The Wounded Heart

Author: Dan B. Allender
Publisher: Navpress Publishing Group
ISBN: 0891096655
Release Date: 1992-01-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

Use this workbook to continue the healing from sexual abuse that began in Dr. Dan Allender's book The Wounded Heart.

The Wounded Heart

Author: Dan Allender
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN: 9781615215218
Release Date: 2014-02-27
Genre: Religion

For those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and those who love and care for them, The Wounded Heart offers a tender, compassionate window into the psychological effects of abuse and the theological foundations for healing. Thirty years ago, with great courage and vision, Dan Allender brought Christians to the table to acknowledge, understand, and help victims heal from their experience of the evil of sexual abuse. His work continues to help victims and those who love them to honestly acknowledge their abuse, understand the unique challenge of repentance for victims of abuse, and learn to love boldly in defiance of their trauma. Ultimately Dan offers the bold assurance to sexual abuse victims that even they can find their way to joy and hope in the comforting embrace of a good God. The Wounded Heart has sold over 400,000 copies and has been the first book family, friends, counselors, pastors, and victims have turned to in search of Christian answers to the calamity of sexual abuse. With a new introduction reflecting on the ongoing importance of the book, and a companion workbook for personal and group recovery, The Wounded Heart continues to offer an urgently needed word of grace in a world ravaged by sexual abuse.

The Wounded Heart Workbook

Author: Dan Allender
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN: 9781615214648
Release Date: 2014-02-27
Genre: Religion

This companion workbook to The Wounded Heart will help you work through the complex issues of sexual abuse in a concrete way by leading you step-by-step through the process of change. It also includes specific sections for men, ideas for discussion-group facilitators, and reflective quotations from fellow strugglers with sexual abuse.

Growing a Passionate Heart

Author: Wendy Mahill
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 9781602664616
Release Date: 2007-04
Genre: Religion

"Growing a Passionate Heart" is a Christ-centered curriculum for women wounded by childhood sexual abuse. Mahill provides victims with clear definitions for their experiences, helping them firmly establish responsibility where it rightfully belongs. The text also helps survivors replace faulty beliefs with biblical truth. (Christian)

The Quick Reference Guide to Sexuality Relationship Counseling

Author: Dr. Tim Clinton
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801072369
Release Date: 2010-04-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

This A-Z guide assists people-helpers--pastors, professional counselors, youth workers, and everyday believers--to easily access a full array of information to aid them in (formal and informal) counseling situations.

The Resource Guide for Christian Counselors

Author: Douglas R. Flather
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 0801052491
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Reference

This referral directory gives the user immediate access to essential, up-to-date Christian counseling resources. It is organized alphabetically under 46 general topics that encompass counseling issues, professional issues, and educational issues.

Lose It for Life Workbook

Author: Stephen Arterburn
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418580483
Release Date: 2004-12-26
Genre: Religion

Everywhere you turn, you hear hype on the latest weight-loss craze--low carb vs. low fat, cardio vs. weight training, diet pills vs. surgery. Most of those programs will help you drop a few pounds, but for how long? And for what purpose? Just to look better? Yet you are more than a physical being. You want a holistic approach to health that doesn't stop at "physical" fitness. Lose It For Life is your answer--a uniquely balanced program that deals with the physical, emotional, and especially the spiritual elements that lead to permanent weight loss. Lose It For Life was developed by best-selling author and radio personality, Stephen Arterburn, who lost 60 pounds 20 years ago and has kept it off. In his revolutionary book, he and Dr. Linda Mintle, who is known for her clinical work with those dealing with weight issues, gave you the game plan for accomplishing what you desire most: permanent results. This workbook picks up where the book left off, offering a wide variety of exercises and activities to lead you to the next level in understanding why you do what you do, how you can shed bad habits for good, and how, with the help of God and others, you can develop a whole new approach to life, to eating, and to living healthy and free! Lose It For Life is truly the total solution for permanent weight loss. And the Lose It For Life Workbook is the perfect companion to help you maintain your results permanently! It contains even more of the information and motivation you need to live healthy, look good, and to finally . . . Lose It For Life!

Forthcoming Books

Author: R.R. Bowker Company. Department of Bibliography
ISBN: 00158119
Release Date: 2002

La Devocion a Dios En Accion the Practice of Godliness

Author: Jerry Bridges
ISBN: 8496562433
Release Date: 2011-10
Genre: Religion

This book is a modern-day classic of foundational Christian principles. Each chapter examines godly character traits--such as humility, joy, and love--that identify those who walk, talk, and breathe His presence.

Betrayal and Beyond Workbook

Author: Diane Roberts
ISBN: 194329190X
Release Date: 2019-07-25
Genre: Self-Help

Designed for group use, the Betrayal & Beyond Workbook reveals the truth and nature of sexual addiction, and how women are wounded by the addict's behaviors. For women who have suffered betrayal, their healing comes from understanding the role of trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, exploring the depth of forgiveness, and learning to live in restoration. Exercises in this workbook help the participant process: Where do I start? Understanding the nature of addiction Understanding trauma What is codependency? Creating healthy boundaries Creating a safety plan Facing grief and anger How do I forgive? Should he take a polygraph? The Betrayal & Beyond Journal is a companion resource that reinforces the daily commitment to health through several foundational tools: Creating an attitude of gratitude through thankfulness Identifying personal/prophetic promises, reinforced through God's Word The Commitment to Change identifies challenges or needed change and accountability for change The FASTER Scale raises awareness of the behaviors that lead to relapse The Group Check-In provides weekly self-reflection while moving toward health

Leading with a Limp

Author: Dan B. Allender
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 9781578569533
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Religion

It’s time to turn your weaknesses into your greatest strengths as a leader. We’ve been taught that leaders will never achieve greatness unless they overcome their limitations and minimize their mistakes. But the biblical pattern is just the opposite: God chooses people who have major flaws and makes them effective leaders, not in spite of their weaknesses but because of them. This workbook takes you from the frustration of feeling hampered by your limitations to a place of effective leadership, where God uses all of who you are in leading others. Based on the core principles from the book Leading With a Limp, this workbook will guide you to: ·Gain a clear understanding of why God has placed you in leadership ·Recognize how God is powerfully using the very things you consider to be your worst qualifications for leadership ·Overcome feelings of being stuck or defeated by your mistakes ·Practice authentic leadership, which compels others to follow you. You will discover powerful and unexpected insights as you work through personal inventories, studies in biblical leadership, revealing discussion questions, and stories from contemporary leaders who gained effectiveness through authentic brokenness. With this workbook as a guide, you can turn what you once considered to be major liabilities into the greatest assets you possess as a leader. The companion workbook to Leading With a Limp, by Dan B. Allender, PhD