The Tao of Yiquan

Author: Jan Diepersloot
Publisher: Warriors of Stillness Trilogy
ISBN: 0964997649
Release Date: 2015-09
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Based on the techniques and practices of various masters of Yiquan, this book focuses on the ability to defeat power and speed with the softness and stillness taught by this Chinese martial art. Yiquan, also known as I Ch'uan, is an ancient health and martial art system that has its roots in Buddhism and draws on Chinese meditative traditions. Central to Yiquan training methods is a practice of meditation that integrates mind and body to produce fajin, a powerful and potentially lethal force. Yiquan also relies on skills of awareness and stillness to counter and control this deadly force. This is volume two of the Warriors of Stillness trilogy.

Masters of Perception

Author: Jan Diepersloot
Publisher: Warriors of Stillness Trilogy
ISBN: 0985986506
Release Date: 2013-07-31
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Divided into four parts, this book describes the developmental stages of the internal martial artist. The first requirement lies in the constant cultivation and maintenance of proper posture and breathing habits, both in the stillness of sitting and standing and in the movement of the body. The next stage develops "jin," or "fajin," a unique power characteristic of internal martial arts that is examined through the fundamental, physiological, anatomical, and mechanical bases and parameters. Also important is the "yi," which refers to the mental faculty tasked with controlling our movements and actions in the world, and "shen," the peak or transcendent experience of awareness. This is the final volume of the Warriors of Stillness trilogy.

Qigong of the Center Essence of Taijiquan

Author: Jan Diepersloot
Publisher: Warriors of Stillness Trilogy
ISBN: 0964997630
Release Date: 2015-09
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Breaking down the very essence of the ancient Chinese health practices for taijiquan, this book discusses techniques that teach movement from the center of the body and the ability of issuing the "jing" or explosive force. Also included is an exploration of the theory and practices of taijiquan as a contact sport, particularly its interactive training regimen used to perfect timing and responses that control the opponent's balance with as little force as necessary. This is the first volume of the Warriors of Stillness trilogy.

The Warrior King

Author: Chris Bunch
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781440553592
Release Date: 2012-09-01
Genre: Fiction

The Seer King’s mighty empire of Numantia has become a living nightmare—especially to the loyal general who helped the wizard Tenedos to power. The wizard has returned to command hellish demons in his drive for absolute power. Only Damastes, imprisoned and exiled, can forge an army against Tenedos. Only Damastes can lead the forces of light into battle against the darkness that threatens Numantia in the final conflict between one-time allies . . . now turned deadly enemies.

The Martian Tales Trilogy

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Publishing
ISBN: 076075585X
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Fiction

Combining other worldly, adventures with elements of classical myth and fast-paced plots with cliffhanging tension, Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Martian Tales Trilogy helped define a new literary genre emerging in the early twentieth century: science fiction. In the first installment of The Martian Tales Trilogy, hero John Carter wins the affections of the princess of Mars and the respect of the Martian warlords whom he befriends. The excitement continues in The Gods of Mars, when Carter engages the Black Pirates in airborne combat above the dead seas of Mars and leads a revolt to free the Martian races from a religion that thrives on living sacrifices. In the third book, The Warlord of Mars, Carter overcomes the forces of evil that would destroy the planet.

The Seer Trilogy Bundle

Author: Maree Anderson
Publisher: Maree Anderson
ISBN: 9780992249847
Release Date: 2013-03-31
Genre: Fiction

Three full-length fantasies with romantic elements by Maree Anderson. The Seer Trilogy Bundle is approximately 316,000 words and contains: Seer's Hope (Book One, Hope's story), Seer's Promise (Book Two, Romana's story), Seer's Choice (Book Three, Ryley's story). SEER'S HOPE (Book One of The Seer Trilogy): Hope is snatched from her home and transported to a primitive world of magic and capricious gods. The Dayamari people believe she’s a Seer and their only hope of salvation, but she’s blind—she can’t see anything at all, let alone the future. She must accept her destiny and learn to wield the awe-inspiring powers the gods have bestowed upon her. And if she’s to save those she loves from the horrifying evil that lurks in the darkness, failure is not an option. SEER'S PROMISE (Book Two of The Seer Trilogy): Hope’s Sehani powers have finally grown strong enough to risk returning to Earth. Gods willing, she’ll find a way to rid her daughter of the soul-eater that possesses her, and convince Romana to return with her to Dayamaria. Romana is captivated by the prospect of becoming a powerful Sehan like her mother. But her dreams are shattered when everything she’d hoped for is bestowed upon someone who couldn’t care less about wielding Sehani magic. Romana craves power with every fiber of her being… and when she finds a way to take what she wants the cost is devastating for gods and humankind alike. SEER'S CHOICE (Book Three of The Seer Trilogy): Ryley has traveled across worlds and discovered his soul mate living in the Earth town of Seaview… his mother’s hometown. Watching Rowan from afar is one thing, but actively interfering in her destiny? That’s against “the rules” in so many ways—especially when your mother is the most powerful Sehan in Dayamaria, and your grandmother happens to be a goddess. If anyone discovers where he’s been disappearing to—and why—there’ll be big trouble. But he can’t give Rowan up, especially now her strange powers have spun dangerously out of control. And when Dayamaria is threatened by a deadly predator immune to magic, Ryley must choose between the woman he loves and the people he left behind.

