Window Treatments

Author: Karla J. Nielson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471289469
Release Date: 1989-09-15
Genre: Architecture

This text provides information on using windows to best advantage. Readers will find instructions on calculating, specifying, and installing hard and soft window treatments, plus residential and non-residential treatments.

More Splash Than Cash Window Treatments

Author: Donna Babylon
Publisher: Window Treatements
ISBN: 0966822714
Release Date: 2002-05
Genre: Architecture

Suggests ways in which windows can be economically treated using curtains, shades, and valances, and includes photographs and instructions to recreate each project, as well as basic sewing pointers.

Hitchcock s Rear Window

Author: John Fawell
Publisher: SIU Press
ISBN: 0809389703
Release Date: 2004-11-22
Genre: Performing Arts

In the process of providing the most extensive analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’ s Rear Window to date, John Fawell also dismantles many myths and cliché s about Hitchcock, particularly in regard to his attitude toward women. Although Rear Window masquerades quite successfully as a piece of light entertainment, Fawell demonstrates just how complex the film really is. It is a film in which Hitchcock, the consummate virtuoso, was in full command of his technique. One of Hitchcock’ s favorite films, Rear Window offered the ideal venue for the great director to fully use the tricks and ideas he acquired over his previous three decades of filmmaking. Yet technique alone did not make this classic film great; one of Hitchcock’ s most personal films, Rear Window is characterized by great depth of feeling. It offers glimpses of a sensibility at odds with the image Hitchcock created for himself— that of the grand ghoul of cinema who mocks his audience with a slick and sadistic style. Though Hitchcock is often labeled a misanthrope and misogynist, Fawell finds evidence in Rear Window of a sympathy for the loneliness that leads to voyeurism and crime, as well as an empathy for the film’ s women. Fawell emphasizes a more feeling, humane spirit than either Hitchcock’ s critics have granted him or Hitchcock himself admitted to, and does so in a manner of interest to film scholars and general readers alike.

Performance and Durability of the Window wall Interface

Author: Barry G. Hardman
Publisher: ASTM International
ISBN: 9780803134102
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Electronic book

"Get the latest information available on the performance and durability of the window-wall interface. STP 1484 offers new research, exhaustive testing, and the creation of installation standards which attempt to identify installation methods and construction sequencing, to integrate a variety of fenestration products into a variety of wall claddings. Ten peer-reviewed papers cover: * Integration of windows or doors with their related interfaces--lashings, sealants, claddings, and more * Considerations of weather, exposure, job site conditions * Compatibility or incompatibility of adjacent and integrated materials * Product testing and the testing of installation methods and techniques * Role that permeability plays in the selection of materials * Ability or inability of self-adhered materials to maintain their original adhesion properties, long-term serviceability, and durability. This new publication provides the vital information you need to write specifications, create or interpret standards, evaluate materials for product selection, and recommend changes to the building codes."--Publisher's website.

The Complete Photo Guide to Window Treatments

Author: Linda Neubauer
Publisher: Creative Publishing International
ISBN: 9781589232945
Release Date: 2007-06
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

"Step-by-step instructions for 50 projects, including valances, swags, cornices, draperies, and shades. Skills taught include measuring the window, cutting the fabric, sewing, and installing. More than 500 photos and diagrams. Index"--Provided by publisher.

Window Treatments Idea Book

Author: Sue Sampson
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 9781561588190
Release Date: 2006
Genre: House & Home

Full-color photographs and drawings accompany hundreds of creative suggestions for decorating windows of every type, explaining how to modify and embellish off-the-shelf curtains and drapes to create a personal touch and offering a host of quick and easy style ideas to suit any taste, room, or budget. Original. 30,000 first printing.

Television s Window on the World

Author: James F. Larson
Publisher: James F. Larson
ISBN: 0893911429
Release Date: 1984
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

This volume examines U.S. network television coverage of international news based on experiences of the past decade. First, it describes significant patterns and trends in the international affairs content of network news during the decade from 1972-1981, including story formats, visual and audio techniques, and trends in the amount and nature of coverage given to nations and regions of the world. Second, it examines major influences that shape international news content on network television, including satellite technology, electronic newsgathering, and the global distribution of foreign correspondents.

The Window of Opportunity

Author: David James Purslove Barker
Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers
ISBN: 9783805583879
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Medical

There is no longer any doubt that the inherited genetic constitution of the individual has a large influence on the entire life cycle, from human fetal development and pre- and postnatal growth to subsequent health status. However, growing evidence suggests that this predisposition is not rigid, but that early genetic imprinting, caused by exposure to a diverse spectrum of nutrients, macromolecules, microbial agents and other cellular or soluble components present in the external environment, is also of importance. According to this concept of the developmental origins of adult diseases, intrauterine and early life events play an important role in the etiology of human diseases: there seems to exist a critical 'window of opportunity' in the human infant before and during pregnancy, and up to 24 months of age. Altered exposure to different environmental agents during this critical period may determine the nature of responses in the perinatal period, and the expression of specific disease states in later life. The papers presented in this publication thus focus on the impact of perinatal growth, nutrition, environmental microflora, and host immune responses on the outcome of health and disease in later life.

The Mirror the Window and the Telescope

Author: Samuel Y. Edgerton
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801474809
Release Date: 2009-01
Genre: Art

Edgerton shows how linear perspective emerged in early fifteenth-century Florence out of an artistic and religious context in which devout Christians longed for divine presence in their daily lives and ultimately undermined medieval Christian cosmology.

Window Boxes

Author: Tovah Martin
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0395813719
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Gardening

A guide to container gardening offers advice on cultivating herbs, vegetables, fruit, flowers, and other types of plants

The Complete Photo Guide to Window Top Treatments

Publisher: Creative Publishing Int'l
ISBN: 1616738189
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Draperies

Window top treatments - swags, valances, and cornices - are very popular DIY home-decor projects. Quick and easy to sew, they soften and finish off a window and often are combined with blinds, curtains, or drapes. The Complete Photo Guide to Window Top Treatments is the only book that tells how to choose the right style and construct it step by step. Color photographs show twenty top treatments in a variety of room settings, fabrics, and decorative hardware. Each window treatment has detailed, step-by-step instructions for measuring the window, calculating yardage, cutting, sewing, and installing. Following in the tradition of CPi's Windows with Style and Creative Window Treatments, The Complete Photo Guide to Window Top Treatments launches a new how-to series of window decor books.

Window Treatments and Slipcovers For Dummies

Author: Mark Montano
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118070097
Release Date: 2011-05-09
Genre: House & Home

Gain inspiration from 8 pages of full-color photos Create a stunning room with dozens of step-by-step projects Want to ditch your drab drapes and so-so slipcovers and create a style that's uniquely your own? Top designer Mark Montano reveals how easy it is to jazz up your windows and furniture -- without breaking the bank! You get expert tips on everything from measuring and cutting material to accessorizing, as well as savvy shortcuts and quick fixes. Discover how to * Express your individual style * Choose fabrics, trims, and hardware * Ensure the perfect fit * Create no-sew or low-sew treatments * Add decorative details

Quick and Easy Window Treatments

Author: Madlyn Easley
Publisher: Creative Publishing Int'l
ISBN: 1616733543
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Draperies

Fifteen fast window treatments that you can sew by machine, designed to inspire you with great projects you can adapt for kitchens, bedrooms, living and dining rooms, and baths.