognize as his Mother. But when faith unfolded and he came face to face with his biologic Father at age nine emotions ran wild and as fast as he had come to know his Father death extended it's evil clause taking away dreams that had been established to build the father and son relatioship. With the tiny memory tho cherish fror the rest of his life about his Father, his Morther Ninuh recieved a death sentence from that terrible thing called Cancer, which she then surrended to leaving the young Pak to stir his path through life. With a big heart and explorative mind, he fled to an unknown land where he was first a homeless child and a nobody. A status he used as a spring board to execel to the head of one of the world's most renouned public relations firm, by first going through grade school by the help of a total strranger then college to the level of a master's degree. An intriging and compelling fiction story that once you get started you won't want to part from until the story comes to an end.

Journey into Jung s Red Book Liber Primus

Author: Jules Okapi
Publisher: White Sun Press
Release Date: 2014-01-24
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A personal and theoretical look at “Liber Primus,” the first of the collection of books written by psychologist Carl Jung that were collectively entitled “The Red Book.” Unpublished until October of 2009, “The Red Book” is considered by many, including Jung himself, to be the foundation of all of Jung’s groundbreaking theories and writings to follow.

Red Cross Kay My Journey of Service in Wwii

Author: Katherine Peddle Dixon
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781465318626
Release Date: 2009-06-11
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

In Red Cross Kay: My Journey of Service in WWII, Katherine Peddle Dixon describes her journey in the Southwest Pacific as a Red Cross Girl. Kays journey begins in 1943 when she decides to do her part for the war effort. Leaving farm-life behind, she heads to New York City and joins the Red Cross. In her two years as a recreation specialist, Kay experiences unfamiliar surroundings, sweltering heat, unceasing rain, unforgiving terrain, and unexpected dangers but her enthusiasm, altruism, and dedication to raising the spirits of war-weary soldiers never falters. Red Cross Kay is an inspirational tale told by one of the unsung heroes of WWII. Visit to learn more. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to further the work of the American Red Cross of Northeastern New York.

Journey to the Heart of God

Author: Almine
Publisher: Almine
ISBN: 9781934070260
Release Date: 2009-05
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

The powerful relevations contained in this book emerged from a period during which the author experienced a transfiguration, entering the presence of the Infinite for the second time since moving into God-consciousness in 2000.

From Interrogation to Liberation

Author: Marilyn Walton; Michael Eberhardt
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781491847060
Release Date: 2014-03-05
Genre: History

During World War II, 300,000 United States Army Air Corps airmen were shot down. Of that number, 51,000 were prisoners of war or listed as missing in action. Bombardiers, positioned in the vulnerable bombardiers’ compartment at the front of the aircraft, were in high demand. The authors’ fathers were two such bombardiers, one on a B-17 and the other on a B-24. Like so many of the post-war generation, the authors traveled on their own emotional journeys to reconstruct their fathers’ WWII experiences. Their fathers fought in the flak-ridden “blue battlefield,” and like thousands of other airmen shot out of the sky, became prisoners of war. They would endure deprivation, loneliness, and great peril. Held at Stalag Luft III, where the Great Escape of movie fame took place, they, along with the British, were eventually force marched 52-miles in the dead of winter to Spremberg, Germany, and loaded onto overcrowded, filthy, boxcars, the Americans to be taken to Stalag VIIA in Moosburg, Germany, or to Stalag XIII-D in N rnberg. Languishing until their liberation in barbaric conditions with nearly 120,000 international POWs, they witnessed the death throes of the Third Reich. With many sons and daughters trying to explore the wartime histories of their loved ones, the authors supply crucial information and insight regarding the World War II POW experience in Europe. Often times, by necessity, that experience reflects the co-existence and tenuous relationship with the Germans holding them. In this book, there are stories that up until now have not been heard, and there are hundreds of pictures, many previously unseen, illustrating the prisoners’ plight. This book is a documentation of riveting history and a chance to vicariously live the war, told through their voices --echoes now fading with time. Their sacrifices to ensure precious freedom should never be forgotten.

Enjoy your Journey

Author: Alyn E. Waller
Publisher: CLC Publications
ISBN: 9781619580978
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Genre: Religion

The Christian life is a journey of ups and downs, ins and outs, and twists and turns on this thing we call the “straight and narrow” path! You were made for a deep and intimate relationship with Christ, but there is a gap between where you are and where God wants you.

The Gospel of the Canaan Journey

Author: Herbert W. Byrne
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781412010566
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Religion

From the Preface In commenting on the journey of the children of Israel from Egypt to Canaan, the Apostle Paul said in I Cor 10:11, "All these things happened unto them by way of example and are written for our admonition." Here Paul teaches us that we can learn from this account of the history of Israel in two basic ways: (1) by looking at the example they set, and (2) by examining the fundamental principles and admonitions derived from their experiences. In these studies, we hope to accomplish two things: see their example and discover "the Gospel of the Canaan journey." It has often been said that there is no gospel in the Old Testament. The writer does not agree with this position and believes that there is just as much gospel in the Old Testament as in the New. It is there in type and symbol, in object lessons. The people looked forward to the cross in Old Testament times, but today people look back to the cross. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed; the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Beautifully pictured in the Pentateuch is the Gospel of the Canaan Journey. These lessons have been prepared to make available practical material suitable for the pulpit, devotionals, Sunday school lessons, and prayer meeting discussions. The method of chronological development reveals the way the gospel is seen today. By making application, the reader is enabled to apply gospel truth and the saving power of Jesus Christ to his own soul and to those to whom he might minister. Herbert W. Byrne

Journey of the Red Eyed Tree Frog

Author: Tanis Jordan
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: PSU:000021206955
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Amazon River Region

Ronnie, a red-eyed tree frog from the rain forest, consults the Great Wise Toad in his effort to save his home from greedy people seeking to exploit it for profit.

The Longest Journey

Author: Eric Tagliacozzo
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199989713
Release Date: 2013-03-15
Genre: History

The pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, has been a yearly phenomenon of great importance in Muslim lands for well over one thousand years. Each year, millions of pilgrims from throughout the Dar al-Islam, or Islamic world, stretching from Morocco east to Indonesia, make the trip to Mecca as one of the five pillars of their faith. By the end of the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the twentieth, fully half of all pilgrims making the journey in any given year could come from Southeast Asia. The Longest Journey, spanning eleven modern nation-states and seven centuries, is the first book to offer a history of the Hajj from one of Islam's largest and most important regions.