An African Trilogy

Author: Peter Matthiessen
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781448139514
Release Date: 2012-05-31
Genre: Fiction

During the 1970s and 1980s, Peter Matthiessen took part in a number of expeditions to Africa, witnessing first-hand the continent’s many and diverse peoples and wildlife. The fruits of these journeys are three of the most impressive essays on the natural world of the late twentieth century. The Tree where Man Was Born documents wild landscapes, peoples and animals, observed in a series of journeys in East Africa, from the Sudan, south through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, exploring the Serengeti, the Maasai Mara, the Ngorongoro crater and the archaeological sites of the Rift Valley. African Silences recounts two expeditions made to West and Central Africa, including Zaire (as it then was), Gabon and the Central African Republic. Sand Rivers describes the Selous game reserve in Southern Tanzania, one of the largest, but least-known refuges for animals left on earth, and provides an unforgettable portrait of this area and the fierce, lonely men who created it. These three classic works represent Matthiessen the naturalist at his finest; written an all-encompassing curiosity and knowledge that brings alive the people, places and wildlife he encounters, and updated with a new introduction by the author.

Prophecy Clash of Kings Prophecy Trilogy 1

Author: M. K. Hume
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780755371457
Release Date: 2011-01-20
Genre: Fiction

Amid the bloody battlefields of Britain, Merlin is marked for greatness. M.K. Hume tells the story of Myrddion Merlinus from birth to boyhood, as he attempts to surpass evil and corruption to fulfil his destiny. The Prophecy Trilogy is the perfect read for fans of Justin Hill and Anthony Riches. 'Hume deftly navigates the Arthurian legends, populating them with likable and despicable characters, and casting them in a fully realized historical setting' - Publishers Weekly In the kingdom of Dyfed, Vortigern, Celtic High King of Cymru and the North, rules in relative peace. Yet his choice of wife - a Saxon queen - fuels tension between the Saxon and Celtic tribes. In the town of Segontium, a young boy is raised by his grandmother. The product of a brutal rape, he is spurned by his mother as a demon child. The boy is Myrddion - prince of the Deceangli and apprentice to a skilled healer. Far away, Vortigern oversees the resurrection of ancient Dinas Emrys. According to prophecy, the king will perish if the fort does not rise again. But the foundations refuse to hold and Vortigern needs the blood of a demon seed - a human sacrifice - to make the towers stand firm. Myrddion's life is in danger. Yet the child has a prophecy of his own and a greater destiny to fulfil... What readers are saying about Prophecy: Clash of Kings: 'An exciting and thrilling story about Celtic life, of evil and power, and tribal wars that rule this Kingdom of the Celts. A very engrossing and entertaining tale from an author worthy following' 'A captivating start to the Merlin Legend' 'Excellent and well worth reading. The narrative carries you along at pace and the plot is action-packed, never giving you a moments pause from either action of emotional content'

Plea to the Warrior Princess

Author: Timothy Swiss
Publisher: Princess Tales Trilogy
ISBN: 171980186X
Release Date: 2018-08-19
Genre: Fiction

Thaddeus raised a finger toward the distant prison cell.

A Viking Slave s Saga

Author: Jan Fridegård
Publisher: Acmrs (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies)
ISBN: STANFORD:36105124036505
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Genre: Fiction

Legacy Of Kings

Author: Celia Friedman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780748120758
Release Date: 2011-12-01
Genre: Fiction

THE WORLD PREPARES FOR WAR - AND THE END OF DAYS DRAWS NEAR An ancient enemy has returned to the human kingdoms. These creatures prey on the souls of men - and if both magic and might fail to defeat them, the Second Age of Kings will fall into darkness. Magisters are marshalling their sorcerous powers to form a war alliance, but treachery is already eroding its ranks. Magister Colivar is withholding a deadly secret that links sorcerors to the Souleaters themselves. In this time of change, Kamala may finally win acceptance as the only female sorceror. If she can locate the Souleaters' stronghold, the Magisters might lift her death sentence. Yet to do that she will have to embrace an alien and terrifying birthright - and all the souls of men will be tested in the aftermath.

Poetry Criticism

Author: Gale Group
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0787620122
Release Date: 1998-06-01
Genre: Literary Criticism

Each volume of this fully illustrated reference provides substantial critical excerpts and biographical information on eight to 10 major poets from all eras. Recent volumes have featured such notables as Nikki Giovanni, John Milton and others. Entries provide an introductory biographical sketch, excerpts of a wide variety of critical analyses and sources for additional reading. Whenever available, comments from the poets themselves are included. Volumes include cumulative title, author and nationality indexes.


Author: Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
ISBN: 0870815393
Release Date: 1999-01-01
Genre: Fiction

A collection of three novellas spanning several decades. "From the River's Edge" is the story of John Tatekeya's efforts to obtain reparation in a white man's court for forty-five head of stolen cattle. Even as Tatekeya's trial is proceeding, his people are suffering from the flooding of the Missouri River, an event precipitated by the construction of new hydropower dams upriver from the Crow Creek Reservation. In "Circle of Dancers", Aurelia Blue, John Tatekeya's lover of nearly ten years, is pregnant by another man. She and the baby's father Jason Big Pipe fight for survival in the face of the political and economic consequences of the destruction of the Mni Sosa, one of the greatest environmental disasters to strike the Northern Plains. In "In the Presence of River Gods", Aurelia, now the mother of two, leaves Jason and moves with her dying grandmother to Eagle Butte on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, two hundred miles away from Crow Creek.