The Well Behaved Child

Author: Dr. John Rosemond
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418586300
Release Date: 2011-09-12
Genre: Family & Relationships

A well-behaved child? Yes, it's possible! Do you battle with your kids over bedtime? Have fights over food? Are tantrums and conflicts ruling your day? If time-outs have quit working and you find yourself at wit's end, giving in to your kids' demands just to have a moment of peace, know there is hope! In The Well-Behaved Child, beloved psychologist John Rosemond shares his seven essential tools for raising a child who pays attention and obeys. Once you learn how to use his proven, user-friendly techniques, you'll have everything you need to deal effectively with a wide range of discipline problems in children ages three to thirteen, what John terms "The Decade of Discipline." This clear, step-by-step program includes: Seven Fundamentals of Effective Discipline Seven Discipline Tools You Can't Do Without Seven Top Behavior Problems of All Time—Solved! Seven Tales of the Strange and Unexpected You can raise well-behaved children! In this readable, entertaining "workshop in a book," John shows parents how to use the C-words of commanding communication, compelling consequences, and confirming consistency to create a well-behaved child and a family in which peace replaces hassles. It's not complicated at all, and the best part is, it REALLY works!

John Rosemond s Fail Safe Formula for Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Author: John Rosemond
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9781449422325
Release Date: 2014-08-05
Genre: Family & Relationships

For more than forty years and counting, family psychologist and best-selling author John Rosemond has been counseling parents about how to help children do their best in school. This new book draws on all of that knowledge and experience so that parents can set their kids on the path to success in education, even at age three. Dealing with common problems like how much and what kind of help to give with homework, what to do when a child misbehaves in school, and how to deal with academic performance that consistently falls below a child's ability level, Rosemond addresses every issue with time-tested advice and methods. Other books on schoolwork encourage lots of parental involvement. Not this one. Rosemond's approach will help parents disengage from homework and other hassles as they manage their children to even greater success in the classroom. Describing his behavior management strategies that are used by school systems all over the country, he writes with an entertaining, compelling style that will keep parents reading the valuable, helpful information in John Rosemond's Fail-Safe Formula for Helping Your Child Succeed in School, and the book promises to earn high marks for both parents and children.

31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom

Author: Arlene Pellicane
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736963510
Release Date: 2015-08-01
Genre: Religion

Mom, do you feel like you're running in ten different directions but getting nowhere? Are your kids driving you crazy? Does each day feel like a battle over screen time, homework, and eating anything besides chicken nuggets? In 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom, Arlene Pellicane helps you get a grip and find your smile again. In her easy-to-read-and-apply guide, you will discover the keys to being a happy mom. Packed with encouragement, funny stories, and wisdom from experienced mothers, this book will change your home for the better...beginning with you. As with Arlene's other extremely popular "31 Days" books, this one is divided into 31 daily readings, each beginning with a Scripture passage and ending with a doable action step and prayer.

Family Building

Author: John Rosemond
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0740786539
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

The truth is, child rearing is not complicated. Therefore, it is not hard. There will be difficult moments, of course, . . . but if a parent is experiencing the rearing of a child or children as generally difficult--as emotionally, intellectually, and even physically exhausting, then the parent is doing something wrong. --John Rosemond, Family Building Trusted family psychologist John Rosemond has a revolutionary message for today's parents: Your grandparents' generation knew a lot more about raising children than all of today's experts. The experts have turned child rearing into a complicated, exhausting chore rather than the simple, straightforward task it should be. In Family Building: The Five Fundamentals of Effective Parenting, Rosemond outlines the five key principles of traditional parenting that are crucial to raising well-behaved children today. * It's about the family, not the children. * Where discipline is concerned, it's about communication, not consequences; leadership not relationship. * It's about respecting others, not high self-esteem. * It's about manners and morals, not skills. * It's about responsibility, not high achievement. Each chapter includes questions from real parents faced with real-life parenting challenges, and in his typical no-nonsense style, Rosemond provides practical solutions. Family Building restores common sense to parenting and puts the parents back in charge. Once again, John Rosemond delivers child-rearing wisdom that no parent should miss.

The Discipline Miracle

Author: Linda Joan Pearson
Publisher: AMACOM/American Management Association
ISBN: 0814472974
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Family & Relationships

Being a good parent involves knowing how and when to administer discipline. This book provides readers with an overall philosophy on discipline that will see them through any situation. Its comprehensive approach uses three fundamental principles that give kids what they need (such as boundaries and rules), not just what they want.

The Discipline Book

Author: William Sears
Publisher: Little Brown & Company
ISBN: 0316779040
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Family & Relationships

A guide by two pediatricians who have raised eight children together discusses self-esteem, spanking, divorce, single parenting, travel, and baby-sitting, and offers advice on how to prevent, as well as stop, problem behavior. Tour.

Adventures in Gentle Discipline

Author: Hilary Flower
Publisher: La Leche League International
ISBN: 0976896907
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Family & Relationships

In Hilary Flowers second book, ADVENTURES IN GENTLE DISCIPLINE, she allows the reader to explore goals of gentle discipline, rewards for both child and parent, and what it looks like in action. Hilary debunks myths about the effectiveness of gentle discipline methods while empowering parents to find ways to make gentle discipline work for both themselves and their children.With creativity, courage, and commitment, each parent and child can develop their own unique way of engaging in gentle discipline. Gentle discipline is not a far off standard for us to meet but an imperfect, lively and richly meaningful way of communicating with our children. Although experts can offer theories, this book proves that parents themselves have a great deal to offer other parents in regard to this incredibly worthwhileand revolutionary!way of guiding young children.Line drawings capture small scenes from the journey of parenting and personal stories from a variety of mothers show creative adaptations of gentle discipline methods in different families.

The Diseasing of America s Children

Author: Dr. John Rosemond
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418569211
Release Date: 2009-06-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

How parents, teachers, and even professionals are being deceived by the "ADHD Establishment" regarding ADHD and other childhood behavior disorders and the drugs used to treat them. The issue of diagnosing children with behavioral diseases that do not conform to a scientific definition of disease, and then medicating them is a scandal ready to erupt. In The Diseasing of America's Children, popular family psychologist, speaker, and best-selling author John Rosemond joins with pediatrician Dr. Bose Ravenel to uncover the fiction and fallacy behind attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), early-onset biopolar disorder (EOBD), and the drugs prescribed to treat them. Rosemond and Ravenel will: reveal the pseudo-science behind these diagnoses explain how parents, teachers, and even professionals are deceived expose the short- and long-term dangers behavioral drugs pose to children discuss how America's schools are unwittingly feeding the diagnostic beast reveal the simple, common sense truth behind these behavior problems and give parents a practical program for curing these problems without drugs or dependence on professionals

The Self Propelled Advantage

Author: Joanne Calderwood
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 9781614482970
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Genre: Education

A home education expert and mother of eight shares her experiences and insights into harnessing a child’s natural desire to learn. Joanne Calderwood has been a popular magazine columnist for several years and has become a popular speaker at home-education conferences across the country. Her self-propelled philosophy of education has transformed lives across the nation and around the world. In The Self-Propelled Advantage, Calderwood shares her wisdom, experience, and philosophy of education and parenting, as borne out in the lives of her own exceptional children. Informative and inspiring, The Self-Propelled Advantage is for any parent who places a high value on their children’s education. Detailing her methods for raising inquisitive, diligent, self-motivated children, Calderwood also shares valuable information on preparing for college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. Having taught one SAT perfect scorer, one near-perfect scorer, and four students who have gone to college on full academic scholarships, Calderwood has proven how successful her methods can be.

Well Behaved Children

Author: Devra Doiron
ISBN: 0967861500
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Family & Relationships

Well-Behaved Children -- 100 Tips from Parents Who Have Them contains the wisdom of parenting experts with no bachelor degrees, master degrees or Ph.D.'s in child psychology. However, they have what's 100 times more important -- great kids everyone wishes they had.

Parenting 101

Author: Stefan Ziglar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523237643
Release Date: 2015-11-11

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to discipline your child positively and effectively as early as the toddler stage. It takes a responsible adult to raise a responsible kid. Children who are able to learn to distinguish right from wrong eventually grow up to be good family members and good members of the society. In time, they themselves become good parents. Child discipline is not about exercising power over your child. It's not about punishment either. Instead, it's about setting clear boundaries and consequences so that in turn, the child will learn how to regulate his own behavior. Simply put, it's not about controlling your child. It's about showing your child how to control himself. In this book, you'll find valuable parenting strategies on how to correctly discipline your children. More than that, you will also learn ways on how to avoid spoiling them. If there's one thing that you need to know about kids, it's that they learn through imitation and thus, your daily actions speak louder than your words. To them, mom and dad are total rock stars. Because of this, you need to make sure that whatever you do in front of your children is worth emulating. You'll be surprised to learn that when you yell at your kids, they don't always hear what you're saying. Instead, a stronger message reaches them: "Mom/Dad is yelling. It's alright to yell." A synopsis of what you will learn in this book: -How to discipline your child at an early age -20 rules on how to discipline your child -How to avoid spoiling your child -Mindful Parenting-discipline without shouting

The Good Behaviour Book How to have a better behaved child from birth to age ten

Author: William Sears
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 9780007374304
Release Date: 2014-02-06
Genre: Family & Relationships

In THE GOOD BEHAVIOUR BOOK, Dr. William and Martha Sears, the paediatrics specialists whose books on birth, babies, and parenting have become widely praised best-sellers, provide a definitive guide to raising happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved children.

Raising Happy Children For Dummies

Author: Sue Atkins
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119997658
Release Date: 2011-02-15
Genre: Family & Relationships

Every parent would like to have a happy, well- behaved child – but every parent also knows this is not often a reality! Raising Happy Children For Dummies helps you better understand your children – from toddler to teen, boys and girls – and is packed with practical tips from an experienced parenting coach to improve your parenting, your child’s happiness and as a result, their behaviour. The book helps you explore your own parenting skills, helps you to define what changes you may need to make and provides advice on how to implement new parenting habits to improve you and your family’s relationships. Covering both day-to-day parenting and offering extra advice on how to help your children deal with life’s tougher challenges, this is a down to earth guide from a parenting coach and mother of two, Sue Atkins. Raising Happy Children For Dummies covers: Becoming a Confident Parent Knowing What Kind of Parent You Are - and Want to Become Understanding Your Kids' Needs Beginning with the End in Mind: Establishing Goals for Your Family Communicating Effectively and Connecting with Your Children Approaching Parenting With Common Sense Maintaining Great Relationships Getting Down to Earth and Practical: Disciplining Your Kids Choosing Different Strategies for Different Ages When the Going Gets Tough: Handling Conflict Coping With School Helping Your Child Cope with Individual Problems Helping Your Child Cope with Bigger Issues Raising Children with Unique and Special Needs Raising Twins, Triplets, and Multiple-Birth Children Ten Things to Do Every Single Day as a Parent Ten Techniques to Build a Happy Home Ten Things to Do When it All Goes Pear-Shaped Ten (or so) Top Resources for Parents

8 Weeks To a Well Behaved Child

Author: James Windell
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0028604156
Release Date: 1995-06-16
Genre: Family & Relationships

Provides guidance for parents on a range of child behavioral problems, from simple disobedience to criminal delinquency, and demonstrates how to implement an eight-step program that encompasses parenting skills and improved parent-child relations. Reprint.